The Safest and Most Effective Way To Clean Your Airpods.

Recapture the sound quality and brand new condition your AirPods first came in with our all in one – AirPod Cleaning Kit.  It’s no surprise that over time gunk and dirt can build up on the outside and inside components of your AirPods when they are placed inside the ear. The vast majority of Bluetooth earbud users often ask, How can I safely clean my AirPods? By regularly cleaning Airpods, earbuds, and even fake AirPods!! you will extend the life and overall enjoyment of these listening devices. Imagine audio quality at its peak performance without debris blocking the speakers and components.  You should always be cautious when cleaning the AirPods and the charging case without damaging the earphones and this All in One kit is a perfect way.  


$11.99 is the smallest and best investment you will ever make to improve the overall quality of your AirPods!   You’ll experience noticeably improved sound benefits and keep you hygienically safe from bacteria and pathogens at the same time.


How To Use The Airpod Cleaning Kit:

  1. Clean your AirPods easily to prevent excessive dirt or lint buildup with the kits 2 antimicrobial cleaning brushes.


Step 1

AirPod Cleaning Kit Scrub Brush

Use the silver pen that comes with a soft sponge tip to clean inside all the hard-to-reach areas of your Airpods like the speaker and microphone, gently twist the top of the pen, and use the disinfectant to clean any dirt, germs, and debris from the device.

Step 2


AirPod Cleaning Kit Antiviral Brush

After your AirPods are wiped clean use the antimicrobial brush to apply a layer of antiviral coating to prevent bacteria from ever living on the surface of your listening devices.


Step 3

antibacterial airpod cleaning kit case cleaner


Repeat the process with the charging case to clean dirt and dust that can get lodged inside, protect the surface of your case with the grey brush’s antimicrobial film.



Bonus Add On


You will get the matching microfiber cloth. This lint-free cloth is optimal and also be used to clean lenses, glasses, and even your iPhone camera lens. Water or rubbing alcohol is not recommended by Apple or even fake Airpod vendors.  Use this 3 step approach to give kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria on your AirPods,  the antiviral gel coating will protect your device for a minimum of 15 days.



How The Airpod Cleaning Kit Works

How The Airpod Cleaning Kit Works


With The AirPod Cleaning Kit You Get:


  1. Deep cleaning pen/ sponge (grey color)  that is used to pre-wipe your earbuds.
  2.  Antiviral gel applicator brush (silver color) use this twist applicator brush to disinfect your AirPods after the initial cleaning
  3. Microfiber cloth – afterward use this special lint-free cloth to polish your Airpods and charging case.

AirPod Cleaning Kit Features:


  • Safe for all types of earbuds and Airpods.  Yes, even FAKE AirPods.
  • Dual antimicrobial fine tip cleaning brushes
  • Microfiber cloth for polishing and initial cleaning
  • Static-free non-damaging Airpod putty for absorb 100% of all dirt and buildup
  • Use the Airpod Cleaning kit on ALL your devices.  Phone, Camera, Laptops & Tablets


Other Devices You Can Use Your AirPod Cleaning Kit For:

  • All other manufacturers, Beats by Dre headphones, Galaxy Buds, Bose Earphones.
  • Wireless headsets
  • Office & home phones
  • iPhones, Android phones and cell phones
  • Digital cameras
  • iPads and Tablets
  • Laptops and keyboards
  • Glasses and Sunglasses
  • Virtually any contaminated surfaces!




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