Quantum Air revitalizes your entire body using dynamic air compression therapy in under 30 minutes.  The recovery boots put an end to muscle soreness that can occur during athletic training, exercise or in everyday life.

The 8 customizable pressure setting + massage modes mimic your body’s physiology and promote healthy circulation giving more options than all the other recovery boots you will find combined!

Why Use Recovery Boots?

Our bodies are engineered to be mobile and be constantly moving, some that are confined to wheelchairs, post-surgery patients and the elderly have challenges staying active and have poor circulation. When your body is not moving fluid and limbs stagnate where we don’t want them to. 

Lymphatic channels are essential in our body to moving around fluids, think of your body like a sewer system where your legs pump fluids to your upper body and your upper body pumps fluids down to your legs. If areas of your upper and lower bodies are affected by injuries or conditions Quantum Air can trigger the needed movement of these fluids in the right direction.

Compression therapy has hit the nail on the head when it comes to solving these circulatory issues and has been widely used and accepted by physicians and chiropractors across the nation. 

Despite what you heard about air compression systems they do not have to be expensive or only used by pro athletic teams because with Quantum Air you get the entire package for $1039 with FREE shipping anywhere in the US.

Quantum Air Compression System Contents:

  • 1 intuitive control unit + remote
  • 2 Recovery Leg Sleeves
  • 2 Recovery Arm Sleeves
  • 1 Recovery Waist/Hip Garment
  • Carrying Case

1 bonus control unit – Limited Time Offer  (simultaneous recovery option) Legs + Arm


Quantum Air Leg Sleeve Sizing Information:

  • Large: For inseams between 32 inches – 36 inches,.
  • Extra Large: For inseams of 35 inches or longer, we recommend this size for users 6ft and taller.

Arm sleeve size =  35.5 inches (one size fit all)

Waist garment = adjustable to 47 inches.

*Please note that we offer a friendly return policy and are able to exchange any garments that do not fit for up to 45 days*

Quantum Air Compression Features:

  • 8 air chambers
  • 90 mins runtime
  • 8 Pressure Settings
  • 30 mmHg – 240 mmHg
  • 6 massage modes
  • Nylon Material

Quantum Air Compression Benefits:

  • Delayed onset muscle soreness relief
  • Lactic acid and toxin removal
  • Reduced water retention
  • Fights infections in body
  • Collagen stimulation (healthier skin)
  • Reduced swelling
  • Scar and stretch mark reduction
  • Rehabilitation purposes
  • Lymphatic draining
  • Less fatigue, more energy for daily activities
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Improves blood flow and circulation.


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Quantum Air comes with a 45 day extended trial period and a 2-year warranty with discounted replacement costs if you lose or damage any of the components which can happen if your traveling or using the system for commercial purposes.

Whether if you are an athlete, health professional or someone interested in this technology and looking to purchase one of these systems there is just one conclusion… Value. Quantum Air is the obvious choice and an unbeatable deal. Quantum Air is familiar with every nuance of speeding recovery and will make training and life much easier. Ordering from us is RISK-FREE with our friendly return policy, Try Quantum Air out for 45 days and if you are not totally convinced your order will be fully refundable.



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