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Spectral Body Outclasses Every Knee Sleeve In The Market

Simply the finest knee brace you can buy period! If you are looking to restore muscle control and unlock your agility this knee sleeve is for you. Our Copper Knee Brace is just the thing for your active lifestyle. It is ultra-comfortable and easy to wear, yet you’ll be able to stand up from a kneeling position without difficulty. It will, also, help you recover faster after an injury. The copper knee brace will also help prevent and treat arthritis with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Sets The Standard For Professional Athletic Recovery

A copper knee brace helps reduce swelling from arthritis pain by releasing endorphins and sending oxygenated blood cells throughout the tissues of your joint. The copper knee brace works by maintaining the blood circulation that is provided in your legs. It will also support areas of your knee and lower leg, which promotes better circulation while you’re wearing it.

The knee sleeve that we created has a positive impact on the pain associated with arthritis, as well as dampens down inflammation. This will help to reduce or completely eliminate the pain without requiring you to take any sort of pharmaceutical drugs which only cover up your pain rather than treat it.

Spectral Body Knee Brace Features:

  • Strength and Assurance
  • Warms key muscles and tendons to help prevent strain and fatigue.
  • Relieves knee stiffness, soreness and other related injuries.
  • Use on any leg
  • 85% copper Nylon
  • Kills germs viruses and bacteria antiviral copper material
  • Copper fabric fibers are second to none when helping with inflammation and soreness in the knee area.



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Blue, Light Grey, Red, Yellow


M35-41CM, L42-47CM, XL48-55CM

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