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Estimated delivery date 2024/07/23


The #1 Face Mask Recommended By Most Parents and Teachers.

Are you secretly afraid that your child’s cloth mask is not effective?  Then you should try our Copper Ion Training Mask on for size.  With all the same benefits and features we have constructed our training masks to fit kids ages 5 years old and up.

I’m sure you’ll agree that kids will be kids and the active child will soil their mask faster than you can buy replacements.  Our copper-infused masks for kids are 99.99% antimicrobial and kill germs on the first contact.  You will be glad to know that if your child drops their mask on the ground or places it on dirty surfaces like school desks and playground equipment, germs and bacteria are destroyed immediately.

Your kid’s face mask goes virus blocker to virus killer offering unparalleled protection and the ultimate antiviral face mask for kids that you can buy. This mask actually weaves real 100% copper into the very fibers of this satin-like shimmering fabric face covering. And in case you’re worried, the copper infusion doesn’t diminish when you are needing to wash it. Our exquisite copper fabric is 100% machine washable. Lab tests show that you can even run it through the washing machine up to 50 times and it’ll still retain up to 88 percent of its germ-killing effectiveness.  This may be the last mask you ever buy your kids again during the pandemic since it’s built to last.

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The First Triple Layered Protective Children’s Face Mask


triple layer face mask protection


As the global concern regarding the effects of fine dust particles on our health increases, more and more people are wondering how to protect themselves from the COVID 19 pandemic such fine dust.  Parents, in particular, seek measures for protecting their children from harmful droplets that can penetrate through most cloth face masks sold today.


This copper face mask is the first of its kind equipped with a filter pocket that can house replaceable PM2.5 filter inserts. The partial filter that covers the mouth and nose area, is made of a high-performance activated carbon material. Maybe this is your first time hearing about the “fine particles” in the air. The “particle” is a particle with a diameter smaller than 0.1 micrometers and it can be found in any kind of matter that you breathe, like dirt, smoke, polluted air. The PM2.5 refers to particles with a diameter smaller than 2.



What Are PM2.5 Filters?

PM2.5 filters are very inexpensive and easy to carry around. If it’s smoggy outside, you can put it on your face and use it to filter the air but has been the go-to protective face covering to help block Covid 19 droplets. Your child can also take it with them wherever they go, like to school or when interacting with other children.  We sell the replacement PM2.5 filters in bundles of 50 and it’s recommended that they used inside the copper ion face mask for 5 days. To the best of our knowledge, this is about how long a single PM2.5 filter material is good for, and it’s a cost-effective precaution to take surpassing the value of wearing a surgical mask or N95 mask on a daily basis.

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breathing valve single

Is Your Child Complaining That It’s Tough To Breathe While Wearing a Face Mask?  Then Try Out Our Silicone Breathing Bracket

Many children find it difficult to breathe while wearing a face mask for extended periods of time, especially if they have allergic rhinitis or asthma wearing the kid’s face mask can be a challenge.   This is why we included a silicone mouthpiece that can be balanced on the inside of the mask giving your child a bit more room to breathe.    Also if your child wears glasses this bracket work as an anti-fog enhancement and creates the proper separation inside the face mask necessary to solve this steamy nuisance.


Antiviral Face Mask For Kids Features:

  • Adjustable Non-Break Ear Loops
  • 99.99% Antimicrobial Copper Infused Fabric
  • Odorless, Anti-fungal, Virus Preventing & Kills Bacteria
  • Machine Washable
  • Breathable, Lightweight Construction
  • Built For Sensitive Skin, Soothes, No Rashes
  • Silky, Luxurious Feel.
  • Child Use, Exercise & Everyday Usage
  • Triple Layer 100% Copper Protection
  • PM2.5 Filter Pocket
  • Silicone Breathing Bracket For Unfogging Glasses
  • Nose Bracket For Tailored Feel

antiviral face mask for kids

Kids Masks For School

Will your child be ready for the school year?  Many schools and learning centers will require mandatory face coverings for all students.  This is where we come in,  our antiviral copper face masks are as smooth as silk and your child will complain a lot less about a comfortable and breathable mask that they can wear during class.

copper face mask sports kids

Kids Masks For Sports

Originally the Copper Ion Training Mask was built for adults but the kid’s sizes provide the same superb fit and provide freedom of movement.  The earloops are durable and NEVER snap and offer firm support while your kids are active and participate in various sports.

If you’re looking for a 100% reusable germ repellant face mask for your kids the Spectral Body Kids Copper Face Mask is an unbeatable value.

Antiviral Copper Mask Materials

88% Copper Nylon

12% Spandex

Antiviral Copper Mask Size

Length – from upper nose to chin = 4″ Inches

Width – ear to ear = 7″ Inches


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