which copper infused workout gloves should you use

When it comes to working out, copper-infused full fingered workout gloves offer a variety of benefits, but many of these gym gloves are made of ordinary material that are non-antibacterial.  Unique from all competitors Spectral Body’s copper workout gloves put pressure on the muscles and joints in your hands, enhancing blood flow and mobility. The copper in the gloves also soothes muscle tissue, promoting healing following heavy use during exercising. Copper is also known to reduce inflammation and has antibacterial properties, two benefits for anyone looking to improve overall health and avoiding germs and bacteria at the gym.

The Pandemic Has Created A New Market For Full Fingered Gym Gloves.

Of course, there are all kinds of full-fingered workout gloves on the market. This means it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly which kind of workout gloves are right for you. We’ve compiled a list of eight different types, along with their pros and cons. The kind you choose will depend, ultimately, on your goals.  Many of these gloves may be to thick and next to impossible to clean but our workout gloves aside from being antimicrobial they are extremely simple to wash and keep clean.

nike alpha huarache edge

Nike Alpha Huarache Edge Full Finger Sports Glove

Nike is known for its fitness products, so it’s no surprise the company would offer its own take on copper-infused workout gloves. The Alpha Huarache Edge batting gloves are designed with baseball players in mind, and they offer a fairly priced solution for those looking to enhance their game. Selling for around $25 per pair, Nike’s Alpha Huarache Edge gloves are crafted with synthetic leather palms designed to improve flexibility. The overlay on the back of the gloves is crafted to reduce bunching when players are pitching or batting. The open-hole mesh material also makes these gloves more breathable when wearing them.

Going through the pros of the Alpha Huarache Edge, they’re perfect if you need:

  • These baseball batting type gloves to those looking for such solutions but hoping to stick to a lower budget.
  • These gloves offer flexibility and are designed to prevent bunching, making them well suited for baseball.
  • The material of these gloves makes them breathable during exercise.

Some of the cons when it comes to Nike’s athletic gloves include:

  • Some reviews suggest the material wears away or forms holes quickly with use.
  • There’s nothing that says these gloves are antibacterial.

rogue mechanix 2.0

Rogue Mechanix 2.0 Full Fingered Workout Gloves

The Rogue Mechanix 2.0 gloves from Rogue Fitness are ideal for runners, climbers, and weightlifters. That’s because they’re full-fingered and made with synthetic leather on the palms intended to strengthen grip. According to the product description, these gloves are designed to protect fingers and palms from any damage inflicted by hand-heavy exercise. Despite being protective, however, the mesh on the top makes them airy and light. These also feature reinforced stitching between the thumb and index finger and along with the pinky finger for added durability.

If you’re thinking about trying the Rogue Mechanix 2.0 full finger workout gloves, some pros include:

  • They’re protective and have a strong grip for climbers and weightlifters.
  • They’re reasonably priced if you’re working with a budget.
  • They have reinforced stitching intended to make them more durable.

Some of the cons for these Rogue Fitness gloves include:

  • Despite reinforced stitching, some reviews suggest the stitches and material rip easily.
  • The sizing chart isn’t always accurate, so it may be advisable to try these on in person.

under armour tac blackout 2.0

Under Armour Tac Blackout 2.0 Full Fingered Workout Gloves

The Tac Blackout 2.0 workout gloves are Under Armour’s take on copper-induced gloves. Like most of the workout gloves on this list, they’re made with a synthetic leather palm and small perforations on the palm and top of the hand for breathability. What sets these gloves apart is the neoprene cuff at the wrist, which allows wearers to adjust the fit. Tech Touch material on the fingers also enables anyone wearing these gloves to use touchscreen devices without much trouble.

The Tac Blackout 2.0 gloves are ideal for you if you’re looking for the following:

  • Their fit is adjustable, so you can tighten and loosen them as needed.
  • Synthetic leather on the palms improves grip.
  • The perforated mesh makes these breathable.
  • Tech Touch on the fingers allows wearers to easily interact with touchscreen devices.
  • The pricing is reasonable, especially when you consider the extra materials (like Tech Touch).

As far as the cons for this pair, they include:

  • Some users suggest they aren’t as durable as the company claims. This could depend on how rigorous your workout is.
  • They don’t have antibacterial properties and will not prevent the spread of bacteria or viruses.

rdx f43

RDX F43 Full Fingered Workout Gloves

The RDX F43 full-finger workout gloves from RDX Sports are designed for multipurpose use, but they’re particularly useful if you’re planning on doing the heavy lifting. The palm area of the gloves is covered in suede, intended to protect wearers against scrapes, callouses, and any other damage. The fabric also strengthens grip, while the leather portions of the glove keep them durable. Lyca material is used to make them breathable and comfortable, allowing wearers to use them for cardio exercise as well. The strap on the wrist can also be adjusted to make the glove tighter or looser.

There are few negative reviews online for the RDX F43 gloves, but the positive ones do point out several pros:

  • These can be used for multiple kinds of workouts, meaning you might get more use out of them.
  • The material is designed for comfort, protection, and durability. The reviews suggest all of these are delivered by the product.

