Can Kids Wear Mask with Fans


Requiring children to wear masks at school has been at the center of controversy this fall. Many teachers complain that the younger students have a difficult time adjusting to these new rules. Many parents have been buying face masks with built-in battery-powered fans to encourage them to wear them during class and not take them off.


Why a Mask With a Built-In Air Purifier Is More Effective


Face Mask With Built In Air Purifier

Cloth-made masks are crude and can be easily damaged, Handed-down masks can be dirty and damp so if you’re thinking what I am thinking maybe it’s time for an upgrade. The size of a mask is sometimes not large enough that it can cover your mouth or nose area. The air purifying masks fit just perfectly and seal the lower facial area from airborne droplets.  The mask comes with a built-in high-performance air purifier that helps to cut out viruses and bacteria. The air purifying mask has an adjustable band that fits comfortably on your head and can be worn inside the classroom, at home, or while your kids are out in public.


Advantages of Air Purifying Masks With Fans:

air purifying training mask


  1. Small size and lightweight so children can wear them comfortably when learning in class.
  2. Powered by a battery that needs to be charged, providing life-long service with no maintenance.
  3. It has a special replaceable filter system so that your children can get a constant flow of fresh air.
  4. These high-quality masks are made of high-grade plastic materials that are odorless and ultra-soft for your children. The mask fits all kids from 5 – 12 years of age.


Do Schools Allow These Masks?


Kids Wearing Face Mask in School

So far we have not had any parental complaints about school faculty restricting kids from wearing electric air-purifying face masks. The only negative response I received after selling a large amount of these masks in the back-to-school rush was that other students were amazed and intrigued with the cool design and functionality. When adults wear them they actually strike up interesting conversations. This is a great way to encourage personal expression and creativity in the classroom but at the same time, they could be a distraction or nuisance to the teachers if they interfere with learning. If your child gets in trouble for this reason it’s good to have a conversation with the teacher or principal because new concepts and ideas always have doubters and disagreements.


Where To Buy One?


Spectral Body Comfortable Face Mask With Built In Fan

You can’t buy these masks from any of the big box stores or local retailers. There has been a little controversy over the whole internet purchase of these masks, do they really work? or is this a gimmick? To be honest no one really knows but with the built in filter and air purifying system I personally would wear one of these masks any day over a moist snotty cloth mask. You can find plenty of these masks on Amazon and Ebay ranging from $30 – $70.

Without bias, I believe that the model we sell is the best because it is larger and more protective. It’s also priced affordably on the low end at $31.99 which makes it more affordable to families with many children and not having to sacrifice quality.


Cost Of Cloth Masks Vs The Air Purifying Mask

Cloth masks cost an average of $5 at retail prices. They are easily worn down, lost and disposed of more often than you would think. The total cost of the masks would then be $85 over the span of 6 months depending on how careful your child takes care of them.

The mask with a fan is a unique product that your child will not easily misplace or forget. They are pretty sturdy too and we get very few back with damages. All of our masks come with a special shell case to protect the mask when not in use. Also it easily connects to a backpack or bicycle so your child won’t lose it.

The air purifying mask cost less than a 6 month supply of cloth masks. They are more economic in the long term because it’s reusable and you do everything you would with a cloth mask while additionally getting an additional function. There are no other costs associated with using this product so there are no hidden mystery fees or tax charges to keep track of.


Cleaning A Fan Built-In Mask?

If you want to make sure your kids are protecting their faces from dirt, germs and viruses, they should not use any face or hand sanitizing wash on their masks. The chemicals in some cleaners may be harsh for the mask and could damage the electrical parts. We recommend that you use a tiny amount of soapy water and clean the mask ever so often.


Our Back To School Guarantee on Fan Masks

We understand the challenges of these mask rules for children and the hardships of replacing the mask fans when lost or damaged, after all kids will be kids. If you lose your mask or it gets damaged please mention that you read this article and we will be able to replace your child’s mask at a 30% discount as a one-time courtesy. We encourage you to give this product a shot if your child is having problems with the rules or has trouble breathing in class with the traditional style masks.


My Personal Experience With My Own Kids Using The Fan Mask

My son Ethan is in the 5th grade and has a mild case of asthma. He has never had an incident at school, but the school nurse recommended a mask with a built-in fan for him to take to school after buying one for her kid. I recommended that we begin to sell this product at Since then the demand has become overwhelming so if you already purchased one from us I apologize for the previous shipping delays.

Now Ethan’s entire class now wears these masks at all times, and I have seen tremendous improvement in the number of coughs and sniffles during recess.

Their teacher refuses to say where they all got the mask, but I am guessing that the school must have purchased them.

These masks work by diffusing fresh air into the mask during inhalation using a small fan on the back of the mask. The fan pulls in fresh outside air through a PM2.5 filter that blocks airborne droplets up to 2.5 microns in size . The mask is very quiet and it is almost unnoticeable unless you are looking for it, all you hear is white noise.

They are a perfect fit for kids and adults alike and affordably priced at $32 which is probably lower than what you would spend in cloth masks for the entire year. If you want extra savings you can use this special discount code.

ETHAN10 and receive 10% off your entire purchase, so act now and get your built-in fan mask you will be glad you did.


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