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Impression Gym Belt | Custom Weight Lifting Belt | Best Power Lifting Belt


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Impression Gym Belt | Custom Weight Lifting Belt | Best Power Lifting

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Impression Gym Belt

Stop looking for boring Gym Belts! the Spectral Body Custom Weight Lifting Belt, you get the support you need to achieve amazing lifts. This belt is extra firm and features reinforced neoprene equipped with a heavy duty closure system. Made from genuine high grade leather material. Comprised of  heavy duty construction making it the best powerlifting belt in its class. Compared to other custom weight lifting belts its a very affordable and stylish option for athletes of any size and skill level. This power lifting belt much thinner and lighter than a traditional leather weightlifting belt, our leather belt still provides firm, stable support of the abdomen and lower back—helping you get the most out of your squats, deadlifts, hang cleans, etc.


This damier style waist belt for gym is unisex with a stylish black impression checkered pattern similar to Louis Vuitton.  It fits all sizes and is adjustable for maximum comfort.

Impression Gym Belt Features:

  • Premium Luxury Calf Leather

  • Polished Steel Buckle

  • EVA Steel Rivet Assembly

  • Extra Firm Comfortable Back Support

  • Thin Construction / Lightweight

  • Performance Optimized

  • Perfect for Squats, Dead Lifting and Hang Cleans

  • Complete Lower Back Support

Weight belts are usually found in most gyms and fitness centers. Your local gym usually provides weight belts for patrons to borrow, but many people just bring their own. Be cautious of using public equipment in risk of infections or excessive sweat left behind by the last person who used it. Power lifting belts are usually made of thick leather but our belt is durable and soft giving maximum comfort, Our gym belt includes a polished steel buckle to keep them secure at the waist.

According to the NSCA, the top reason to use a gym belt is to increase abdominal pressure, or pressure in your stomach, during heavy or strenuous weight lifting. This pressure creates a strong core, stabilizing your back and helping increase your max lifting power. This pressure also keeps your lower back from collapsing under super big weight loads. You can create your own pressure by inhaling a deep breath and pushing out with your stomach muscles, a technique by bodybuilders as the Valsalva maneuver. The weight belt gives your abs something to push against, increasing your pressure.

Correct Use
Use a gym belt during heavy lifting and cross fit exercises at or above 80 percent of your 1 rep maximum. You can also use them for additional back support during heavy squatting and deadlifts. As your strength gets better, lose the weight lifting belt! Unless you are lifting over 80 percent max. Power lifting that usually requires heavy lifting, and a custom weightlifting belt is needed, which would be best for performing cleans, snatches and jerks. Unsupported overhead lifts, like standing shoulder presses to the ceiling, also warrant the use of a weight belt.

Improper Use
Do not use a gym belt for any lifting that is under 80 percent of your one rep max as it can hinder use of your own muscles groups. Don’t use a gym belt for core exercises like planks, sit ups and body twists. Do not use a weight belt during any exercise while you are lying on your back, sitting upright. The belt is meant to be used for standing exercises. If you have high blood pressure, many recommend against doing exercises that raise intra-ab pressure and therefore require a gym belt, as doing so could raise your blood pressure to unsafe levels.




*Please note proper lifting technique is necessary to avoid injury using a gym belt can help avoid common injuries*



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