How To Use Air Compression Boots?

Air compression therapy has created a wave of popularity over the last 2 years. From the general public opening their wallets to use the compression boots for a dollar per minute to Olympians on the world stage using compression therapy to slash recovery time in half. There is no surprise that these devices have gone mainstream and can now be purchased for private use.

This comprehensive guide will help you learn the ropes on air compression therapy and help you understand how it actually works so you can get the most out of the air compression boots if you desire to purchase a system in the future.

What Is Lymphatic Draining?

lymphatic draining

Lymphatic drainage is a popular massage technique that uses light amounts of pressure with rhythmic strokes that increases the flow of this fluid found in your body that is responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen to your cells called lymph. There is double the number of lymph vessels in your body compared to blood vessels, unlike blood that is pumped by your heart, the lymph system has no biological pump. The pressure from your blood vessels and body muscles move the lymphatic fluid through your body.

The Lymphatic Draining massage can be very amazing for your health. One of the key roles of lymph is to keep your immune system operating perfectly.

It’s astonishing to discover that a simple sequence of strokes to your body can have so many benefits such as.

  • Fighting off infections in your body
  • Reducing water retention
  • Promoting weight loss
  • Reduction in swelling
  • Healthier pores for your skin
  • Healing scar tissue and stretch marks
  • Reducing cellulite

What Is Compression Therapy?

recovery boots girl

Air compression therapy devices essentially mimic one’s physiology on how the body moves fluids. There are many commercial grade compression devices that enhance the body’s natural ability to recover. Most air compression therapy systems come with oversized slip-on garments full-length leg, arm, and hip compression attachments (shorts) that you wear overtop of your clothing. The garments use rapid bursts of air to rejuvenate muscle tissue and diminish tight and sore areas of your body

The special pulse therapy provides a satisfying massage when air is transmitted through the air pockets of the garment in slow or rapid sequences. This process helps move the fluid around your limbs and helps your body purge many toxins that hinder your recovery.

Air compression therapy is ideal for people who spend long periods standing or sitting. You may work a strenuous job that requires driving all today or traveling on planes constantly. Getting healthy circulation can improve your overall health.

The main take-home is pain relief, people who suffer from constant muscle pain can find relief and improvement in the path to recovery faster than they have ever dreamed with air compression therapy.

Another benefit you can capitalize on is increased flexibility, by compressing your muscles it will stimulate relaxation in the surrounding tissue and improve your range of motion and athleticism.

Athletes and Compression Therapy

lebron james recovery boots

Becoming stronger is a key aspect of various sports, compression therapy aids some of the strongest athletes in the world to recover faster than they ever dreamed possible. Compression therapy has been used to advance athletes in many different sports like Triathalon running, weightlifting, basketball, snowboarding and skiing and even golfers to the next level.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches are gravitating towards this technology so their athletes may recover faster. Professional sports franchises have made air compression therapy a staple in the locker rooms.

NBA superstars like Lebron James any other star players like Chris Paul, Blake Griffen, and Dwight Howard have been rumored to use air compression devices during their playoff runs where arms and legs can get easily fatigued during a 7 game series.

Olympic weightlifters training for the 2020 games struck gold before the competitions and incorporated air compression therapy boots to take Olympic lifting to the next level. The rigorous training sessions and qualifiers can be intense since there are no off-seasons in the sport it puts the athlete’s body through hell. Using air compression devices gives them the opportunity to recover and a slight advantage in regards to extended training.

When Should You Use Compression Therapy?

when to use recovery boots

Anytime is ideal right after training or a grueling day of work or travel. Using the recovery boots anytime your legs are feeling sore can make a difference day to day.

Another important thing to understand is that air compression therapy can help with recovery after a single session, helping your body recover is an investment of time and should be implemented regularly. Consider 15-30 mins every day of recovery time included with a proper sleeping schedule and diet so you can always be at your best.

You may also use compression therapy garments before your workouts, they are safe to use before working out! It is a great warm-up ritual before training because of the dynamic air compression sequence allows increased circulation and mobility before you perform.

How Long Should You Use Recovery Boots For?

Most recovery boots come standard with duration settings of – 10, 20, and 30 minutes. Use these depending on the intensity of your training, race, or event. To recover from a long, backbreaking workout, for example, you’ll want to use the boots for at least 20 or 30 minutes. For a quick or pre-workout session, 10 minutes should be sufficient enough to make you feel game-time ready!

