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Working out is good for the body and the mind however there is much more at your local gym besides weights and treadmills. Even though we do our best to wipe down equipment before and after use there is still a high risk of transferring germs and bacteria. Having touchscreen-compatible gloves allows you more freedom and saves you time at the gym.

You’re probably thinking these gloves are only for germaphobes but think about how many people listen to music as they workout, touching our phones is habitual and we are unaware how many microorganisms can really move from our hands to the phone. The phone generally collects all the dirt and bacteria that get on our hands during the day in-between washing them. So scrolling through a playlist while at the gym may lead to illness while you are trying to keep your body in good health.

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What Are Touchscreen Enabled Workout Gloves?

Gloves that are compatible with touch screens are referred to as smart gloves. They are made of a material that allows the user to continue wearing the glove while interacting with smart devices. These are sometimes confused with smartphone gloves which require you to remove the digits of the glove to be able to use a phone, tablet, iPad, or any other touch device.

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How Do Touchscreen Gloves Work

Our bodies are capacitors that can conduct electricity. The smart devices we use have sensors that respond to electric currents allowing us to interact with the screen through electricity. This is why when you are wearing gloves most phones don’t respond to your tapping. It’s not the amount of pressure applies but the electrical charge that the device is responding to.

The more electricity allowed to pass from the gloves to the device the quicker the response time. Contrary to popular belief that our devices react to pressure or simply being touched. Have you ever notices when some screens are worn down they have lag and don’t respond right away. The only way to get it to work is to leave your finger on the screen for an extended period of time and then it moves moments later. The reason is that to took longer for the electricity to leave your body and trigger the sensors in the device. Reasons Why Touch Screen Gloves Work

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What Type Of Gym Equipment Can Be Used With Touch Screen Workout Gloves

We live in a fast-developing world where even the workout equipment is considered smart. In most up-to-date workout environments, much of the equipment will be touch-based and you will be able to utilize this without inconvenience because of touch screen workout gloves. With brands like Peloton are taking over the market and the rest of the fitness industry had to follow suit. Treadmills, ellipticals, and cycling bikes have joined the touch screen revolution. Having this option on the gym equipment makes it possible for you to browse background scenes, music, and podcast. It is also easier to toggle between setting and preferences so that your workout is more tailored to you and centered around comfort.

This also makes it possible to use several different types of equipment at your discretion. For example, setting your treadmill to the desired speed while responding to emails on your cell phone and turning up the volume on your favorite playlist all without having to remove your gloves. Fitness Equipment Compatible With Touch Screen Gloves

My Reasons To Wear Touchscreen Workout Gloves:

  • Work with screen equipment and heavyweights at the same time
  • Allows you to multitask without slowing you down (non-touchscreen gloves require you to take them off every time you need to use your phone)
  • Saves time and does not interrupt your workout
  • Workout gloves help repel germs and prevent illness
  • Doesn’t waste energy removing and replacing gloves to complete tasks
  • Improves your workout technique
  • Helps with neuropathy issues and hand pain
  • Provides better grip

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What’s The Point Of Using  Antibacterial Workout Gloves That Work With iPhones.

The main purpose of having full fingered touchscreen workout gloves is allowing you to work out to your full potential. People have become so busy that many of us barely have time to work out as it is we should be effective when we can work out and not struggle to find comfort. Having a touch screen workout glove benefits us by saving us time by being able to exercises and keep up with our phone alerts at the same time.

On average I remember spending up to twenty minutes adjusting my settings on the treadmill while trying to shuffle to a better song or responding to an email. I continuously had to keep stopping my workout and restart again which made me more frustrated and tired than anything else. Once I started using touch screen workout gloves I noticed a huge difference in the amount of time I was sacrificing at the gym.

My touch screen workout gloves allowed me to workout while I was making adjustments which maximized my workout time and results. The gloves became an asset to me in consideration of my workout and met time management. I was literally wasting time before, now I can effortlessly switch between equipment despite if it has a screen or not without fearing bacteria and germs because of the added protection from the copper infused in the gloves.

The copper gloves are so durable that they can be used while lifting weights. They provide comfort and support helping me maintain proper form and being able to answer a quick text message if need be.

Wearing Touch Screen Workout Gloves





Long Lasting




Will work with workout equipment and phone without removing


Better Grip


Copper Infused Compression Gym Gloves

Copper-infused compression gloves take the practicality of the workout glove and combine it with the heightened technology of copper. Copper has been know since ancient times to repel bacteria making it the ideal element to use in workout equipment. It is durable enough to last through extended use yet flexible enough to be used during other daily tasks. Best Touch Screen Workout Gloves

Other Benefits of Wearing Copper Compression Products:

  • Kills viruses before they reach the surface of our skin
  • Reduces the effects of arthritis (pain)
  • Protects against carpal tunnel
  • Stimulates blood flow allowing blood to circulate more freely and naturally
  • Promotes faster recovery from injuries
  • Assists the body with active healing
  • Provides pain relief as copper is a healing agent
  • Helps prevent tendonitis or recovery at a quicker rate
  • Helps prevent Sjogren’s syndrome or promotes recovery at a quicker rate
  • Covers full hand for extra protection from the environment

finding the right size touch screen workout glove

Finding the right size touch screen workout glove

Many people who choose not to wear workout gloves just haven’t found a glove that meets the correct criteria to provide a comfortable and effective workout without inconvenience. Having the right material, flexibility, thickness, and size are all factors in choosing a glove that will compliment your workout and not make you feel constrained.

Size is important because if the gloves are too large you will be constantly adjusting them and be unable to focus on your reps or maintaining the correct form. If the gloves are too small they will be very uncomfortable and you will not be able to perform and you normally would. This is not only limiting physically but will be frustrating mentally putting a damper on the rest of your day.

Workout gloves come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. Generally, most people will be able to fit one of these sizes depending on how big or small their hands are. If your touch screen gloves don’t fit your devices may not respond to touch as intended, be sure to choose referring to the size chart below.

Copper Glove Size Chart

(Based on the size of your hand)




Small                       2.4”                       2.9”
Medium                       3.0”                       3.4”
Large                       3.5”                       4.0”
Extra Large                       4.0”                       4.6”

I have found that having touchscreen-compatible gloves while working out has helped tremendously. I don’t have the hassle of taking them off to interact with my phone or any other intended equipment. Then having to replace them to continue my workout. Copper-infused workout gloves give me peace of mind because I know the bacteria is being repealed instead of spread around

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Working out at a public facility or home carries risks, taking the extra precaution to protect yourself and others from germs today where sanitization is the new normal is key. Any steps we can take to protect our health while working to maintain and prolong our physical state is a step to be taken seriously.

Being proactive when it comes to health, illness, and injury is ideal because if you are reactive it may be too late. The right size workout gloves make it possible to have a stronger more sturdy form which is optimal for building muscle and burning fat while exercising.

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A healthy body is important to preserving yourself from the inside out by staying hydrated and toning the physique. Protecting your immune system from germs, viruses, and bacteria is more important because your body has to work even harder to keep you from getting sick. Bacteria can be spread to others in milliseconds by touching them directly or by touching the same surfaces they have. Workout gloves are used to assist you with your workout but the right workout gloves can do that and much more.

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