If you suffer from body acne copper-infused fabric shirts are a game changer the copper impregnated fabric has been proven to kill bacteria and fungus that lead to breakouts from excessive sweating and not properly cleaning your workout clothes.

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How Copper Fabric Shirts Clear up Breakouts Caused By Sweat

The combination of bacteria and sweat is just enough to trigger body acne when you workout. Consider antibacterial clothes or shirts as well as having a regular laundering routine for workout clothes. Your body will absorb the sweat produced during exercise and the combination with bacteria lead to the development of body acne if it is not properly cleaned or launder within 24 hours. With copper fabric shirts sweat reacts differently because copper activates when it comes in contact with sweat, when this occurs the bacteria are destroyed and any germs or fungus are wiped out. The copper ions found in copper-infused fabric shirts helps the shirt to last longer and inhibits the growth of strong odors. 


How You Should Properly Clean Your Shirt After A Sweaty Workout

It is important to make sure you don’t mix your clean and dirty clothes together, many nowadays are in a rush and they forget that they left a shirt behind in their gym bag after the previous workout.  It’s always a good habit to wash your workout shirt after you exercise because if normal cotton is left to linger the sweat can permanently damage the cotton fibers and produce a pungent smell.  When you have a lot of body acne you don’t tend to think too much about your shirt being the cause, but it is important you wash it after every workout because the bacteria and sweat leftover can fester. This will build up and eventually lead to an outbreak because the bacteria literally has no place to if you decide to wear the shirt a second time.  After a few dozen wears of the same shirt at the gym, many of your peers won’t be congratulating you on your hard work and muscle gains but instead, they will be commenting on the awful smell that you are emitting.


Why You Shouldn’t Wear Tight Fitting Compression Clothing If Your Skin Is Prone To Body Acne.

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The first thing you should do before you have a workout is to make sure your skin can breathe in your gym shirt. When you put it on, make sure that it fits properly because sweat can merge with dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and cause blockage to your pores which is the first step of forming pimples.  Your skin is filled with miniature glands that secrete oils to keep it healthy and hydrated. When clothing is too tight or you are sweating too much while wearing it, your skin can become easily irritated.  Sweat can block your pores which means that bacteria can easily make contact with your skin and cause these breakouts quite often during your training regimen.

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In the long run, tightly fitting compression clothing such as those for running or cycling will worsen your body acne problem if worn religiously even if you only sweat lightly because in essence, you are making your body fight itself.  That why Spectral Body has developed a copper-infused shirt that is loose fitting still flattering to fit your body.


Copper Infused Fabric Can Help With Skin Inflammation

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So far there are no other types of fabric in the market that can heal your skin as much as copper-infused fabric. This is due in part to its healing properties because it can absorb the skin and prevent infection while keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.  If you have body acne then it is essential you wear copper-infused fabrics like Spectral Body because the copper impregnated shirt will help prevent excessive sweating or bacterial buildup that can lead to your skin becoming raw and inflamed.  When your skin is irritated it can be extremely unpleasant and even painful and lead to open pores that can become infected by other bacteria.  With copper-infused clothing, you can wear it as long as you like and avoid any health risks of your skin becoming irritated from wearing cotton (which has been proven to make acne worse).

Copper-Infused Fabric Does Not Get Sweat Stains During Physical Activity

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The antibacterial agents in copper-infused garments, prevent stains from forming on your shirt. This means you can wear your shirt on any occasion, from the gym to a night out at a club and you will always be able to accessorize it with your outfit if you are looking for a more casual look. Copper-infused fabric blocks sweat stains from occurring because they are impregnated with copper ions at the molecular level. Imagine your sweat refusing to soak into the fabric, its remarkable because many people who sweat profusely during workouts no longer have to deal with the awkwardness of walking around with a sweat-soaked shirt.  I’m not sure about you but when my shirt is soaked from head top to bottom I avoid interacting socially with anyone at the gym and can’t wait to go home and shower.

Sweat Wicking Shirts Versus Copper Infused Shirts.

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Sweat-wicking technology is often touted in most apparel that we buy today.  What sweat-wickingmeans is that the technology excretes liquid from the inside of the garment by releasing capillary action.  This means that your sweat can be absorbed into the fabric, but there is a huge drawback to this type of technology as many athletes and runners have discovered. Sweat-wicking shirts are typically made of those kinds of synthetic materials that don’t allow sweat to soak into them in order for them to release the moisture without any problems. This can cause trouble for those who have a body acne problem because it can cause your skin to become irritated faster because of the sweat that is not being released. 


On the other hand, copper-infused shirts have an antibacterial agent in them which means that sweat won’t be able to build up as much as it would in other shirts that use the same technology. This is one of the major advantages you get when you purchase a copper-infused shirt from Spectral Body in comparison to other brands.


Polyester Workout Shirts

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Polyester is a common material in most athletic shirts that we see today. This is because of the comfort and flexibility that the material offers athletes, which makes it a great option for those who engage in strenuous physical activities. 


The downside to polyester is that it does not absorb sweat well and instead releases odor to the air which can be quite unpleasant for everyone around you (especially if you are already sweating). Unfortunately for many, the stench from polyester shirts can last up to 5 days after wearing it and doesn’t go away even after washing them multiple times.


Cotton Gym Shirts

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Cotton shirts are by far the worst type of workout shirts to wear if you are breaking out and smell bad during workouts. This is because they take forever to dry, which can cause bacteria and mildew to build up. 


The issue with cotton is the fact that it has more chances of absorbing sweat, but the problem with this is that when it absorbs the sweat, it doesn’t have any way of releasing it. The result of this buildup is that the bacteria from your body odor will start to form on your shirt and this can be quite uncomfortable for those who are sensitive to odors.  Typically most people retire their cotton workout shirts after a few months of training. As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing workout shirts that will effectively fit your gym attire needs. From your budget to your needs, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before purchasing new workout shirts. 


If you want to save time and effort in the process of purchasing new gym wear, then going through this article will help you decide which type of shirt will be suitable for your needs.  One copper-infused fabric shirt from Spectral Body can outlast the common cotton workout shirt at least twenty times longer.  If take proper care of your copper activewear you can rely on the shirt to be a permanent staple in your gym wardrobe. 


Silver-Infused Fabric Shirts

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It is unclear what silver does for the human body or even how it works, but there have been some studies that show that items with silver can help with burns and other types of skin infections. The silver ions penetrate the skin at a cellular level and help to prevent infection from occurring while also helping your body to heal itself.  This is due in part to its anti-inflammatory abilities which means that it can also help to reduce inflammation and pain in your skin. I have yet to try on a silver-infused fabric shirt but nothing really compares to the healing properties of copper which have been used since ancient Egyptian times to heal wounds and cuts.


The Benefits of Copper Activewear

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Unlike the other types of shirts that claim to be able to heal your body and skin, copper-infused shirts have been used and tested for centuries for their healing abilities.  Copper has been known for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, especially on the skin.  Copper can also help with sore muscles, headaches, fevers, and other types of illnesses. This is one of the reasons why athletes and runners will use copper impregnated fabrics to prevent infections on other parts of their bodies.  There are so many benefits of wearing copper-infused activewear you will just have to try on a shirt and experience it for a week,  you will quickly notice the difference and hopefully, you can put unwanted body acne behind you for good!