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Copper Fabric Long Sleeve Shirt


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Long Sleeve Active Shirt

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Try On The Copper Fabric Long Sleeve Active Shirt

Spectral Body has created the perfect long sleeve shirt for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The material is made from copper fabric which makes it ultra-lightweight and breathable. It won’t weigh you down when you do your workout but will keep your skin cool and dry. The design pattern provided by the copper fabric leaves a little bit of room for movement in various places around the shirt depending on where you might need it most. Ultra comfort with durability in mind, this shirt is built to outlast every other long sleeve shirt in your closet.

The Copper Fabric Long Sleeve shirt pairs well anything you can think of from jeans to shorts. It provides your body with a futuristic look that will not go out of style and goes well with any fitness class attire because its soft satin-like fabric will grab attention in a subtle way. This shirt is the epitome of comfort and style. But it’s not just us telling you how comfortable this is, but anyone else who has tried our product.


Copper Long Sleeve Shirt Features:

  • Crew Neck Design
  • Sweat Wicking Technology
  • Nylon, Polyester and Spandex Blend
  • Antiviral Fabric
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Odor Repellant



Copper nylon, spandex, acrylic, and acetate won’t shrink and will resist water-based stains. Most produce static and may permanently wrinkle in a hot dryer, so dry on low. How to wash: Machine-wash in warm with all-purpose detergent.
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