Using workout gloves are now more important than ever before. Besides providing you with adequate grip to lift weights and avoid injuries, workout gloves infused with copper can disinfect surfaces. This benefit is essential for people who are serious about fitness and planning to return to the gym during the COVID-19 era.

The key here is to make sure your copper compression workout gloves are infused with copper. There are workout gloves with antibacterial and antimicrobial coatings, but these frequently wear off and thus lose their effectiveness. Copper has long been recognized as a natural and durable surface that kills germs and bacteria on contact. In fact, ancient Egyptians were known to have used copper to purify drinking water and sterilize wounds.

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Copper has been especially popular during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the South Korea Testing and Research Center, copper-infused fibers kill 99.9% of coronavirus strains. The virus can only last an estimated 60 seconds before it succumbs to the sanitizing power of copper. As a result of their findings, many companies in South Korea began launching copper-infused face masks that flew off the shelves.

We now know that South Korea, originally one of the epicenters of the coronavirus due to their proximity to China and an early outbreak, was quick to flatten the curve of infections. South Korea’s response to COVID-19 is incredible because it flattened the epidemic curve instantly. This was done all without closing businesses, issuing  stay-at-home advisories, or implementing any of the other strict measures implemented by nearby countries. Many people point to South Korea’s diligent mask use as the likely cause, but it may have been due to the fabric that the masks were made of rather than anything else.

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It’s clear that the best workout gloves are copper compression gloves simply because of their ability to kill all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Copper-infused workout gloves are the #1 selling hand product in America and have even recently had a mention in the Wall Street Journal. The best aspect of copper gloves is that they have a long lifetime, and are 100% machine washable! Unlike the ancient Egyptians, you can enjoy the convenience of throwing your gloves in the washing machine – if you do it correctly.

How Can I Machine Wash Copper?

Copper workout gloves are 100% machine washable if you follow these instructions.

Use a mesh laundry bag for your workout gloves

Copper gloves are great because they protect you from germs and bacteria on surfaces, but they are even better because they are highly breathable. Athletes prefer copper-infused workout gloves because sweat can easily travel through the breathable mesh, cooling down your hands and allowing your pores to breathe. Some manufacturers merely spray or coat the copper onto their copper glove products, which is not ideal because the coating can then wear off and become ineffective. Gloves that are only sprayed with copper also don’t fare well in the washing machine because of their fragile design. The key to getting a high-quality copper compression workout glove is to invest in one that actually has the copper infused within the fabric. Copper compression gloves from Spectral Body are perfect because the fabric is copper infused, meaning that once you buy a pair, you can expect it to last for a long time.

However, there can be a tendency for the copper to snag on your other clothes if they are haphazardly thrown in together. Use a mesh laundry bag for your copper gloves to avoid this scenario. You can find this at your local drugstore or grocery store for less than $10. It will be worth the investment when you enjoy many years of use from your copper gloves. A mesh bag for your laundry can also come in handy when you have delicate garments that need to be washed, or when you want to avoid the common scenario of constantly having mismatched socks.

Pick the right detergent

To adequately wash your copper compression gloves, which have seen so much dirt and grime at your local gym, you have to use REALLY strong detergent, right? Wrong! In fact, there are some heavy-duty detergents out there that are so strong they will actually damage the delicate fibers of the copper compression gloves. Use gentle detergents, ones that are free of bleach or chlorine as these cause the fibers to loosen. The good news is that these are easy to find. Check out your local grocery store and aim for a detergent that is labeled as eco-friendly or organic, as chances are they are mild versions of detergent.

When choosing a brand of workout gloves, it’s important to choose a product that is high-quality and long-lasting. Copper compression gloves from Spectral Body have been lab-tested to retain over 85% of their copper-infused fibers after many washes. They are also odorless and sweat-resistant, which is an absolute must for anyone who is serious about using them. Truly, it isn’t very often that copper compression gloves need to be washed, except for when their surface becomes stained or they experience a buildup of sweat or dirt.

Avoid heat

When washing your copper gloves, be sure to put the cycle on warm or cold water. Very hot water can affect the elasticity of your workout gloves, especially if you are using one with compression properties such as these copper compression workout gloves. The whole point of washing your gloves is to retain their elasticity, so don’t make this common mistake when washing your pair.

