What Is a Percussion Massager?

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You may have just bought a Percussion Massager or maybe you are considering investing in one in the near future. This guide will walk you through how to use a percussion massager correctly and will teach you the best practices. Many come with four standard attachments, which are mysterious to many.

At some point during your workouts, you might have seen some of the personal trainers at your gym using these fancy handheld percussion massagers. Or maybe you have seen them on TV while watching NBA players and MMA fighters on the sidelines getting warmed up for the event. So, what in the world is a Percussion Massager?

Percussion massagers are special, handheld, gun-shaped machines that deliver a barrage of short, rapid strokes that penetrate deep into the tissue to help with pain-relief, relaxation, and tissue repair. This special form of massage also improves blood circulation and loosens stiff muscles. When performed by a masseuse, you might recall a series of quick, light, chops from the hands and wrist when they ask if you would like a percussion massage. The Quantum Percussion Massager actually replicates this action 3300 times in a single minute on its highest setting.

Maybe you are not on the starting line up for the LA Lakers or preparing for a sold-out pay per view UFC fight, but many athletes of all skill levels are beginning to incorporate the use of percussion massagers both before and after their training sessions. Maybe you work in an office setting and find yourself needing to get up and stretch every 30 minutes. Or maybe you work in a strenuous job where you are on your feet all day. The benefits of a percussion massager are overwhelming.

Now, massage guns have flooded the marketplace, and sites like Amazon and eBay are flooded with cheap knockoffs. Some of these replicas and low price models even pose a risk of electrical shocks and burns and 400,000 handheld massagers even had to be recalled. “My hand felt burning and there was smoke,” the owner writes. “After I jumped away, I saw that the power cord was burned where it enters the device handle.” — This is a reminder to always be safe when selecting a massage device.

The industry has spawned lots of imitators trying to copy the success of Hypervolt and Theragun, although these brands may cost a king’s ransom (Upwards of $300). However, they are worth more in the long run since they provide proper healing and recovery.

If you are looking for an affordable and compact option you may want to check out:

The Quantum “S” Travel Massager was just launched. For a fraction of the price, at $119 and only eight inches, you can treat yourself to the world’s SMALLEST hand-held percussion massager.

For the remainder of this article, we will be discussing the safety and use of the Quantum Percussion Massager Series.

The scientific idea behind this form of therapy is based on the gate control theory of pain, which holds that a non-painful stimulus (in this case, vibrations) can eliminate the feeling of pain. Percussive therapy is a not new concept, but it has recently seen a boom in consumer use. You’ve likely seen pulsating massagers and wondered how they felt. Most people are surprised when experiencing their first massage. Total body vibrations have long been used by NASA to help prevent bone deterioration in astronauts.

The application provided can provide help beyond the typical myofascial release techniques, such as foam rollers, tennis balls, and rolling devices. Some people use rolling pins from the kitchen for some stubborn muscle knots. Percussion also treats stiff joints and muscle spasms, as it stretches the muscle fibers. This relaxes both the muscles and fascia, thus preventing any future occurrence of muscle spasms.


Looking To Upgrade Your Old Percussion Massager To The Newest?

heated percussion massager



There’s a new type of percussion massager that has just hit the market, The Fors Labs Thermo Percussion Massager. This innovative product combines high-frequency vibration and pressure with hot and cold therapeutic elements in one easy-to-use, convenient device. The Thermo Massage Gun is used by top-level athletes and those working with them to relieve temporary discomfort associated with exercise.

Twice the power of any heat massager sold today, this cleverly designed high performance tool incorporates two heating elements that provide relief for sore muscles before or after practice or competition, as well as providing post-exercise pain relief.
Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the heated cordless massager

Step 1. Put a small amount of oil or your favorite lotion on the desired area to be massaged. I recommend using our Spectral Body Percussion Massage oil that’s lavender scented and provides relief from muscle soreness.

Step 2. Using the Cryo head attachment, place the massage gun on your forearm quickly to get a feel of the preferred temperature before starting the massage. You should see the Red light illuminate for a heated massage or the blue light for a cold therapy massage. .

Step 3. Start by pressing the ON/OFF button once or twice the massage device will cycle through the 3 intensity settings every time you press the button. Find your desired intensity and start slowly massaging the lotioned area.

Step 4. After 30 minutes of massage time the device will automatically shut off. You can restart the cycle if you are looking for a longer massage. Although the Thermo Massager is a high impact mini massager it has a battery life of 5 hours when it’s fully charged.

Combining the hot and cold elements with percussive massage therapy can be a very soothing relief. The Thermo Percussion Massager with Heat is designed specially to relax sore muscles, soothe aches and pains, reduce stress, and improve circulation.