How Often Should You Use Compression Systems On Your Body?

Dynamic air compression systems are encouraged to be used regularly and are safe to use multiple times during the day, most people use them before and after training sessions. For medical applications speak with your doctor to advise you on the best schedule and frequency of using the device suited for your needs.

Recommended Pressure Settings

An important thing to know is that even a relatively low-pressure setting can provide some benefit. That said, what pressure you use is mostly a matter of preference. Some people enjoy a higher pressure setting and tighter compression.

Before you buy recovery boots always make sure that they can provide the strongest compression tailored to your needs, If you are a muscular athlete you preference of tightness and squeezing might grow and you may require pressure settings that are over 180 mmHG.

No matter what your pressure preference, the compression from the boots should never hurt or be uncomfortable. If it is, decrease the pressure in the boots using the control pump until the pressure is more comfortable.

Compression Therapy in Hospitals

hospital recovery boots

Our bodies are engineered to be mobile and be constantly moving, some that are confined to wheelchairs, post-surgery patients and the elderly have challenges staying active and have poor circulation. When your body is not moving fluid and limbs stagnate where we don’t want them to.

Lymphatic channels are essential in our body to moving around fluids, think of your body like a sewer system where your legs pump fluids to your upper body and your upper body pumps fluids down to your legs. If areas of your upper and lower bodies are affected by injuries or conditions air compression devices can trigger the needed movement of these fluids in the right direction.

Compression therapy has hit the nail on the head when it comes to solving these circulatory issues and has been widely used and accepted by physicians and chiropractors across the nation.

Is Compression Therapy FDA Cleared?

You should always consult your doctor if you have concerns or if you have had a blood clot or stroke in the past before using air compression therapy devices. Health professionals may advise you to use the device differently based on your medical needs.

The FDA has cleared for over-the-counter uses of many popular air compression devices indicated in article K182668 this pdf file specifies that they are intended for enhanced blood circulation and muscle recovery.

Air compression therapy garments have a variety of medical applications, if you have existing medical conditions such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), or have had a stroke or embolism in the past, always consult your doctor before using.

Using Compression Therapy On your Legs (Recovery Boot)

recovery boots study group

The Compression therapy boot in comes equipped with air chambers that inflate and deflate corresponding and with your legs that mimic the flow of fluids through the lymphatic channels.

  1. Foot ( air chamber )
  2. Calf (air chamber)
  3. Quad (air chamber)
  4. Hamstring air chamber

All are targeted during the recovery session.

You should always make sure your feet are deep into the leg sleeves, male athletes should make sure the groin area is protected and avoided when wearing the boots.

Single legs can be used and can provide a systemic effect on circulation on a contralateral limb. For example, if you have a cast on one leg but still want to increase blood flow on the uninjured leg wearing a single air compression boot can do the trick.

You can always select to turn air chambers off if you have any sensitivity or injuries in certain areas of your legs.

There’s no need to elevate your legs when using the compression therapy boots, It is always a good idea, however, to be in a comfortable position.

Many at-home users choose to use air compression boots in areas where they relax like the living room or bedroom or sitting on the floor. The main purpose is to recover and relax, lay back in a recliner and watch your favorite TV show or sit back and respond to emails on your laptop. The possibilities are endless when using the compression boots they are very lightweight and portable so they are easy to take with you in the carrying case which most models come with and integrate a recovery session into your day while on the move.

Steps On How To Use Recovery Boots

  1. Identify the correct compression sleeve designed for your leg (Don’t use the arm or hip sleeve)
  2. Locate the air compression control unit
  3. Take any objects you have out of your pockets such as wallet, car keys etc.
  4. Connect the hose to the compression boot
  5. Power on the control unit and Calibrate the intensity to the desired setting.
  6. Start the session and make a note of the current time
  7. After finished unhook hoses and wipe down the sleeves for the next session or person

Recovery Boot Massage Modes Quantum Air

Recovery Flow Mode

Recovery Flow – This relaxing motion applies pressure from the toe to the thigh and is best suited for loosening up muscles and someone using recovery boots for the first time.

Quantum air intense mode

Intense Mode – Starts from the foot and provides an intense massager that is great for lactic acid removal.

Double Recovery Mode

Double Air Mode – Performs the same motion as the recovery flow but with the exception of 2 air chambers being filled at once, this option is great if you are in a rush and need a quick session.

impulse recovery mode

Pulse Mode – This mode applies air pressure to the entire leg in a pulsating rhythm and is again great for a shorter experience or pre-workout routine.

