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The Copper Infused Workout Shirt To Die For

The gym section of your wardrobe is not complete until you have Spectral Body’s Copper Fabric Workout Shirt it was created with quality and longevity in mind.  This special fabric will resist fading over time and is perfectly proportioned to hug the contours of your body.  

When trying it on for the first time you will get a soft sensational feeling and admire the way it softly rests on your body when working out at the gym or twisting and turning at your favorite yoga class. 

Spectral Body has entered new territory with activewear and has redesigned the way copper clothing should fit unlike many other copper shirts sold in the market that are way too tight and restricting.  If you are like the many others that own this shirt it will instantly become one of your all-time favorites.


Next Generation Antiviral Protection

antiviral womens workout shirt

Developed in coordination with science and research this ultrathin shirt can kill 99.99% of all germs and bacteria on the first contact. The copper-infused ION’s weaved into this garment protect you from viruses and infectious pathogens found on everyday gym equipment and high traffic public areas.  I’m sure you will agree that gyms can be filthy, especially when the person before you neglects to wipe down the equipment after their turn, it will ease your mind to know that this shirt will protect you 24/7 from dirty surfaces.


The New Workout Shirt, That Removes Sweat From Your Body.


copper technology womens shirt

Are you drowning in a sea of sweat after every workout?  Unlike most fabrics, copper conducts energy more efficiently than air. Copper has many amazing benefits, the fabric absorbs moisture from your body quickly, and it also releases heat faster than any other fabric on the market.  Finally, a shirt that is truly repellant to sweat stains and bad odors.


There’s Never a Better Time For Muscle Recovery


copper fabric muscle recovery

Copper fabric can help with inflammation and pain from hard workouts, Copper is good to help inflammation because it is a Ferro-electromagnetic material that is an effective conductor of electricity. It helps with circulation because it dissipates heat quickly when there’s less blood circulating in cramped muscles meaning a faster recovery by simply just wearing this shirt during workouts.


Copper Fabric Shirt Features:

  • Interlock Stitching
  • Athletic Fit
  • Impact Resistant
  • Full Length
  • Antiviral Copper Fabric
  • Ultra Sheer & Soft


Copper Fabric Shirt  Benefits:

  • Kills 99.99% of Germs On First Contact
  • Reduces Swelling and Inflammation.
  • Recover Soreness In Joints and Muscles.
  • Active Healing, Absorb Healthy Trace Amounts Of Copper By Wearing Copper Infused Clothing.
  • Copper ION’s Prevent Bad Odors and Smells Caused By Excessive Sweating.


Copper Infused Shirt Materials:

85% Copper Nylon,  15% Spandex


The copper infusion takes activewear to a new level, Order this shirt and experience it for yourself.


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