There are many massage devices sold today but none comparable to the Thermo Percussion Massager with Heat. This massage device is powered by only a single micro USB charger and is simply easy to use. The machine has 3 speeds and all are very quiet, safe and effective. The massage heads are detachable and interchangeable so you can use your favorite one when you feel that the others will not work for you.

If you’re looking to upgrade your percussion massager here is some of the key features you can use to compare:

  • Increased Circulation To Entire Body
  • Quiet Glide Technology
  • Automatic Shut Off Controls
  • High Torque Motor With 3 Adjustable Speeds
  • 3 Heat Application Settings, 95 degrees, 104 degrees, 113 degrees.
  • 3 Cold Application Settings, 68 degrees, 59 degrees, 50 degrees
  • Release Tight and Hidden Soft Tissues
  • Rapid Recovery From Exercise Related Pains
  • Accelerate Athletic Warm-Up & Post Recovery Routines
  • Improve Muscular Range Of Motion and Flexibility
  • Enhance The Sensation Of Topical Gels & Creams and Help Release Active Ingredients.

Many physical therapists and high-performance athletes are switching to this new device, there is also a surging demand for beauty practitioners that offer cellulite removal treatments. Although the basic massagers are still good to a degree they are just lacking the hot/cold function modes. If you feel the need to upgrade you can always hand down your old one and enjoy the newest percussion massager of 2022!


percussion massager rehabilitations


Using a Percussion Massager For Rehab

Percussive massage can quicken the recovery process of muscles that have been injured due to trauma, surgery, or disease.

This is because percussive massage contracts the muscles which helps strengthen them for those who may not be able to participate in the exercise. Plus percussive massagers can be used for subjects with partial or full paralysis since the muscle contractions caused by the massage stimulate the muscles and prevents non-use atrophy while also improving instant responses in which the nerves respond to stimulation.

Sometimes for patients, it can be a long road to recovery the percussion massage tools can drastically help benefit people with extreme conditions and overall cause many improvements in their lives. From experience personal trainers and therapists can be very costly compared to self-rehabilitation with a chiropractic percussion device.

If you would consider seeking a massage therapist for the average price of $75 dollars per hour also considering the time and effort factored into traveling to and from these weekly appointments strengthens the argument to invest in a high-grade Quantum Percussion Massager. Whether you have just recently had surgery or have been struggling with a health condition or have been in an accident using a device can be a very practical and affordable option.


chiropractor percussion therapy


Chiropractors and Percussion Therapy

To some, “percussion therapy” is about slapping and chopping at your body until your stress goes away. At East Desert Inn Wellness in Las Vegas NV., it’s an innovative treatment for muscle pain.

Percussion therapy will often be offered as a supplemental treatment. It’s easy, it’s safe, and many patients report enjoying lower stress and better sleep cycles after their session. You can ask your local chiropractor if percussion therapy may be an effective treatment.

When getting a tight muscle or two it can be a simple thing that can cause you an uncomfortable degree of pain. This is a simple treatment wherein a percussive device is used to vibrate your muscles. The rapid pulsating of the device effectively massages you, sending high-frequency vibrations deep into your tissue, which flushes away toxins and loosens up the knots. DC. Glen S Cochrane, utilizes the quantum percussion massager daily with his patients as a pain relief technique.

Throughout the day, lactic acid can build up in your muscles either as a result of exercise or from long periods of immobility. This build-up is the cause of the stiff or aching sensation you get after a workout or after hours in your uncomfortable office chair, like how I am feeling right now writing this article. Massage is the best way to flush this lactic acid out of your body and restore comfort. Many chiropractors are transitioning from the wired pulsating massagers as seen above to handheld percussion massagers.

The battery of the Quantum Percussion Massager lasts above 6 hours of continuous use, allowing doctors to service all of their patients each day on a single charge. Spectral Body provides special discounts for chiropractors and massage therapists.


Percussion Massager Safety Tips


Are You Using The Correct Massage Oil When Using A Percussion Massager?

Percussion Therapy Massage Oil

Order Now $19.99


You should always be cautionary when using different types of oils and gels with your percussion massage devices. Our American Made Percussion Massage Oil has been tested with all the top massage guns on the market and is safe from clogging and damaging your battery-charged massage devices.

You’ll be glad to know that muscle and joint pain can be treated with a proper massage regimen but what about using the correct massage oil in conjunction? Our harmonious blend of essential oils can help you release muscle and joint tension when used in tandem with a percussion massager. The aromatic blend of lavender, lemon, basil, and rosemary works like magic to relax your muscles and senses while getting a pulsating massage from any massage device. The Sweet almond and jojoba elements work immediately to work wonders for your skin and amplify your natural glow. The Percussion Massage Therapy Oil has been also recognized to soften cellulite and reduce the visibility of stretch marks, scars, and blemishes on your skin.

