What is a PM 2.5 Filter?

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When we look at the air quality, there are many different types of pollutants that people can be exposed to. There are large, medium, and small particles. PM2.5 is the abbreviation for Particulate Matter 2.5 micrometers in diameter or less. It comes from a variety of sources and stays in the air for days to weeks depending on its chemical composition and where it comes from (as a result, PM2.5 concentrations vary considerably over time).


How are PM 2.5 Filters Made?

PM2.5 filters are made out of silica cloth and/or activated carbon. They are used to filter the air we breathe and prevent materials from emitting particles into the air. The number 1 benefit is that they help protect your family’s health because they can keep our lungs healthy, which leads to better breathing and fewer respiratory illnesses (and all diseases) especially Covid 19.

PM 2.5 FIlter

Why Should You Use a PM 2.5 Filter

They can simply be inserted inside any type of cloth mask or our copper ion masks and aid in the prevention of odor and holding harmful bacteria, viruses and allergens away from our nose.  They are inexpensive. If you buy one today it will cost you less than 0.23 cents (yes, that’s exactly 23 pennies). It’s recommended that they can be used for a maximum of 5 days when you think about the truckloads of money you will save over buying surgical masks and N95 masks over the course of the pandemic you will be able to save a fortune.


Take Action Today and Get 50 PM 2.5 Filter Inserts,  Carry Them Everywhere You Go.


With 50 individual PM 2.5 Filters protecting your family from harmful air particles will put your mind at ease during these stressful times. Being exposed to a wide range of COVID strains has created the demand for extra precautionary measures and the PM2.5 filter is the reinforcement that your face coverings require.


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Try Our Copper ION Face Mask 2.0

In addition to our recommendation for a PM2.5 particle filter, we also believe in the importance of using a face mask with a filter pocket for the best fit.  The Spectral Body Copper ION training mask is rugged enough for athletic to everyday tasks and the entire mask is constructed of 100% percent copper on the inner and outer layers, It the first of its kind and it is as big on looks as it is for protection. The mask is hand made with an inner pocket to secure the PM2.5 filter with ZERO slippage.


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