Single VS. Dual Ab Roller Wheel


Size can impact certain aspects of using an ab roller, but it’s unlikely to alter the performance or the long-term effects. Using a dual ab wheel can result in a smoother workout due to increased stability. A single ab wheel, on the other hand, is easier to transport from place to place.

If you’re looking to strengthen your core, an ab roller can prove an invaluable tool. Although an ab roller won’t help you sculpt a six-pack by itself, it’s an effective addition to any exercise regimen. Not only will it tighten your core, but you’ll build arm muscle while using it. There are plenty of ab rollers on the market, so it’s important to choose one that suits your needs. You’ll find single ab rollers and dual ab rollers available. But does the size of this workout tool make a difference?

In this article, we’ll delve into why you should consider using an ab wheel and outline the pros and cons of each kind. Read on if you think this workout tool could help you reach your fitness goals.

How Ab Rollers Function


To determine which type of ab roller would benefit you, first, you need to understand how they function. Ab rollers work your core and arm muscles by having you roll the object forward against resistance. To use an ab roller, you’ll need to make sure your form is correct. Here’s how to position yourself:

  • Face the floor on your hands and knees. Bend your knees and place your hands on each of the ab roller’s handles.
  • Without arching your back or moving your legs further toward the floor, roll the device forward.
  • When you can’t extend the wheel any further, roll the wheel back toward you. (Placing a piece of tape at the point where you need to turn back can help ensure you never push too far.)
  • Repeat as many times as you can.

Given the pressure this workout puts on your knees, it’s best to use an ab roller on the carpet if you can. Additional equipment, like floor mats and knee pads, will also help alleviate

Single-Wheel Ab Rollers: The Pros and Cons

As their name implies, single ab wheels have only one wheel in the center of the two handles. These devices tend to be smaller than their dual-wheel counterparts, but the technique for using them remains the same. They also work the same muscles, so choosing one over the other won’t necessarily have an impact on your results.


Single Ab Roller Wheel


When exercising, the only difference users will feel between a single and dual wheel ab roller is in terms of stability. Given that the center of a dual-wheel ab roller is thicker, using it will feel smoother. That’s because the larger surface area makes it easier to hold yourself steady and moves more easily. The latter is especially true if you’re working out on a carpeted floor, which adds resistance.

There are two benefits to using an ab roller with a single wheel, however. For one, single-wheel ab rollers tend to be smaller in size. Although that can be a con when actually using the device, it does make the ab wheel more portable. If you’re someone who travels to exercise, a single-wheel ab roller may be easier to transport.

Because single ab wheels are usually smaller, they also tend to cost less. The price difference isn’t drastic by any means, but if you’re hoping to save a few dollars when purchasing this equipment, going with a single-wheel roller will do the trick.

To recap, here’s a visual outlining the pros and cons of buying a single ab wheel.


Pros Cons
Smaller size: Single-wheel ab rollers tend to be more lightweight, making them easier to transport from place to place. This can be useful for users who travel outside the home to exercise. Less stable: Given the smaller mid-section of a single-wheel ab roller, they can feel less stable. This won’t necessarily hurt your workout, but it could make it harder to stay steady.
Lower price: Because single ab wheels are smaller and use less material, they tend to be slightly lower price-wise. Choosing one of these can shave a few bucks off your purchase. Harder to use on the carpet: Carpeted floors add extra resistance when using an ab roller. Because single ab wheels make it more difficult to stay steady, they also make it harder to use on carpet.


Dual-Wheel Ab Rollers: The Pros and Cons

Dual-wheel ab rollers offer a larger midsection that could make this tool easier to get used to if you’re just starting with it. With a wheel section that’s double the size, dual ab wheels feel more stable when you’re using them. This larger surface area makes it easier to stay upright and to do the exercise in general.


Dual Ab Roller Wheel



Speaking of using ab rollers on carpeted floors, a dual ab wheel also makes that easier to do. The bigger the device’s midsection, the less resistance it will face when rolling forward. That said, added resistance could actually show better results in the long run.

Dual-wheel ab rollers do have two downsides, both of which directly contrast the benefits of a single-wheel device. First, dual ab wheels tend to be a bit heavier because of the extra wheel. Larger and less lightweight, they make a less convenient travel companion than a single ab wheel. That said, you technically can still travel with a dual wheeler; it would just be less comfortable.

Dual-wheel ab rollers also tend to cost slightly more. Although investing in one won’t cost too much more than buying a single ab wheel, the higher price is something to take into consideration.

The visual below rounds up the pros and cons of purchasing a dual-wheel ab roller.

Pros Cons
Easier to use: The larger midsection of dual ab wheels makes them sturdier to use. This helps users stay upright more easily and enables them to push back against resistance with less effort. Not as portable: Because they’re larger and heavier, dual ab wheels are less convenient to transport outside the home. They’re better for people exercising in one place.
Can handle resistance: Those working out on carpet will face additional resistance when using an ab roller. Ab wheels with a larger surface area in the middle are better equipped to push back against that resistance. Higher price: Those purchasing a dual ab wheel will pay more for the extra wheel. It’s not strikingly more expensive, but it may sway those on a budget.

Choosing The Ab Roller For You

Both single- and dual-wheel ab rollers can prove an asset to your reservoir of workout equipment. There’s no significant difference in the results you’ll get using either, so which one you should buy depends on your needs.

Fitnessery Ab Machine

Given the benefits and drawbacks of single-wheel ab rollers, they’d make a good option for:

  • People who commute with their workout equipment in tow.
  • People who want a greater challenge of staying upright and doing rollouts.
  • People looking to purchase an ab roller as cheaply as possible.

If a single ab wheel sounds like the right choice for you, there are plenty of models to choose from. Some of the best-reviewed single ab wheels include:

(The last one has one wheel but is thick enough to offer the benefits of a dual-wheel device!)

Looking at the top-rated ab rollers, many of them fall into the dual-wheel category. This could suggest users veer more toward dual-wheel devices. Still, deciding whether this type of ab roller is for you depends on your circumstances. Dual ab wheels may be the right choice for:

  • Those looking for increased stability when using the device.
  • Those working out on carpeted floors or other high-resistance surfaces.
  • People who don’t mind paying a little extra for good quality.
  • People who tend to work out in a set location.

If any of those points apply to you, it may be time to look into a dual-wheel ab roller. Here are some of the most popular ones on the market:

Even with two wheels, dual ab rollers vary in a lot of ways. Some of them have two thin wheels in the middle, while others have a much larger midsection. Some also come with resistance bands and other features. Which dual ab wheel you decide to go with depends on your preferences, budget, and goals.

Whether you decide to purchase a single ab wheel or dual ab wheel, it’s also important to read customer reviews. Knowing the benefits of each type of ab roller is a step in the right direction. After that, it takes research to know which device will be best for your specific circumstances. Only you know what you’re hoping to accomplish with this fitness device — and how external circumstances may factor into that. Given the appropriate reviews and resources, you’ll be able to make the right choice for you.