Compression recovery boots can take your game to the next level and help you recover from ANY sport on the planet. Are you serious about enhancing your performance, boosting recovery time, and maintaining overall optimal health?  Recovery boots are the best-kept secret in pro sports. 

Do you wish that you could bounce back from workouts quicker like you could when you were younger?

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If you can say yes to any of these questions, then it’s definitely time to splurge on air compression boots for your own personal use. Scientists, coaches, and pro-athletes alike realize the power of air compression to take athletes to the next level, and it has become a staple in professional locker rooms and a favorite of Olympic competitors.

Good Morning America called it “the best-kept secret for star athletes” with top performers like LeBron James and Kevin Durant becoming obsessed with using it every day.

“My legs started feeling better and I didn’t stop,” LeBron James said about the air compression boots he started using. “I started taking it on the road and everything. I mean, I think it’s awesome.” LeBron has been using them ever since.

LeBron’s longtime trainer, Mike Mancias, claims the treatment helped the “[Miami] Heat win the championship.”

“That helped LeBron perform at a peak level,” says Mancias. “We did more research on nutrition, more research on supplements, more research on sleep, more research on massage.” This increase in ability to compete – which research says can add up to gaining one full day of recovery – can make a huge difference for professional athletes.

When air compression boots first became popular with the NBA, athletes had limited options as to where they could purchase their own units. Now, several companies offer high-quality air compression boots at affordable prices, which means you can reach your peak performance too, just like LeBron, who is not a spokesperson for any particular brand.

In this article, we will discuss the science behind air compression, the benefits they offer, and how you can incorporate this into your daily athletic routine ASAP.

How Does Air Compression Therapy Work?

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Air compression works by increasing lymphatic drainage.

Lymph is important because it helps rid the body of toxins and fights infections by spreading white blood cells. Our bodies have more lymph vessels than we do blood vessels, but the lymphatic system does not have its own method of pumping lymph through vessels like the heart has for blood.

Air compression boots act as a pump, applying slight pressure and massage to increase movement of lymph so it can drain more easily.

This results in less inflammation, aids in muscle recovery, and helps athletes prevent injuries. The tightness, soreness, and resulting tiredness is gone, and the ability to exercise and stretch like normal comes back sooner.

What Are The Proven Benefits of Air Compression Therapy?

There are many benefits for athletes who use air compression boots. The main benefit for athletes in using air compression boots is that it reduces swelling, boosts recovery time, and helps muscles heal to protect from further injury.

Air compression therapy started off in hospitals to help patients with issues such as deep vein thrombosis as “intermittent pneumatic compression,” so the scientific benefits are thoroughly documented and safe to use – unless you have a pre-existing condition which requires a doctor’s consultation.

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Being able to work out and compete sooner and at a higher intensity gives athletes the ability to gain more muscle and skill than they ever could before.

  • Reduces Swelling: By increasing the expelling of toxins and lactic acid, inflammation is less severe.
  • Helps Muscles Heal Quicker: When you exercise, you tear your muscle fibers slightly, which is the natural process to gaining more muscles. With air compression boots, muscle tears heal faster. And that means more muscle building!
  • Avoid Injuries: When muscles heal faster, injuries are less likely. No one wants to be out of the competition for months due to an unexpected injury.
  • Boosts Recovery Time: Because of less soreness and swelling, athletes are able to work out sooner instead of resting to recover. That makes a huge difference when you need to train hard, and fast.
  • Helps Fight Off Infections for Overall Health: White blood cells are important for fighting infections. With all the bacteria and germs that are found in most gyms and locker rooms, and especially considering the recent COVID-19 pandemic, this is a great benefit for boosting your immune system. What athlete isn’t devastated to have to cancel an important game due to getting sick?
  • Reduces Water Retention: Air compression therapy started as a treatment for patients with lymphedema. In fact, using air compression boots can make you have to urinate soon after, which is proof it’s working!
  • Aids Weight Loss: Excess fluids and toxins are released from the body via the kidney.
  • Heals Scar Tissue Through Massage: Massaging new scar tissue helps prevent the formation of unattractive dark and raised marks. For athletes with sports-related injuries, this is an additional benefit.
  • Potentially Helps Appearance of Cellulite: Increased lymphatic drainage is known to help the appearance of cellulite. (This one is for the females!)
  • Pain Relief: There is no better feeling than the ache from a hard workout, but when pain starts stopping you from achieving your fitness goals, it’s time to take matters in your own hands! Air compression boots have been found to help with pain relief for athletes.
  • Increased Flexibility: Enhanced flexibility is a great benefit for all athletes, especially gymnasts, wrestlers, and figure skaters
  • Relaxation and Self-Care: Reward yourself for your hard work by sitting back and relaxing with your favorite book or tv show while you strap on your air compression boots. It’s the easiest thing to do, but it’s so beneficial!

Which Air Compression Boot Should I Buy?

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There are many high-quality air compression boots on the market today. Now, even non-professional athletes can enjoy the benefits and convenience of air compression boots.

The portability of air compression boots makes them ideal for any athlete that needs to travel and also stay on top of their game.

And, even if competing harder and having more intensity workouts is not your main goal, air compression boots can be purchased simply because of the comfort, relaxation, and overall health benefits that they provide.

Here is a table with a brief overview of the main air compression boot products and their prices and details:

Brand Name Cost Air Chambers Massage Modes Pressure Strength Max Session Warranty Return Policy
Quantum Air Compression $1039 8 6  0 -240mmHg 90 mins 2 years 45 days
Air Relax $1535 4 4  0-230mmHg 15 mins 1 year 30 days
Normatec $2295 5 5  10-110mmHG Unlimited 2 years 30 days*
Rapid Reboot $1458 4 2  20 – 200mmHg 30 mins 2 years 30 days

* Must exchange arm sleeves within 14 days

All products in this article are high-quality and from reputable brands.

However, our favorite for quality and value is the Quantum Air Compression, which offers the most air chambers and the greatest possible variances in pressure. Not only is this the lowest-priced option on our list, the company also offers the best return policy and warranty.

Normatec is a close second on our list, even though the high price (twice as much as Quantum Air Compression) is prohibitive for most customers and it has fewer air chambers to offer. The pressure strength maxes out at 110mmHG when some athletes might need more pressure.

Air Relax is a more affordable option, though it is not as inexpensive as Quantum Air Compression. However, the massage time maxes out at 15 minutes, so athletes that want a full recovery session might get frustrated at having to restart every 15 minutes.

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Air compression therapy is a medically sound and scientifically proven method that aids in lymphatic drainage. This originally started as a therapy for patients in hospitals with conditions that affected their lymphatic system, but has been recently adopted by the sports world.

Professional athletes all around the world insist on using air compression boots because they help them take their performance to the next level and compete harder. Air compression boots reduce swelling, help with pain, aid muscle recovery, diminish the appearance of scars, prevent injuries, fight off infection, aid in weight loss, and feel great too.

It is great news that air compression boots are readily available on the market, and consumers have a wide range of choices to choose from. Although Normatec is one of the better-known brands for air compression boots, for a much lower price you can get the same benefits by shopping with one of their competitors.

Our favorite boot just so happens to be the lowest priced boot, which is the Quantum Air Compression boot, which has more features and adjustable settings than many of the pricier air compression boots out there.

With all the affordable options out there, you have no excuse not to level up your performance and invest in one of these relaxing, workout-enhancing, air compression boots ASAP!

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