The Designer Jogger That Everyone Is Waiting To Wear


Spectral Body’s Copper Infused Joggers are the very first of their kind. They look stunning, feel soft and smooth against your skin, and won’t let you down when it comes to regulating temperature. These joggers are tailor-designed with copper fabric material that will increase blood circulation, promote better joint mobility, help with muscle recovery time, and keep you cool in the summer.


No Other Pair Of Joggers Offer Antiviral Protection

antiviral joggers copper infused


These unique joggers are perfect for the gym, working out in the yard, or lounging around the house. With their copper infusion that is antimicrobial, this pair of modish pants can kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria on the first contact that can be found on dirty surfaces like gym equipment and dirty work environments making them the world’s first and only pair of antiviral joggers.


Outclasses Every Jogger Ever Created

copper fabric jogger technology


You’ll never put on another pair of sweatpants again once you experience wearing this next-generation pair of men’s designer joggers.  They block more sweat and natural odors than all the other joggers combined because of the special copper ION technology.  So if after workouts you struggle and are embarrassed by sweat-soaked, smelly workout pants that you are tired of throwing away every 6 months to a year it’s time you slide on a pair of Copper Infused Joggers.


Copper Infused Jogger Features:

  • Antiviral Copper Fabric
  • Impeccably Tailored Design 
  • Hand Sewn In USA & Canada
  • Elastic Waistband With Drawstring Closure
  • Two Side Zipper Pocket and One Small Back ID Pocket.
  • True Copper ION Technology, Potency Remains Over 90% after many washes.


Copper Infused Jogger Benefits

  • Kills 99.99% of Germs On First Contact
  • Reduces Swelling and Inflammation.
  • Recover Soreness In Joints and Muscles.
  • Active Healing, Absorb Healthy Trace Amounts Of Copper By Wearing Copper Infused Clothing.
  • Copper ION’s Prevent Bad Odors and Smells Caused By Excessive Sweating.


Copper Infused Jogger Materials:

85% Copper Nylon,  15% Spandex


Order your pair of Copper Infused Joggers and join the ranks of the discriminating few who will be the first group ever to experience training with copper activewear.

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