can copper face masks prevent acne

Copper provides great benefits in improving skin conditions. It is an antioxidant and an essential micronutrient that treats and improves the well-being of the skin. Knowing that the body does not produce copper on its own, it is vital to add it to the body from external sources. 

When the need arises for an individual to wear a face mask, the thought of getting the most available and common type occurs on the mind: Cloth Face Masks. Almost anyone can make a face mask out of fabrics and one of the perks seen on wearing one is that it is washable and reusable.

The masquerading convenience out of this cloth face mask often makes an individual overlook the negative effects that it can cause to the skin. Ignoring the disadvantages of not wearing a suitable face mask that does not harm the epidermis and the deeper layers beneath it can cause short to long term damages.

This is frustrating to an individual who is prone to common skin conditions such as the following:

  • Rosacea
  • Bacteria Buildup
  • Rashes
  • Itchiness

A cloth face mask can do a lot of damage when worn over some time. How much more if an individual wears it at work or at the gym where intense activities occur?

The bottom line about the cloth face mask is: It irritates your skin and it causes breakouts which are called Maskne.

Out of this general concern was an idea initiated to eradicate the potential harm a regular face mask can cause: The Copper Face Mask. It is one of the great innovations the majority, if not all, should be aware of. Being knowledgeable of its existence can save an individual from purchasing expensive skincare products to treat the skin problem when the real cause of it is the use of an unsuitable face mask.


truth behind wearing a face mask all day

The Truth Behind Wearing a Face Mask All Day

The face is mostly not conditioned to be behind a piece of fabric or a face mask, especially during prolonged periods. It is highly suggested to let the skin breathe to make it look fresher and more radiant. However, with protection that covers half of the face, the situation where breathing is trapped creates a hot and humid environment on the skin.

Among those who experience extreme frustration in the development of skin conditions are the ones who work in hospitals or any health-related institutions. With the present COVID-19 condition, health workers or the front liners are strictly required to not just wear PPE’s, but face masks as well throughout the day.

It has been shown that with various types of face masks worn, other more serious skin conditions may occur. Long term use of this protective equipment causes friction that may lead to skin tearing due to the damage on the cheeks and nose. This is because of the pressure caused on the skin as one of the prerequisites is a well-fitting mask.


stress caused by the new normal

The Stress Caused by the New Normal

It has been unexpected and the world has come unprepared to experience such a huge shift in day-to-day living. It is almost a year since the COVID-19 exploded into a pandemic. The sudden change in patterns and living conditions has undoubtedly affected each individual.

When close face-to-face encounters were strictly regulated, the online method of communicating took over the world. From big companies to small businesses, the interaction and meetings occurred via numerous applications of choice such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. Working from home made it convenient, but the absence of colleagues and the usual conversations and working environment provided a psychological impact.

The psychological effect of this pandemic may come in the form of depression probably due to job loss, stress due to the sudden change from what used to be, or anxiety due to uncertainty of when this will be over. It has been shown that a negative mental outlook can start or exacerbate skin problems.

Since wearing a face mask has become a mandatory rule in the public and even in private gatherings, when the mental state becomes unhealthy, the effects will most likely appear on the skin. Negative mental health may cause an inflammatory response which will weaken the function of a skin barrier, making irritants easily access within.

Furthermore, the skin automatically becomes slow in healing and gradually loses moisture. If skin conditions already show on the face, it becomes worse and its treatment may take a longer period than usual. When the mental state becomes low, health patterns change such as binging for “comfort food” and usually leads to overeating.

The impact becomes greater for an individual who constantly wears a face mask. A combination of that and suffering mental health worsens the condition. Since mental and physical health is correlated, seeing the bad results on the skin can worsen the individual’s psychology and it will lead to a worsening physical condition.

Certainly, it should be a given that with the outlying results from common face masks, an individual should start to consider looking for a much better option.


copper the perfect solution to breakouts

Copper: The Perfect Solution to Breakouts

Considering that acne breakout and other common skin conditions become more prominent these days, microbiologists came up with an idea which is infusing copper into a face mask- a huge advancement compared to the standard ones. Not only is it more effective in defeating the transmission of coronavirus, but it also strikes off potential bacteria buildup on the skin.

Copper is known to inactivate all contact of respiratory viruses which is why the infusion of it on health equipment especially on a face mask is a wise and practical choice. Compared to standard

face masks commonly seen in the market, copper-infused face masks can lower the risk of developing bad skin conditions.

Researches have shown how copper peptides help in producing elastin and collagen in the skin. With the promotion of these two essential major components to the skin, hydration and elasticity increase, and therefore helps prevent the start or worsening of skin problems.

