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As the COVID-19 health crisis continues to evolve worldwide, most of us are wondering how we can return to some semblance of normal while still staying safe. This includes sending kids back to school, a daunting task for parents, teachers, and the schools themselves. While most educational facilities are working to implement some sort of safety plan, many parents are welcoming any extra precautions they can take to prevent their children from catching or spreading the virus. And antiviral face masks for kids may be the ideal solution to this problem.

Many educational facilities are encouraging wearing face masks to school, if not requiring it, but the type of mask kids wear can make a huge difference. We’ve covered how copper workout products can be beneficial to those striving to stay healthy. And now, with copper-infused face masks on the market, it’s probably safe to say their antibacterial and antiviral properties make them a better option for children returning to school, especially when pitted up against regular cloth masks.


why you should choose copper face masks

Why You Should Choose Copper Face Masks

Copper-infused products are often used to protect wearers from germs because the copper in them has been shown to decrease the spread of microbes, including E. Coli and influenza. Given the fact that copper has the ability to lessen the spread of viruses, many have turned to copper products in the hopes of keeping COVID-19 at bay. In fact, copper-infused workout gloves are often used for such purposes — and some are even turning to copper clothing and bedsheets under the circumstances.

With masks being one of the primary resources for curbing the spread of COVID-19, however, it makes sense that companies would begin infusing masks with copper. Although this isn’t 100-percent guaranteed to protect wears from the virus, there are reasons to believe it would give them an advantage.

For one, a study from the New England Journal of Medicine posits that the virus survives for a shorter period of time on a copper surface than on stainless steel or plastic. Although surfaces aren’t the main concern when it comes to spreading the virus, kids in school are likely to touch their faces or masks at some point throughout the day, and this added protection may put parents at ease. This could also be beneficial to kids likely to put their masks down on a surface for any amount of time. Even if the mask does pick up germs, those microbes may not survive very long.

There’s also the fact that when viruses or bacteria come into contact with copper, it releases ions that can alter the genetic makeup of those microbes. This can render the microbe less effective or harmful because it won’t be able to activate the way it normally does. So, if a child wearing a copper mask was to come into contact with the virus, it may not actually be as dangerous as usual.

This ability to lessen the impact of and kill germs doesn’t just help the wearer, either. For example, if a kid wearing a copper-infused mask coughs or sneezes into it, the copper properties may make it difficult for those germs to spread to other students in the classroom. These products can be a win-win for the person wearing the mask and their peers.


An Important Thing to Note About Antiviral Copper Face Masks

Although copper-infused face masks do have many health benefits, it is important to note that they aren’t 100-percent guaranteed to kill or prevent COVID-19. Their antimicrobial properties can help wearers protect themselves, but they’re not a foolproof strategy for not getting sick. Like masks themselves, and hand-washing and sanitizer, they help reduce the spread — but, unfortunately, there’s always a chance they won’t be as effective as users would like.


other benefits of copper masks

Other Benefits of Copper Masks

Although many of us have gotten used to wearing masks over the past few months, there’s no denying they can become uncomfortable at times. Copper masks aren’t just good for halting the spread of viruses and infections; they have other benefits as well, including being more comfortable.

Copper-infused products — from masks to gloves — are often recommended for exercise purposes, and that’s because they tend to be more breathable. Typically made from materials like nylon and spandex, such items don’t have the same weight or heavy feel as their cotton counterparts. This is an ideal choice for children returning to school for multiple reasons.

To start, there’s a big difference between wearing a mask for a quick trip to the store and wearing one for hours and hours in a classroom. Parents would be right to be concerned about their kids’ comfort levels and how they might impact their ability to concentrate and learn. The comfort of copper masks may help keep students focused throughout the day, and that’s the whole purpose of sending them back in the first place!

