Quantum Massager 3.0 | Percussion Therapy | Contour Massager


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Quantum Massager 3.0 | Percussion Therapy | Contour Massager

31 in stock


Quantum Massager 3.0 | Percussion Therapy | Contour Massager



The Quantum Massage Gun 3.0  is an innovative new style of percussion therapy. The balanced compact design makes it absolutely unique in its class. The new specially contoured design reaches areas of your body that other massage guns are not able too. Finally you can stop searching for a cordless deep tissue massage machine and carry this one on the go! (comes with carry case).  What helps with soreness? How to relieve plantar fasciitis? Looking for muscle knot removal?  Percussion therapy is your answer!  Whether you want to use it on your partner as a vibrating back massager or give yourself a hip flexor massage you will be addicted to this massage gun.  The Quantum Massage Gun 3.0 r is fueled by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the alloy casing houses a unique, high-torque motor featuring medical grade technology with four adjustable speed settings delivering up to 3,300 intense percussions per minute.

This type of targeted deep tissue massage can help relieve common muscle pain and stiffness, improve range of motion and blood flow reducing injury risks down the road. With four interchangeable head attachments, it’s also easy to customize your recovery work to any specific area of the body, toss away your standard foam rollers or other mobility tools!  The Quantum Massage Gun 3.0 will be an essential physical therapy massage tool in your every day life!


Quantum Massager 3.0 Features:

  • Helps for sore muscle treatment
  • Muscle knot removal
  • Contoured handle for self use
  • Hip flexor massage
  • Promotes circulation
  • Accelerates Max percussion massage warmup and recovery
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use for self-myofascial release
  • Handheld sports massager great for MMA
  • Tangle free cordless massager
  • 105 degree tilt to heal hard to reach muscles

Quantum Massager  3.0 Specifications:

  • Powerful high-torque motor
  • 5 speed settings deliver up to 3300 percussions per minute
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (Up to 6 hours of use per charge)
  • 4 interchangeable head attachments
  • Lightweight (2.3 lbs), ergonomic design
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Balanced



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Happy customer

The Quantum Massage 3.0 is what I am looking for when it comes to taking care of my clients. Very quite and convenient to bring anywhere. I am very happy I purchased this product as well as my clients.


Great tool

I was introduced to this product, just a few weeks ago. I tried this on multiple patients and they loved it! This is a great addition to my clinic; I do not regret purchasing this product.

Fantastic purchase!!!!!

Thanks For your excellent customer service and quality product. This is far superior than all massage guns I have used in the past. It’s so convenient to use and so silent giving me the best experience after a workout session. I give this a 5 star rating and have recommended it to my friends.


Super Impressed!!!!

As a personal trainer, I just want to say thank you for your awesome customer service and sending me a quality massage gun very quickly.

I am Super impressed with the Quantum massager 3.0 and the quality of it is more superior than all others I have purchased in the past. I will recommended this massage gun to my colleagues at the Equinox.

Thank you,


Best Purchase EVER!

I have been a massage therapist for 20 years, and this Quantum 3.0 massager is a welcome tool to aid with clients. It is a first step for me on clients who request deep tissue to soften tightened tissue for better release and I am able to get a faster release result with the muscles. I also use it as a tool for myself as I am able to reach all muscle areas on my own body with out trouble and it massages the massage therapist after a long day's work. You will not be disappointed in the purchase of this product. I highly recommend it.

I'd also like to give a 5 star rating to Tom who went above and beyond with exceptional customer service. I will definitely do business with this company again!