Wave Recovery Mode

Wave Mode – The wave setting delivers a double gripped intensive wave massage for the lower leg and calf area.


Intense Flow Mode – This is the perfect combination Recovery + Intense, lactic acid removal it is not as intense but perfectly balanced to give you just the right massage.

Quantum Air is the only system that has this many functions and it is more customizable at 8 selectable air pressure settings so you can choose the most comfortable intensity.

Rapid Reboot

rapid reboot full package

The Rapid Reboot is a popular system that comes in a range of 5 different leg sleeve sizes. It is constructed of a nylon and polyurethane laminate material for the leg sleeves, arm sleeves and hip attachment which comes in their combination package for a whopping $1458 dollars.

The Rapid Reboot has 4 air chambers that pulsate against your legs.

The pressure settings range for 20 – 200mmHg with 2 different massage modes and three separate time duration options. 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes.

Rapid Reboot has a 2-year warranty and 30-day return policy.


NormaTec Full Package

The Normatec system is by far the most refined air compression system in the market but for the complete package be prepared to pay a king’s ransom at $2295. The quality of the material is the same nylon comparable to the Rapid Reboot sleeves and boasts a large NORMATEC insignia across the legs which only come in 3 sizes.

Normatec’s compression boots are equipped with 5 air chambers

The pressure settings start at 10-110mmHG although there appears to be a lower pressure capability the boots have 5 massage modes and 8 intensity settings you will have to judge for yourself.

The Normatec has a more sophisticated looking control center vs the Rapid Reboot and a downloadable IOS app that can be used to control the device and memorize settings. The session times may be fully customized through the use of the app and control center.

The warranty on Normatec’s system is 2 years and 30-day refund policy but take special note that when exchanging sleeves you must do so in 14 days.

Air Relax

air relax full package

Air Relax is another high-grade air compression therapy system that is circulating in the marketplace that appears low for MSRP of $545 but their full system can set you back quite a bit if you are looking to get the full package.

Air Relax sells the units separately:

  • Leg sleeves + controller = $545
  • Shorts + additional controller = $570
  • 2 Arm sleeves = $335 (arm sleeves sold individually)
  • Carrying case = $90

The concept of having 2 controllers can save you recovery time if you are looking for a full body massage but the entire system will cost you an “arm and a leg” at $1535, carrying case included.

The nylon material seems to be the standard with every system and the leg sleeves have 4 air chambers that have 4 pressure settings that range from 0-230mmHg. The system will shut off every 15 minutes so you will have to restart your recovery session multiple times.

Quantum Air Compression Therapy

Quantum Air Compression Full Package

We offer a practical, low-cost solution that does not compromise quality. The keyword being–QUALITY because the Quantum Air Compression system comes standard with 2 leg sleeves, air compression shorts plus 2 arm sleeves.

Our system’s leg sleeves are designed with precision-engineered nylon material that comes with 8 dynamic air chambers and 8 customizable pressure settings 0 -240mmHg tailored to your needs giving you a superior recovery session.

Quantum Air Recovery Boots

The stunning variety of session timers are easy to implement and can be customized up to 90 minutes of continuous runtime if you desire.

Despite what you heard about air compression systems they do not have to be expensive because with Quantum Air you get the entire package for $1039 with FREE shipping anywhere in the US.

  • $1039 Beats All Competitors
  • 8 air chambers
  • 90 mins runtime
  • 8 Pressure Settings
  • 30 mmHg – 240 mmHg
  • 6 massage modes
  • Nylon Material

Quantum Air comes with a 45 day extended trial period and a 2-year warranty with discounted replacement costs if you lose or damage any of the components which can happen if your traveling or using the system for commercial purposes.

In Comparison This Is How The Best Air Compression Therapy Systems Stack Up.

Final Thoughts On Air Compression Therapy

Whether if you are an athlete, health professional or someone interested in this technology and looking to purchase one of these systems there is just one conclusion… Value. Quantum Air is the obvious choice and an unbeatable deal. Quantum Air is familiar with every nuance of speeding recovery and will make training and life much easier. Ordering from us is RISK-FREE with our friendly return policy, Try Quantum Air out for 45 days and if you are not totally convinced your order will be fully refundable.


Send us an inquiry or order this month and we will gift you an additional control unit for FREE. -$400 dollar value.

Enjoy a full-body leg + arm air compression experience on us, you won’t find this offer anywhere else so please act today!

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