Cons for these gloves include:

  • There’s no indication that they help prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria.
  • They are slightly more expensive than some of the other options on the market.

adidas climacool

Adidas ClimaCool Full Finger Workout Gloves

Adidas is another popular brand when it comes to workout gear, and its ClimaCool gloves are designed for comfort and convenience. The ClimaCool technology in these full-fingered gloves absorbs sweat from your hands so it won’t cause irritation during or after exercise. Combined with the aero ready ventilation, these gloves set out to keep wearers dry and comfortable during use. Ergonomic palm padding helps with protection and grip, and the knuckle panels continue to protect your hands during heavy-duty workouts. They also have an elastic wrist strap for adjustments.

These ClimaCool gloves are ideal for lightweight exercises and cardio. Some pros to using these include:

  • They’re protective, but the material also makes them breathable.
  • The material on the glove’s thumb and forefinger enable wearers to use touchscreen devices with few issues.
  • The wrist strap allows wearers to adjust the fit as needed.
  • They’re on the cheaper end of the spectrum when it comes to workout gloves.

When it comes to cons, here are some of the downsides of opting for these gloves:

  • They may be difficult to find, given that few retailers seem to carry them (and Adidas itself no longer features them online).
  • According to several customer reviews, the sizes seem to run small. These may be best tried on in person.
  • The material and fit don’t seem designed for heavy lifting despite some of the glove’s protective components.
  • There’s no indication these gloves will help decrease the spread of bacteria or viruses.

undersun fitness workout gloves

Undersun Fitness Full Fingered Workout Gloves

Undersun Fitness workout gloves offer hand protection and strengthen your grip, but they’re designed with resistance training in mind. These gloves are ideal for anyone using resistance bands during their workouts, as they’ll lessen the impact the bands have on your hands. Because resistance bands often put pressure on the outside of the hand, these gloves focus on protecting that area as well. They’re double-stitched and double-padded, with a durable microfiber palm. They also have stretchable Lycra between fingers and a terry cloth thumb to absorb sweat. Finally, the elastic nylon on the glove helps hands stay dry, and the Velcro strap on the wrist enables wearers to adjust the glove to be more or less snug.

If you’re a fan of using resistance bands in your workouts, these gloves may be for you. Some pros of using these include:

  • They offer a snug fit that protects hands from workouts, and specifically, resistance band training.
  • They absorb sweat and keep hands dry while exercising.
  • Reviews suggest they’re durable and do what they’re intended to.

Cons for the Undersun Fitness Gloves include:

  • One reviewer reports the fit can be too snug at times and that buyers may want to consider a size up from what they’d usually purchase.
  • These gloves fall on the higher end of the price spectrum for this list.

pearl izumi attack full finger

Pearl Izumi Attack Full Fingered Workout Gloves

Pearl Izumi’s Attack full-finger gloves are designed with cyclists in mind. They have additional padding and support to prevent numbness and discomfort while holding onto the bike handles, though these can also be used for lightweights and other light workouts. The company’s 1:1 Connect Palm also uses a specially shaped gel insert to protect all areas of the hand, from the palm to the fingers to the knuckles. A synthetic leather palm makes these gloves durable and strengthens the wearer’s grip, and BioViz elements offer riders’ visibility in darker environments.

Some of the pros of using the Pearl Izumi Attack full-finger gloves include:

  • Increased comfort for activities like cycling, which require hand and finger grip and warmth in colder environments.
  • The BioViz elements of the glove offer wearers visibility when cycling at night.
  • Reviews suggest these are a comfortable and durable solution.

Cons of these workout gloves are as follows:

  • They’re the costliest gloves on the list.
  • Some negative reviews indicate that they might run big, meaning you’ll want to try them on or take measurements.
  • These gloves don’t appear to have any antibacterial properties that protect against infections.

spectral body copper workout gloves

Spectral Body Full Finger Workout Gloves

Spectral Body Copper Workout Gloves are designed for multiple uses, capable of handling both heavy lifting and everyday physical activities. The copper-infused fabric they’re made with is lab-tested and can kill around 99.99 percent of viruses, making them a good choice for exercising during the current health crisis. The copper is worked into most parts of the glove but left off of the fingertips so that wearers can use touchscreen devices. They also feature rubber grips to offer increased support for weightlifting and other hand-heavy activities. (These also help with ailments such as arthritis.)

These pure copper workout gloves elevate hand protection to a new level. They are impeccably tailored to handle the toughest tasks from hoisting up heavy weights at the gym to demanding physical work. Copper is known to be antiviral, resistant to viruses and germs, and has been used since the ancient Egyptian era. These jet black gloves fit on smoother like a second pair of skin and are engineered to perfection. If you have never tried on a pair of copper workout gloves before, you’re in for a treat because they feel sensational.

