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Pretty soon, it’s going to get colder. Even still, many of us want to workout and are finding outside activities as our new ways of exercise. Copper Gloves might be our new best friends for these outdoor adventures.

Think back seven months ago.

Do you remember all of the people out at parks and beaches? In spite of the fact that we’d just recently been put under quarantine.

Back in April, just a month after March 13, the day the Coronavirus was declared a national emergency, we saw people flood beaches and parks alike, looking for a way to get out, socialize and exercise, though we’d only been in quarantine for 30 days.

Which tells us that we like to move when we can. Almost in defiance of being constrained.

In moving, those of us who want to do it right, bring the best equipment for the setting.

In the coming months, it’s going to foreseeably get colder. As more and more of us look for ways to stay active during these restrictive times, we must also consider how to stay warm.

In these moments, Spectral Body’s Copper Compression Gym Gloves offer a beautiful sense of comfort and assurance.

Qualities we can all appreciate as we’re finding ways to be productive and comfortable during these difficult times.


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Spectral Body’s Copper Compression Gym Gloves for Cold Weather

Imagine you want to go for an early morning jog or hike. Or what if you and some friends wanted to get together for some late night football or exercise sessions?

If this were the case, wouldn’t it be great to have a pair of gloves specifically designed to ensure your comfort is prioritized and properly facilitated?

Recently featured in The Wall Street journal’s article, “Can You Really Return to a Gym During Covid-19?,” as well as an article by Modern Luxury, a media company with over 16 million viewers, Spectral Body’s Copper Compression Gloves are perhaps one of the most essential tools to have during this day and age.


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The Full Finger Workout Gloves Feature:

  • Copper-infused all throughout; except, in small areas around the fingertips
  • Ability to use touch screens while wearing (due to the small areas lacking copper infusion)
  • Amongst America’s Top Selling Workout Gloves
  • Flexible range of motion with its rubber design
  • Relief from
    • Arthritis
    • Sjogren’s Syndrome
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Injuries
    • Tendonitis

The Copper Gloves Provide:

  • Swelling reduction
  • Pain reduction
  • Active healing
  • Recovery from injuries


Copper Gloves Who Would Of Thought? Heat Conductors!

Aside from the many amelioratory properties provided by these gloves, one of the most exciting features is the heat conductive power of copper.

Copper, metal known to be a great conductor of heat, is infused all throughout this product.

Not only that, but these gloves are designed to be breathable and lightweight. A feature that can prevent a rather unfortunate consequence of working out with wool gloves: clammy hands.

Admittedly, I’m a part of the surge of people desiring to stay active regardless if there’s a crisis going on.

Not that I want to disrespect the seriousness of this global epidemic, no; however, I want to stay true to myself. And personally, being physically fit is a huge part of that.

Though many gyms are now open, the prevalence of the virus is ever-changing and often increasing. Meaning, being in-doors, where a lack of ventilation increases the likelihood of me contracting the virus, is not exactly my idea of a comforting workout environment.

Which has led me, of course, to more outdoor activities.

Pretty soon, as we’ve of course been seeing, life’s going to get colder. Earlier reports predicted a correlation between cold weather and a rise in COVID cases. This is because, as the weather gets colder, viruses have a better chance of surviving, due to the gel-like coating cold temperatures provide viruses.

Similar studies have revealed that though the viruses have a better chance of surviving in the cold, the weather’s condition only plays a 3% role in terms of its spread to the population, according to a study done at the University of Texas.

Meaning, that we must take into consideration, that what’s important about Spectral Body’s Copper Compression Gloves, derives from their copper infusion, a metal known to be a great conductor of heat.

With simply its design, though we are only minuscule affected at the rate at which the weather increases coronavirus, we are still aware that the virus is spread through its presence surfaces.

Meaning, we can keep our hands warm with copper-infused product’s ability to conduct heat, and protect ourselves at better rates. As opposed to wool products or no gloves at all. No matter how you slice it, having a lower chance of catching a deadly pathogen is always good.

And, having warm hands whilst also protecting yourself sounds like a wonderful combination.


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Copper, Cold, and COVID

Since Egyptian times, copper has been documented to provide a number of benefits to people.

It has been proven to kill bacteria on contact, promote healthy immune systems, develop bones, increase connective tissue growth, help regulate heart rate and blood pressure, and decrease inflammation.

If you’re active like me, or even if you work outside using tools, you’ve probably had the thought at least once of, “I hope Mrs. Rona isn’t here right now.”

We’ve all hit different understandings of the seriousness of the virus.

With cases constantly increasing in areas like LA, states like Wyoming, and both North and South Dakota, we know we still have to protect ourselves.

