The short answer is YES, but not all of them can. It depends on the product’s capability on which viruses are filtered out. There are some products that are honest enough to disclose the size of the virus they can filter out. Stick with the honest ones like Spectral Body’s Electric Air Purifying Masks!

These days, it’s not really acceptable for anyone to not wear a mask. There are some places where it is outright required by law. You have to wear them to not get sick but it can honestly be a hassle to use sometimes. When using a face shield, for example, it’s not uncommon to get a face full of sweat from just staying outdoors for a moderate amount of time. You can get sweaty just by doing nothing. Most face masks to are so un-breathable that you can’t even go for your morning workout routine without stopping every few minutes just to catch your breath. Don’t you ever miss those days where you can run in the morning outside and feel the wind on your face?

At least now, you can experience that again with the Electric Air Purifying mask. You can be free to feel the wind again on your face without exposing yourself to harmful particles and viruses only this time its generated by a built-in air filtration system! These awesome devices have a fan inside them that’s powered by a battery to give you cool air to breathe in. Most of them also have good filters that can filter out particles as small as 2.5 microns in size. But not all masks are created equal; you have to be selective with all different types of air-purifying masks in the marketplace.

The specifications and capabilities of an Electric Air Purifying mask depend on which brand we’re talking about. The standard capability for filtration in Electric Air Purifying masks is at PM 2.5-sized particles. Do not buy anything that doesn’t mention anything about filtering pathogens and particles that are 2.5 microns in size. Most harmful particles and viruses can be as small as 2.5 microns or smaller, so it’ not really safe to buy anything that has a substandard filtration capability.

You might be asking yourself if it’s even worth buying an Electric Air Purifying Mask and I’m here to tell you that yes, it’s absolutely worth it! It keeps you just as safe, if not more, as most masks can. These advanced electric masks keep you safe from viruses and harmful matter without causing any hassle or trouble in breathing. Plus, some electric masks can be just as affordable as one set of masks.


buying an electric air purifying masks


What To Look For When Buying An Electric Air Purifying Masks

As I said earlier, not all masks are created equal. These are some of the essential specifications that you must always look out for when you decide to get your own Electric Air Purifying Mask.

  1. Effective Four-layer filter. Always remember to get one with a multi-layered filter! Don’t settle for anything that leaves your body unguarded from harmful elements. Let me remind you that the standard is 2.5 microns; anything that can filter out pathogens and particles smaller than that is very much worth it. It needs to be able to do more than just blow cool air into your face; it should also keep you safe from any harmful objects, like virus-containing droplets and PM 2.5 that float in that air. Anything that will make you safer in these dangerous times is worth the price.
  2. More than four hours of running time. Some electric air purifying masks have a Bluetooth enabled app companion gimmick. It’s cool but unnecessary and it drains a lot of battery. You won’t see any of those masks lasting until four hours and they’ll never last for more than that. Can you imagine running out of battery in the middle of your errands or exercise? What are you going to do if that happens, use a cloth mask until it fully charges? Save yourself the trouble, friend! Look for ones that have four to eight hours of active time. A maximum of eight hours should be more than enough for anyone, and as far as I know, eight hours is the longest some of these electric masks can last.
  3. Little to no noise. I don’t think I can imagine anything more distracting than your own face mask buzzing loudly right in front of you. It might seem like it should be a given that an electric mask should be made to operate quietly, but it’s better to be sure. Check if they mention anything about its capability to reduce noise. If it’s not mentioned anywhere that it is designed to work without making much noise, then it’ll probably be best to avoid it.
  4. Reasonable Price. These electric air purifying masks can reach up to $150 in price. You probably think that that’s absurd, and you’re absolutely right! Now I’m not saying that it’s not worth that price. What I’m saying is that there are simply a lot of products out there that are just as equally effective, but a lot more affordable. Note that non-electric mask sets can cost up to $50 dollars.

With all that said, I’ll recommend one product that excels in all of the mentioned essential specifications – this product ticks all the boxes and more!


spectral body’s air purifying training mask




Spectral Body’s Air Purifying Training Mask has all of the mentioned essential features and is more affordable than all of the other electric face masks. Another mask that comes close to it at price actually costs $59 dollars, and that’s the closest one so far – the next one is $139 in full price. Meanwhile, you can get this awesome Air Purifying Training Mask for only $53.99.

It has a four-layered filter that’s capable of blocking out pathogens and harmful particles that are less than PM 2.5 in size! That’s maximum security and maximum comfort in one product!


air purifying training mask


This electric air purifying mask can last as long as eight hours after charge, with a minimum of four hours if used in the high fan setting. It can be easily charged on the go because it has a micro USB port that can be plugged into a power bank or into your car via Micro USB cable. You’ll never be caught outside without power as long as you have a portable power bank with you.

There are two-speed modes that you can choose from when using this mask. You can turn up the fan speed for a few minutes if you feel especially hot or turn it up for four hours straight if the outdoor heat is too much. Note that the higher fan speed would have a less discreet sound, but it won’t be loud.

It says in the product description that this mask is perfect for people who regularly train in the gym. Each gym has different requirements and each varies in how strict they want the rules to be when it comes to wearing masks. Everyone knows just how hard it is to work out while wearing a mask, I mean; you can even pass out since you’re not getting enough oxygen. You won’t be able to train properly with normal masks – you’ll be suffocated and you’ll spend a lot of time trying to catch your breath.

Whether you are a regular gym-goer, or if you find normal masks to be suffocating, it will be worth it for you to get your own Electric Air Purifying Mask. Just think about how productive you can get with your workout if you had this gadget and how liberating and satisfying it would feel to breathe in fresh, clean, air.


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Why Should You Choose Electric Air Purifying Masks Over Non-electric Masks?

There are just so many reasons why you should choose these masks rather than the common, suffocating masks and I will tell you a few of them below:

  1. More comfortable. These Electric Air Purifying masks were designed with comfort and breathability in mind. There really is a no better alternative to Electric Masks. They are the next step in the new-normal lifestyle we are currently going through. These masks were designed to fit comfortably over our mouths. Besides the comfortable fit, there is the main feature: the advanced design of fanning in filtered air so that the wearer could breathe. I’m sure that if you try it, you’ll never go back to using a plain old mask!
  2. Just as safe. Electric Air Purifying masks are just as safe as any good mask. The best electric masks have a four-layered filter that blocks out particles that are smaller than PM 2.5. It is even safer than some medical masks because of the multi-layered filters. When you get your own Electric Air Purifying Mask, you’re paying for a more comfortable way to keep your body safe from harmful objects.
  3. More affordable than it seems. If you think $50 plus is too much for just one mask, you have to realize that most sets of disposable masks are worth about $50 too. They last for at most five uses, and then they start to feel soggy, dirty, and could even smell like old clothes. After using them for a bit, all the hassle and discomfort considered, you’ll have to buy another set. Meanwhile, these electric masks can last you for a long time. You only have to replace the air filter after it has been used for a very long time. You can also clean and sanitize this electric mask, so it can really last for a long time.

Take the leap! Don’t just take my word for it, try it and see for yourself just how much better it is to use an Air Purifying Electric Mask – I guarantee that you’ll never look back!


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