The Full Fingered Workout Gloves Fit Any Size Hand Extremely Comfortably

There’s nothing harder than trying to find the perfect fitting workout glove online but you can refer to this size chart below.  Just measure the distance from your pinky finger to your index finger to find out what size you need.   If you choose the wrong size.?  Don’t sweat it,  Spectral Body is the only company that will send you another pair that fits at our expense so you have nothing to lose.

Copper Glove Size Chart

The pros for these gloves include:

  • The compression and copper offer decreased inflammation and comfort, especially for those with joint and muscle issues.
  • The copper in the gloves works against viruses and bacteria and prevents infections.
  • These can be used for a variety of different types of exercise.
  • These gloves retail for a pretty average price, despite having antibacterial benefits.

Choosing Your Pair

Now that you have the details surrounding some of the most well-known workout gloves on the market, it’s up to you to decide which ones are best suited for your interests. If you’re looking to prevent infections, choosing gloves with antibacterial properties would be a good choice. If you’re a cyclist, comfort and grip is a priority, but if you’re climbing or lifting weights, you’ll want to focus on protection.

Glove Fit Material Antibacterial Pricing
Nike Alpha Huarache Edge Stabilizing overlay on the back of the hand is designed to minimize bunching when you’re pitching or batting. For that same reason, they have a tighter-fitting design. They come in sizes from S to 2XL. These gloves have synthetic leather on the palms and open-hole mesh covering the rest of the glove. The description for these gloves does not suggest the material is antibacterial. These gloves retail for around $20 or $25 depending on where you purchase them from. Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods both feature them online.
Rogue Mechanix 2.0 These gloves are a bit thicker and heavier due to their protective nature. They come in sizes from S to 2XL. The Rogue Mechanix 2.0 gloves are made with mesh, with holes on the top for breathability. The palms are designed with synthetic leather to strengthen grip. There is no indication that these gloves have antibacterial properties. The Rogue Mechanix 2.0 gloves are available on the company website for $27.95.
Under Armour Tac Blackout 2.0 The Tac Blackout 2.0 gloves have a tighter fit, but the neoprene cuff makes them adjustable. They come in sizes from S to 2XL. These gloves are made with synthetic leather palms to strengthen grip and perforated mesh for breathability. There’s also Tech Touch on the fingers, allowing easy access to touchscreen devices. According to the Q&A section on Under Armour’s website, these gloves will not protect from disease. The Under Armour Tac Blackout 2.0 gloves sell for $30 on the company website.
RDX F43 The fit for the RDX F43 gloves is a bit looser and heavier than the slimmer gloves, since this pair is intended for heavy lifting. Sizes run from S to 2XL. Lyca material makes the RDX F43 gloves breathable enough that they can be used for cycling or running. The suede covering on the palm, however, offers protection and grip for lifting. There is no indication that these gloves have antibacterial properties. These gloves are slightly pricier than the former options, retailing between $30 and $35.
Adidas ClimaCool The fit of Adidas’ ClimaCool gloves is slimmer than some of the heavy-duty workout gloves on this list, but it does leave breathing room. Sizes run from S to XL. The ergonomic palm padding on these gloves protects hands from cuts and callouses during workouts and enhances grip. The ClimaCool technology and aeroready ventilation keeps users cool and dry, and an elastic wrist strap allows for adjustments. The product description does not indicate that these gloves decrease the spread of bacteria or viruses. These gloves sell for about $19.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods and are currently unavailable on the Adidas website.
Undersun Fitness Workout Gloves These Undersun Fitness gloves are designed to be snug but not tight. Size-wise, they run from S to XL. Elastic nylon helps hands stay dry and keeps things breathable, while the microfiber palm supports durability. Lycra material between fingers allows for flexibility, and a terry cloth thumb absorbs sweat. Nothing on the website indicates that these gloves have antibacterial properties. These gloves retail for about $29.99.
Pearl Izumi Attack Full Finger The Pearl Izumi Attack full-finger gloves offer a snug fit that’s not as heavy as gloves intended for workouts like weightlifting. They run from XS to 2XL. The palm of these gloves is made with 38 percent Polyester, 33 percent Polyamide, and 29 percent Polyurethane. The back of the hand consists of 59 percent Polyester, 34 percent Polyamide, and 7 percent Elastane. The synthetic leather on the palm gives added protection and grip. There is no indication these gloves offer any protection against bacteria or viruses. These Pearl Izumi Attack gloves retail for around $35 online.
Spectral Body Copper Workout Gloves These compression gloves offer a tight fit in order to put pressure on muscles and joints. They run in sizes from S to XL. Spectral Body uses copper-infused fabric to achieve the antibacterial properties of these gloves. These also feature rubber grips that enhance one’s grip during exercise and everyday activities. They’re made of 88 percent copper nylon and 12 percent spandex. Spectral Body Copper Workout Gloves do offer protection against 99.99 percent of viruses thanks to their copper-infused fabric. These gloves retail for about $25.99 online.

Look through the charts and pros and cons and decide which gloves have the most features that fit your goals. Those are the ones you’ll want to try!

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