On top of that, children are going to play and participate in physical activities, both in and out of school. School sports have resumed in many areas, and although recess may look different with social distancing, kids are still staying active where they can. It’s no secret that running and exerting oneself while wearing a cotton mask can create discomfort. (And that’s not to mention the sweat that may build upon the material.)

Copper-infused masks are lightweight and many of them absorb sweat, making them easier to move around in. This may not be a priority for adults going through the motions, but it’s certainly something to consider when buying your child a mask. Kids are more likely to be active throughout the day, especially if they’re involved in sports, so this benefit isn’t one to ignore.

Antimicrobial masks also seek to solve the issue of masks accumulating unpleasant odors and becoming discolored over time. This is expected after continued usage, but the antimicrobial properties in copper-infused masks help to keep them clean and fresh in addition to fighting off germs.

To recap, here are some of the benefits of having kids wear copper-infused masks back to school:


Benefits How It Works
The copper infused in the masks has antimicrobial properties that help decrease the spread of viruses and bacteria. It’s been proven that viruses and bacteria live on copper surfaces for less time than on other materials. Additionally, copper has been shown to alter the genetic makeup of microbes, sometimes rendering them less effective or harmful.
Copper-infused masks tend to be made from materials that are more breathable, meaning kids will be more comfortable learning and participating in physical activities. Since many copper-infused products are made from materials like nylon and spandex, they tend to be more lightweight and breathable. Many also absorb sweat. That’s why they’re often used for exercise.
These masks are made to do away with unpleasant odors and reduce discoloration and build-up of debris. The antimicrobial properties of the mask don’t just help reduce the spread of infection, but they also help keep it clean and fresh. This means wearers are less likely to experience unpleasant odors or discoloration.


choosing a copper infused mask

Choosing a Copper-Infused Mask

One important thing to remember when choosing a copper-infused mask for your child is that not all of them are created equal. There are plenty of copper-infused products that don’t actually have antibacterial or antiviral properties. When searching for the right one, you’ll want to make sure it’s lab-tested and proven to have those benefits. Otherwise, the mask might be comfortable, but it will be the same as wearing a cloth one. And if they’re going to be sitting inside a classroom full of other students for hours, your kid should take advantage of any added protection they can.

Luckily, most products with germ-fighting abilities list this in the description, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find out whether a certain mask fits your needs. For example, the Spectral Body copper ION training mask specifies how it works to fend off microbes. It also offers a breakdown of why copper has been so effective in protecting and strengthening the immune system and lists several other benefits of using a copper-infused mask.

Some other masks that boast antimicrobial properties thank copper include the American Giant Face Mask, the Atoms Everyday Mask, and the Copper Compression Copper Infused Face Mask. You’ll want to consider the pros and cons of such masks (and read some reviews) before deciding which is best for your child.


Care for Your Mask

Although the jury is still out when it comes to just how effective copper-infused masks are in fighting COVID-19, experts do recommend one thing regardless of what kind of face-covering you’re using: cleaning it!

Even with properties that help to fight germs, it’s critical mask wearers wash their face coverings regularly. This is particularly true when it comes to children, who are likely to touch their masks and come into contact with dirty surfaces throughout the school day. Having multiple masks and cycling through and washing them is a good strategy for ensuring they’re staying effective.

Most copper-infused masks are capable of being washed in a washing machine, but always check the description first to make sure!

If you’re looking for the real thing Spectral Body’s antiviral face masks for kids outclasses many other types of copper face masks sold today , the copper infusion doesn’t diminish when you are needing to wash it. Our exquisite copper fabric is 100% machine washable. Lab tests show that you can even run it through the washing machine up to 50 times and it’ll still retain up to 88 percent of its germ-killing effectiveness.  This may be the last mask you ever buy again during the pandemic since it’s built to last.

Final Thoughts On Antiviral Face Masks For Kids.

Designed for ages 5 years old and up this mask has all the same features as the adults Copper Ion Face Masks.  Small and light, suitable for school and sports. This reuseable mask is only $9.99 an unbeatable value .




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