Copper also proves to act as an antioxidant. With that as a function, it greatly helps in skin healing. The inflammation and irritations caused by the constant wearing of the face masks subside due to its presence. Copper improves the well-being of the skin.


qualities of a copper face mask

The Qualities of a Copper Face Mask

Either you are going to work or continue diligently attending to your gym workouts, be sure to use the best type of face mask that contributes positively to your well-being. Not all face masks provide comfort and protection, especially the prevention of certain unnecessary hassles on the skin and overall health, unlike the Copper Face Mask.

Most standard face masks mass-produced are not suitable for the structure of the face. There will always be instances when it doesn’t fit well, thus giving the airborne viruses easier access to your mouth and nose. Stuffing in a dressing beneath a face mask would also mean having a moister environment for the skin which will lead to maskne.

If it isn’t too loose, it becomes the other way around for some people. Walking on the streets, you can find individuals whose face masks cover up faces too tightly. Breathing becomes hard work since the fabric is too pressed against the face, giving less allowance inside to breathe.

Not only are the standard face masks uncomforting, but they also bring out issues on the skin just when the modern times give emphasis and value on having clear and healthy skin. The negative effects show both physically as well as mentally.

With the rise of copper-infused face masks, many people rush to get a few for their everyday use. The benefits of using one are greater versus the standard N95, surgical face mask, or face masks with valves.

The Best Copper Face Mask to use is something that allows easy breathing for running either for workouts or rushing to work. It should fit the face perfectly as well and is credibly infused with the said component. After all, that is what we are after due to its significant advantages in this time of crisis.

The widespread of Copper Face Masks and the pros of wearing one give off the possibility of certain markets producing inauthentic face masks. These are products sold to several consumers while making them think that the face mask is indeed infused with copper when in reality, it was just a replica without the infusion of copper. Thus, it is important where to exactly buy a legit Copper Face Mask that can serve you its full purpose.


best face mask to use the copper ion training mask

The Best Face Mask to Use: The Copper Ion Training Mask

To provide you with the best quality face mask, Spectral Body provides a solution needed at the time of this pandemic. Its emphasis is highly on giving satisfaction to people who aim for a better lifestyle and a healthy way of living.

As a result, Spectral Body came up with an intense innovation that is ahead among any other face masks: The Copper Ion Training Face Mask. It comes in three designs which you can choose from. Its structure fits the face perfectly without excess or less allowance due to its easy and adjustable straps.

There are two colors to choose from Off-White and Obsidian Black. Two classic colors which can complement your day to day fashion while serving numerous functions in protecting not just your body from the COVID-19, but from skin complications as well. It is a breathable face mask that won’t leave you catching your breath!


copper ion training mask


This face mask is specifically designed for your trips to the gym or even for your outside exercises. It has been adequately filled with copper components to help defeat the chances of getting a transmission of virus or bacteria. It has antimicrobial qualities that help ease the stress your face may get from an ordinary face mask.

The Copper Ion Training Mask serves as a great barrier and an agent that eliminates right away unwanted and harmful viruses that can be gotten from sneezing or coughing. It highly serves its purpose and not just a mere show-off.

Another good thing is that you can reuse this face mask compared to most one-time-use only surgical face masks. It is washable and guaranteed, its bacteria-killing quality doesn’t diminish. Its fabric is meticulously designed to be 100% washable. No matter how often you wash it, the germ-killing effect still goes around 88%.

With its high-quality design and function, the Copper Training Face Mask will surely make you say goodbye to potentially getting Flu, COVID-19, or other airborne viruses as well as immediately eliminate the formation of bacteria on your face that can cause frustrating skin conditions.

It also saves you from freaking out when you remember that you’ve placed your mask on a public table or somewhere where there is a high chance of indirect COVID-19 contact. Bacteria cannot withstand an environment with the presence of Copper. A true 99.99% germ-killer!

Below is a simple table to show the significant and prominent qualities of The Copper Ion Mask:


Copper Ion Training Mask
Adjustable and Unbreakable Ear Loops
Breathable and Lightweight
Silky, Luxurious Feel
99.99% Antimicrobial Copper-infused Fabric
Machine Washable
Good for Sensitive Skin
For Everyday Use and Gym Workout Sessions


With the qualities listed on the table, you surely have the assurance on how suitable it is to wear the Copper Ion Training Mask either at work or at the gym!

This is surely the upgrade you have been looking for. Don’t wait until you experience the repercussions of wearing the wrong face mask. Grab yours now and don’t forget to buy a supply for your family members or loved ones as well! Prevention is better than cure and surely, you will never regret buying the Copper Ion Training Mask.

Place your order now and it will be sent without delay! This is a big new step to leading a healthier life.


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