How Using an Ab Roller Can Make You a Better Fighter


Boxing is one of the hardest sports to develop strength and conditioning for. When you factor in all the punches, jumping, ducking, bobbing, and weaving with a heavy bag or another fighter, the body becomes worn out incredibly fast. A boxing workout needs to be diverse and challenging enough to maintain your stamina for an entire round of fighting.

By adding some basic intensity exercises you can really give yourself a fight-like experience without wearing yourself out before you even get in the ring.


Why Do You Need Strong Abdominal Muscles In Combat Sports?

Your abdominal muscles give a lot more than just a chiseled six-pack, although that may be a nice side effect. Your abdominal muscles are responsible for flexing and protecting your ribs to give you more power.

Your abs are the strong foundation that helps you maintain your fighting stance between rounds. If you stand with your abdominals tensed in your fighting stance, it keeps pressure off your spine and facilitates less fatigue in your legs.

A good punch can take more than 1000 pounds of force. Which is around the same amount of force required to punch through a brick wall. If you allow that much force to travel through your body, you could end up with a serious injury.

It takes incredible abdominal strength to shield the blow and still react with a powerful counter punch.


Which boxing trainers incorporate ab roller exercises into their workouts?

For a boxer, the most important aspect of training is core strength. When your core is strong, your boxing balance, footwork, and work capacity as an athlete are all more stable.

The exercises that build core strength are considered the most effective ways to develop total-body strength. When you train for power, it is vital that you work your abs. The workouts that build both low and midrange muscular strength are typically more effective than workouts that train just one muscle group or a small subset of muscles.

Famous fighters that use ab rollers in their workouts:


Vitor Belfort


Vitor Belfort:

Belfort is a Brazilian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. His style of fighting incorporates strong kicks with devastating strikes to opponents. During the build-up to his fights, he uses an abdominal roller day and night to maintain his core strength as well as to help him deal with the pain during a fight.


Victor Ortiz


Victor Ortiz:

Ortiz is a boxer with incredible power, speed, and knockout accuracy. WBC Welterweight champion, he is known for speed, agility, rapid-fire combinations, and an impressive entrance that includes his signature backflip. His dedication to ab roller exercises, weight training, and running makes him a force to be reckoned with.


Chad Dawson


Chad Dawson:

A former two-time light heavyweight world champion, Chad Dawson has a humble yet intense style. He fights with confidence and constant aggression. He focuses on a large number of exercises in his workouts and ab roller exercises are among them. His training consists of high reps in short bursts of time, total body conditioning, core stability, endurance, and speed.


Gennady Golovkin


Gennady Golovkin:

Golovkin is one of the best boxers in the world. Rapid combination punchers, he is a nightmare to fight, every round. His style of fighting can be noticed from a mile away. He prepares for each and every fight by boxing four times a week with a variety of abdominal exercises, cardio, strength, speed, agility, and endurance. His focus on core strength and body control is second-to-none.


Miguel Cotto


Miguel Cotto:

Cotto is a former two-division world champion boxer. He has an incredible chin, volatile power, and knockout accuracy. He needs to train hard and smart to retain his competitive edge in the ring and to continue becoming a better boxer.



How much do ab rollers generally cost?

Ab rollers are available in the market for anything between $25 and $100. But that is not the point when we look at the health benefits. It is true that a set of ab rollers requires a high initial investment, but the benefits made possible by this investment are tremendous.

For an approximate investment of $150, you can get an ab roller stand, which is expensive for sure, but the investment worth every penny. A good ab roller should have adjustable features and adjustable height. Choose a model with a high, stable, ergonomic design, and an easy and simple operation. An adjustable-height helps you customize your ab roller workout to fit your schedule.


How long does it take before seeing a 6 pack from using an ab roller?

A six-pack is usually only visible if the body fat percentage is around 15% or less. It takes a trained eye to identify a visible six-pack from the naked eye.

To give yourself a visible six-pack in a month or six months, you need to burn fat. A six-pack is created by a low body fat percentage, which is derived from a healthy diet and cardio exercises.

One of the best ways to measure progress is skinfold calipers and using your ab roller regularly.


how often should you use an ab roller


How often should you use an ab roller?

The typical regimen of continuous ab roller exercise varies from person to person but generally involves a repetitive minor ab roller workout for 20 mins or more in the morning.

Some people like to use a resistance roller to increase their workout time and change the degree of difficulty but they still do the same daily routine.

The ab roller also works a lot of muscles in the lower part of your body and works the hip/ab muscles. This helps with your overall strength and allows you to move faster.

Some more feedback and info about the story:

“I first got the idea to write this story with my own personal experience. I used to do the ab roller along with my weightlifting routine and it really helped me get stronger.”

“I do it 1 to 3 times per week. One of the exercises I do is the ab roller for several repetitions.”


To get a six-pack, you need to combine weight loss, with dietary fat reduction. You should know that muscle is built with fat, not without fat. Furthermore, you need a healthy diet. And to get an overall body workout, you need to perform exercises that combine every aspect of fitness. It is my personal opinion that gym and weight are not enough.