When drying your gloves, avoid putting them in the dryer. Copper compression workout gloves should be turned inside out and air-dried. Consider laying your freshly washed copper compression workout gloves in the sun, but don’t try the old technique of laying them on a radiator. The heat of a radiator can affect the structure and quality of your workout gloves in the same way a hot dryer can.

Avoiding the heat will ensure that your copper compression gloves stay the same color and there are no instances of color bleed. Hot water can cause fading in your colored clothes, so keep that in mind when you wash any of your colored or dark garments, not just your copper compression workout gloves!

Use a gentle cycle on all workout gloves

Most washing machines have a “hand wash” or “delicate” setting. Use this for your copper compression workout gloves. Since you will undoubtedly be getting a lot of good use from your gloves, it’s important to take care of them correctly! Although a copper compression workout glove is antibacterial by default, your gloves can still get discolored or lose their shape after the accumulation of a lot of sweat or moisture.

Interestingly, copper compression gloves were originally made for people with rheumatoid arthritis. Wearing copper gloves – whether you are at the gym or not – helps reduce swelling, prevents aches and pains, and even enhances the delivery of oxygen to your muscles. With all the additional benefits of copper gloves, along with their ability to more or less instantly kill coronavirus and other viruses, who wouldn’t want to incorporate these gloves into their lifestyle? Diabetics enjoy the benefits of compression garments because of the way they enhance blood circulation. Adding copper to the compression is even better because people who suffer from diabetes, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and Sjogren’s Syndrome are frequently people who are more susceptible to the effects of the deadly coronavirus.

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Are you hesitant to wear copper gloves, believing them to be a hassle because it means that you can’t instantly respond to text messages or use your phone while you are wearing them? But you’re wrong! If you purchase the copper compression workout gloves from Spectral Body, you will have touch screen capabilities so you can text, workout, and stay safe from viruses all at the same time. There really is no excuse not to incorporate this into your daily routine – if their price tag of only $25.99 isn’t incentive enough. Less than $26 dollars to keep in shape and maintain your health, which is essential in fighting off any kind of virus, while also protecting yourself and your loved ones from a pandemic? It’s worth the investment, and much more.

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The secret to Spectral Body’s breathable, 100% machine-washable copper compression gloves is that the fabric is actually infused with copper, rather than merely having copper sprayed on or coated on. Many copper gloves on the market have a thin coating of copper which wears out quickly, especially when it’s being washed. Using these could be very dangerous, as you may feel like you are being protected even though your gloves can become a hotspot for bacteria and microbes. Like anything in life, doing your research before making a decision can pay off in the long run. Don’t settle for anything less than copper-infused fibers when choosing your workout gloves.

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The breathability, longevity, grip, and sanitizing properties of copper workout gloves have made them a favorite for all kinds of essential workers. Because of the breathability of the gloves, frontline workers who are doing long shifts don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or sweaty while wearing them. Copper is actually a cooling metal, as it doesn’t absorb heat, which will help hands avoid feeling sticky during a long day. Essential workers who are required to do some amounts of physical labor will enjoy the additional grip the copper workout gloves provide, as well as the compression which reduces swelling and soothes any aches.

Copper Glove Size Chart

Choosing the right size of glove is important, so make sure you don’t opt for a brand that has a one-size-fits-all approach. There is nothing more annoying than having a glove slip off of your hands while lifting something. Spectral Body copper compression gloves come in 4 sizes so everyone can get their perfect fit and appropriate level of compression.

If you enjoy working out – at home or at the gym – or if you have a job that requires you to lift objects or perform some physical labor, workout gloves are a must. If you don’t already have a pair, now is the perfect time to order one – copper compression workout gloves will provide all of the already established benefits of workout gloves while also sanitizing surfaces. You don’t have to worry about touching a virus-laden surface or bringing home foreign bacteria when you meet with your friends and family if you are diligent about using these gloves.

Investing in a high-quality copper compression glove, ones where the copper is actually fused into the fabric and not merely coated on, will provide you with years of use. By following these instructions, you can repeatedly wash your copper compression gloves without worrying about whether their effectiveness is lost.

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