When you are using massage oils with your percussion massager you should follow these steps.

  1. Take a long warm shower before you are ready to get a full-body percussion massage.
  2. Apply the Percussive Therapy Massage oil to the areas of your body with soreness and discomfort. (Joints & Muscles)
  3. Wipe any excess oil with a warm towel and allow a minute to let the active healing ingredients absorb into your skin.
  4. Begin using your percussion massager as normal.


Safety Tips When Using A Percussion Massager

Percussion massagers are very simple to operate and can seem dummy-proof, but due to the intensity of the device, it is important to understand how the machine works and how to use it properly. You should also know which parts of the body it can be used on and, more importantly, which parts of the body it should never be used on.

Here are some things to be mindful of when using a percussion massager:

  • Do not use on the head and face or chest
  • Do not use near or on the front of the neck or on the front of the throat. It could cause a stroke or dissection of the internal carotid artery. Though, this is unlikely if you use the massager as directed. There are warnings and directions on each percussion massager,
  • Do not use it if you have any sort of blood clot
  • Do not use it if you have an implanted medical device unless you have discussed it with your doctor.
  • Do not use with loose clothing such as scarves as this could cause strangulation or injury
  • Read the directions, warnings, and contraindications before you use the massager
  • Do not use on children or the elderly unless you have medical training or have discussed it with your medical practitioner.
  • Do not use for longer than advised

Most of the massage guns sold today come with a series of massage heads and attachments. Here we are going to breakdown how to use them effectively.


1. Ball Attachment

Percussion Massager Ball Attachment

This soft foam/rubber shaped ball is a great attachment for beginners or when using your percussion massager for the first time. It is the softest, most non-evasive piece available. You can generally use it on any part of your body for a relaxing percussive massage. It feels great on the back of the neck and bottom of the foot.


2. Flat Head Attachment

Percussion Massager Flat Head Attachment

This hammer tip shaped attachment is generally considered the best overall. You can really breakdown muscle tissue in dense areas of the body like the pecs, quads, and back. It generally is suited to use on all your main muscles and feels great on the highest of settings.


3. Fork Attachment

Percussion Massager Fork Attachment

The 2-pronged fork attachment is best used on certain parts of your body. The fork glides perfectly along your trapezius muscles starting from the upper neck area to your shoulders. It can be run across the Achilles and used to massage your calf muscles. It could also be placed on your ankles for increased mobility. Lastly, the fork can be smoothed over your feet to promote circulation.


4. Bullet Head Attachment

Percussion Massager Bullet Head Attachment

This advanced attachment is great for massaging trigger points in the body. You can use it to focus on tight spots, it works beautifully for muscle knot removals. Use this head to reach difficult locations on your body like in between your toes and trigger certain points in your foot.


The Quantum Percussion Massager Is The Obvious Choice

the quantum percussion massager is the obvious choice

The Quantum Massage Gun 3.0 is a creative new style of percussion treatment. The sleek design makes it totally one of a kind in a sea of inferior percussion massagers.

The new molded structure is great for zones of your body that other massagers just cannot reach. At last, you can quit stumbling over cords with this profound, deep-tissue, massaging machine as it’s totally cordless, meaning you’re not chained to the wall.

Hoping to soothe the worst muscle spasms in a split second? Percussion treatment is your answer!

Regardless of whether you need to utilize it on your workout friends as a vibrating back massager or give yourself a foot rub in the wake of a difficult day, you will see that this massage device is worth its weight in GOLD.

The Quantum Massage Gun 3.0 is powered by a lithium-particle battery, and the composite packaging houses a one of a kind, high-torque engine similar to a clinical style massage.


Quantum Percussion Massager Speed Settings

Percussion massager settings


The Quantum Percussion Massager has four movable speed settings conveying up to 3,300 relaxing percussions.

This kind of percussion therapy can help mitigate normal muscle torment and firmness and improve the scope of movement and bloodstream circulation, diminishing the after-effects of common muscle injuries.

Put away your standard foam rollers and retire the machines you have used in the past!

There are 650 different known muscles in the body and 5 major muscle groups. Proper conditioning overtime will improve athletic performance, and help with rehabilitation and overall wellness like lowering your blood pressure and improving sleep and pain relief for common muscle injuries. The Quantum Percussion Massager provides all these benefits and is one of the highest grade accessory complete packages available.


quantum percussion massage therapy satisfaction guarantee


The Quantum Massage Gun 3.0 is an innovative new style of percussion therapy. The balanced, compact design makes it absolutely unique in its class. Try it RISK-FREE for 30 days and if you are not satisfied return it for a full refund.


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