The iPhone is an amazing device that can help you to surf the internet, find directions, find deals and deals on deals, take pictures – the list goes on. But did you know that there’s a way to eject liquid from your iPhone? Okay it’s not liquid, but liquid-like things do exist in your phone (water droplets). These water droplets are an annoyance when they get in between certain parts of the phone like keyboards and touch screens. This article will teach you how to remove them without buying any special tools or risking any damage to your device!


How Water Resistant Are iPhones


How Water Resistant Are iPhones


The iPhone is said to be water resistant. However, that doesn’t mean that it will work if you submerge it in water for 20 minutes. It’s just built to resist damage caused by typical amounts of liquids. So your iPhone shouldn’t be damaged if you accidentally spill some water on it or if you knock over your coffee cup while you’re texting or surfing the internet.


Why Do Water Droplets Get Inside My Phone?


iPhone Water Eject With Sound Frequency


Water can enter in between certain parts of an iPhone when it’s in your pocket and the vibrator goes off when someone calls. This will cause the water droplets to get trapped inside the device and sometimes that can prevent the phone from turning on or working properly.


How Do I Remove Water From My iPhone?


How To Remove Water From iPhone


Follow these simple steps to remove the annoying liquid from your phone:

(1) Find a piece of paper that is slightly larger than the screen of your iPhone and a good amount of a soft cloth. If a soft cloth isn’t available you can always use a corner of a paper towel.

(2) Turn your iPhone over, make sure to hold onto the top and bottom so that it doesn’t fall. You can also lay it down

(3) Now, using either the piece of paper or soft cloth, carefully wipe any water droplets that are on the back side of the phone away from all parts.


Using The Water Eject Function Siri Shortcut

After going through the steps above this third-party water eject app is going to be your smoking gun. It’s very simple to use. By using the Siri shortcut named “Water Eject” you can run this function using a low-frequency sound wave to rattle moisture out of your device. To access the “Water Eject” function:

  1. Select Begin Water Ejection
  2. After completion Siri turns down the volume of the device
  3. You can add it as a shortcut or for next time you can ask Siri to run the water eject.



Is it Safe to Use the Water Eject Function?

It is very safe to use the water eject function, just make sure that you have never submerged your phone in water before doing so. Don’t worry if you did submerge it in water but used the eject function, your phone will still turn on and work properly. If the screen goes black or gets blurry while using this function, let it dry out before turning it back on or taking more action.

Make Sure You Are Not Wearing AirPods Or Listening Devices While Using Water Eject

This may go without saying but DO NOT use any earphones or listening devices while this process is taking black the sound emitted to help eject the water can be damaging to your ears like a Lizzo concert.

The water eject function can also damage hearing. There are two different kinds of sound waves that the eject function uses which are high and low frequencies. Low frequencies can travel through concrete, steel, and other hard surfaces, so don’t worry about it damaging the screen or case of the phone. However, those low frequencies can damage you eardrum or even your inner ear with prolonged exposure. The high frequencies on the other hand aren’t as strong as low frequencies but they do have a similar debilitating effect on hearing as well as being able to cause mechanical damage to implanted medical devices such as inhalers and pacemakers. So I would advise staying away from this function if you have any kind of medical device.


What To Do If You See a Liquid Detection Alert On Your iPhone


Liquid Detection Alert On iPhone


When dealing with a wet iPhone you should always pay attention to the lightning port. When the lightning port is wet , the lightening port is going to flash three times. If your phone doesn’t turn on, you can gently wipe water off the lightning port. Also, if your phone does turn on you can use a paper towel or cloth to gently dry it out before turning it back on. If your phone still doesn’t turn on even after this, there are special solutions available if you are still dealing with water damage to your iPhone.


Using Waterproof Cases For Your iPhone For Prevention


iPhone Waterproof Case


There are many cases designed specifically for iPhone’s that are waterproof but many owners have different tastes and preferences on custom phone cases. You can also try using a plastic bag to cover the phone. This is an easy and cheap option but you need to be careful that the bag does not tear or snag.   I would feel personally a bit awkward carrying my phone in a ziplock back to go to a pool party but a trip to the Apple store may not be worth the aftermath.


Conclusion On The Water Eject Function

Water can cause problems if it gets into certain parts of your phone like keyboards or touch screens. So the next time you’re in the bathroom and your iPhone is wet, make sure to dry it off before turning it on because this will help prevent more damage from occurring.