The virus is out there.

Even if we haven’t caught it, we still can.

And, we can still spread it.

But what if we were on the other side of this equation?

The side where we knew we were taking active action to avoid contributing to the spread of this deadly pathogen.

The side also entailing we enjoy the daily activities we often seek as a means to actualize our lives and experiences.

What if there were a way to increase our confidence and comfort as the seasons’ change, with simply a pair of warmth-inducing, virus-killing gloves?

With how much we touch, and how much we want to get out and active, Spectral Body’s Copper Compression Gloves place healthy engagement with these desires right into our hands.



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More on the Benefits of Copper Compression Gloves

There’s some interesting and obvious, yet not so obvious, information to be discovered in regards to the times we’re living in and healthy living.

Take note that even in working out outside, the virus can still be spread relatively easily; at least,  at a rate worth considering.

This is due to the different types of exercises we may perform. Affecting both the amount of breath exhaled and the overall amount of people contributing to this rate of breath exhaled.

Additionally, as more people don’t get sick, more and more people will believe that their methods of protecting themselves, thus far, are adequate.

Reports on asymptomatic infections, cases in which someone who has the virus yet experiences no symptoms of it, passes the virus onto someone who both contracts it and does experience symptoms, have indicated that if this individual were middle-aged, they have the potential to likely infect 11 other individuals.

Similar studies have indicated that even if these individuals were children, as children are often asymptomatic, they still possess the ability to spread the virus.

A protective parent might purchase a poncho during a possible rainy season, while a less-protective, yet still reasonably-protective parent, may simply purchase a well-designed umbrella.

Given the times, however, these parents could effectively kill two birds with one stone by purchasing these copper-infused gloves.

They could:

  • Ensure their kid’s hands are warm because of the heat conductive properties of copper

as well as,

  • Give them an extra layer of protection from germs and virus with copper-infused product’s ability to kill bacteria on contact

Frankly, it’s beautiful that Spectral Body’s Copper Compression Gloves can be purchased for such a low rate with the incredible benefits they provide to not only us but also our children.

In purchasing anything, when we’re buying it for ourselves or someone else, we should always consider, “ What’s the most effective way to use this product?”

Consider this: What else do we touch, then possibly touch our nose, eyes, or somewhere else on our face, shortly after?

  • Door handles
  • Keyboards
  • Phones
  • Keys
  • Bags
  • Purses
  • Faces
  • Hands
  • Pets
  • Counters
  • Writing Utensils
  • Credit Cards
  • Receipts
  • Tickets
  • Cups
  • More door handles
  • Spare change

A bunch of things.

Every day, people purchase beneficial items like steering wheel covers, sunshades for the car, gloves for the cold weather, for practical reasons.

Well, all day, we touch plenty of different things. In these moments, given the times, we’re constantly presented with the thought of, “ Uh oh…What if I get sick? Nah I’m good. Unless..” And this uncertainty, we don’t have to deal with.

If you’ve ever gotten really good insurance, installed security cameras around your house, or used braces or joint supports while working out; hell, even simply have talked with a supportive relative or friend who had the ability to instill comfort and confidence in you for topics you already knew the answer to; then, you’ve experienced the solace accompanied with feeling secured and taken care of.

We don’t always get this feeling.

Sometimes we merely hope.

Simply strongly suggesting or praying that what we’re doing to protect ourselves, is the best method to do so. Or at the very least, what we’re doing doesn’t come back to haunt us.

But again, with these Copper Compression Gloves, we have more effective methods.


Overall, How Should We Keep Our Hands Warm During Outdoor Workout in the Midst of this Pandemic?

Well, we know that the virus is real and is spreading, despite our desires to continue a normal life.

In spite of our attempts to be more productive during these times, the law requires us to distance ourselves; and, the weather promises to continue to get colder.  Several of the top places we’re used to going to are now closed or operating under different guidelines.

Our gyms, parks, local pools, and sports clubs, all operate differently now.

These realities have given way to a new resilient mindset.

“I can’t go out? I can’t go to the gym? Even if I avoid people? Well, I’m going to go anyway. I’m going to work out, and I may even talk to people. I may even touch a door handle or two while I’m there”

Thoughts like these are increasing.

And, they may be contributing a great deal to the virus.

However, in these coming days, as the weather gets colder, and we discover even more reasons why we need to gather and connect with one another, we will inevitably spark a rise in the virus.

Instead of waiting to be prepared once the cold weather has already come, we can prepare ourselves physically and routinely, by using gloves like these, to protect ourselves with the best equipment available given the times.


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