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How To Use an Ab Roller For Your Lats

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One of the most staple pieces of ab equipment today is the ab roller or ab wheel, it can be a very effective core training tool that can help you to sculpt the 6 pack of your dreams. Why only settle for 6 pack abs when you can also use this tool to help strengthen your back at the same time.   The ab roller despite the name can also help you develop muscular and wider lats with some interesting techniques I discovered to help you develop these essential muscles.       Why Should Men Want Bigger Lats?  I think you will agree that many people predominantly use an ab roller for a flatter stomach.  In bodybuilding competitors constantly train the latissimus dorsi muscles, known as the lats to get the “V” taper where your upper body from your neck, shoulders and lats contract into a V shape giving you a perfect figure.   If you are cursed with a slow metabolism usually your midsection area is that last part of your body to shed fat. When your Lats are wider it's like a magical illusion that makes your waist look actually smaller. The wider the latissimus dorsi muscles protrude can give you that old school Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding look.     Many complain about bad genetics but with enough work, in the gym and training, you can balance your physique. A rewarding figure awaits you as in my opinion the core essence of bodybuilding and going to the gym is to achieve a symmetrical, well proportioned defined body. So having a killer set of lats is just as important as any other muscle that I train.   The Benefits Of Eccentric Movements Using an Ab Roller. Eccentric contraction happens when the extreme length of the muscle expands as tension is generated.  To visualize when you do a bicep curl your muscles are also working when you lower the weight after curling it upwards.  After the contraction, a slow deceleration back to the original position works your bicep in a different way that most novice weightlifters overlook.  Concentrating and making it a 2 part movement can create a mind-muscle connection that can rejuvenate your workouts and help grow muscle twice as fast.   When using an ab roller its the same principle as lifting the weight and slowly releasing it back to the starting point.   Unlike the traditional sit-up or crunch that where you only get the contraction on the way up it can be difficult to move your back slowly to the ground. Doing this can place can add unnecessary stress on your lower back.  The ab roller acts more efficiently and protects your back when using proper form with a slight arch which adds less pressure.      You slowly roll forward with the ab roller and the true test is contracting your abs and rolling back to the starting point which gives you a perfect contraction every time. Avoiding Ab Roller Back Pain. Poor form while

Home Workouts, Taking The First Step On a Fitness Ladder

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When I first saw a fitness ladder I was skeptical of how a black and yellow obstacle that you place on the ground? How is a fitness ladder going to help me lose weight and become mentally sharper? The Fitness ladder embodies how the mind and muscle connection works and how moving through this fitness ladder like a game of hopscotch is the perfect at-home workout to do every day to improve your agility, speed, and explosiveness. The first thing that comes to mind when trying to lose weight is “I need to start running more”.  Maybe a treadmill is not in the budget. What if you live in the city and don’t like running in public or beside cars on the road. Or with today's circumstances when all gyms are shut down due to the global pandemic. The fitness ladder is inexpensive and very functional,  you can train from the comfort of your living room or backyard if you wish.  I can guarantee that it will be the cheapest and most effective piece of exercise equipment that you buy this year. It's worthwhile to mix your cardio methods up.  I like to start my Monday off with a run. In the middle of the week, I will bike.  End of the week I will use the rowing machine. The cold hard facts are that none of these exercises focus on lateral movements that strengthen joints, ligaments, and tendons.  Also, the monotony of doing the same exercises all the time can drive a person new to exercising insane. Let's say if you're a pro, you do not have to worry about the agility ladder getting too easy for you. There are hundreds of advanced variations and multiple exercises will keep you challenged for an eternity.  After a year of constant practice, you will be able to tiptoe through the squares like a seasoned athlete. Ask any coach or trainer great footwork is essential in almost every popular sport today. How The Agility Ladder Improved My Basketball Skills Here is a story that shows the agility ladder is a proven method to reach new heights in your workouts.  Last year I had a bet with some of my basketball playing buddies that I could dunk a basketball. Being in my 30’s and not in my best shape I had 6 months to achieve this notable accomplishment.   One benefit I had was that I was naturally tall and athletic but my coordination was horrible and I was in constant dread that I would never be able to touch the rim. I was really optimistic after making the bet but I realized after my first month of practicing that I was not even close.  I couldn't generate enough velocity and explosiveness on my vertical jump. I then needed help, I reached out to one of the trainers at my gym and asked him which muscles should I strengthen so I can get above the rim? He

Benefits Of Using A Gym Belt

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The Benefits of Gym Belts Do your workouts include lifting weights or olympic style lifting? Many professionals wear lifting belts to avoid injuries and stress on the back. Have you ever strapped on a weightlifting belt and seen improvement in your daily routine? In this article we will go over how to use a gym belt and how it will save you a trip to the local chiropractor. Weightlifting injuries mostly happen when extreme overloads to soft tissue structures. If you are just starting out there is a high chance that you could injure you spine with the slightest movements or improper technique. Weightlifting injuries can occur to your legs, knees, hips but according to Dr. Glen the lead chiropractor/owner at East Desert Inn Wellness says that a common reason why many people visit him is due to weightlifting related back injuries. This can be avoided with proper form and a leather gym belt that supports your back by increasing inner ab pressure preventing any sort of hyper-extension. You get the most effective lift when the spinal erector muscles work against heavy resistances Why Use a Gym Belt For Back Support When doing deadlifts and squats in the gym are the main to exercises where using a gym belt can really help. Being stable is the key to the health of the lumbar spine because it protects discs and supports your joints and soft muscle tissue. Most people dont know that gym belts are meant for your Abs just as much as your back. Deadlifts Squats Breathing Techniques When Liftting. Proper breathing (Valsalva manuever) can help cause the pressure in your abs before attempting a lift and the gym belt help aids this process by being pressed firmly against your torso. They say that your belt should be tightly fastened enough so that you are able to squeeze half of your hand inside when taking a deep breath in. The belt should be positioned an inch or two above your pelvis so that it covers the lower part of your body as much as possible. We recommend to being with lighter weights until you are ready to challenge yourself with heavier weights. Gym belts do not make you invincible but can defintiely help you performance. Proper Form and Breathing Valsalva Manuever Increased Strength and Performance Buying The Right Gym Belt Typically the most common gym belts are Leather gym belts or nylon gym belts. One of the common differences between them is that the nylon belts use velcro to be fastened around your waist. The Leather Gym belts come with plenty of holes like your favorite Louis Vuitton belt you wear with a pair of jeans. The Leather version wins because when you start your fitness journey it is common and expected to lose inches off your waistline, you simply can go to your local tailor and for a few dollars they will be happy to punch a few new holes in your belt so it fits firmly against your new figure. This