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Spectral Body has designed the first-ever collection of copper fabric apparel its important that you know how to properly care for your garments to get the best possible life out of them.


An Essential Resource To Caring For Copper Fabric Apparel


Copper fabric is the latest craze in clothing, but it’s not always easy to take care of. This article will provide some general guidelines for proper care that can help you enjoy the longevity of your garment.

The first step you should take is to wash your copper fabric garments separately with a mild detergent using warm water and air dry them in a well-ventilated area.

The copper fabric can tarnish over time. While it is 100% guaranteed that your Spectral Body garments will not tarnish in the wash, be aware that over time the copper pigment used in making the fabric may fade and/or oxidize, resulting in a silver-grey coloration of the fabric after 5 years.


Copper Fabric


Should You Dry Clean Copper Fabric?


The answer is no, you shouldn’t because you can use your home washer to properly clean your articles. If you do want to dry clean, simply contact your local dry cleaner to arrange for a brief discussion they will be able to instruct you if it will be safe with their machinery. Also, if you decide that you do want to dry clean your copper garment be extremely selective of the business you trust your apparel with.


Copper Activewear


What Temperature Should You Wash Your Copper Activewear On?


Copper fabrics and the copper ions weaved inside the threads are known to last virtually a lifetime. After many wash tests on our copper fabric, the lab discovered that only 3 parts per million (0.0003%) of Copper ions are lost under a hundred washes which demonstrates how durable our collection is.

If you buy less reputable copper-infused products they can be sprayed on or copper coated fabric which may have some benefits in the short term but in the long run multiple washes will diminish their potency. With proper care after your first wash, including separate washing with a mild detergent, your activewear will last a long time.


How Should You Deal With Stains To You Copper Activewear


How Should You Deal With Stains To Your Copper Activewear?


If you spot stains in the fabric of your copper garments here are some tips to help you deal with it: [Note: if you notice any discoloration on the garment that doesn’t disappear with washing or is not mentioned in this guide, please refer to our Care Label throughout this article]

  1. Do not use bleach, instead pretreat the stain with a liquid laundry detergent.
  2. Use a brush and scrub the stain vertically
  3. Apply some white vinegar to the stain until you have removed as much as possible
  4. Clean in washing machine multiple times depending on the severity of the stain


Using Copper Fabric In The Dryer


Using Copper Fabric In The Dryer


You should always dry your copper clothing under a low heat cycle if using the dryer. For the best results just let the garment air dry or put it in a warm sunny place. Copper fabric is actually quite amazing its a conductive copper fabric that dries up faster than any fabric on the planet. If necessary our garment care labels provide a profile of how to care for your copper garments for the best result.


Ironing Copper Fabric


Ironing Copper Fabric


It’s wise to always iron the wrinkles out of your copper fabric garment with an iron under a low setting. Do not use a high-temperature setting, as this could damage your garments. To be extra careful place a thin cloth or towel between the iron and your garment to avoid burning your apparel.

Pro Tip: At our pop up shops and warehouses we use a handheld steamer to prepare our clothing for photoshoots and commercials. Steamers are relatively inexpensive many can be found on Amazon for under $30


Black Copper Fabric And Fading


Black Copper Fabric & Fading


You will be pleased to know that our black copper fabric maintains its sharp color for an extremely long time. Compared to other brands our products get less faded. To maximize the color lifespan it is a good idea to always wash your copper fiber fabrics inside out and with similar colors so they never dull.


Copper Spandex Fabric


Copper spandex fabrics do not fair well to heat therefore putting full spandex material clothes in the dryer can risk shrinkage. Some of our copper fabrics are blended with small amounts of spandex for elasticity but will not shrink dramatically. We advise you should always be on the side of caution and just air dry your apparel if you feel unsure or the fit is a bit small, to begin with.


Spectral Body Copper Ion Activewear

Copper Impregnated Fabric Is a Wave Of Innovation


Get ready to shine with our Copper ION collection caring for the clothing is simple and straightforward. If you have any questions please feel free to talk to our staff and we can advise you with the best possible care instructions.