Thinking of buying Carnicuts by NutraOne? We all have different activities that we indulge in. For some, they might be for fun, while for others, it might be for their livelihood. So take, for example, a high school runner. He is involved in the activity of running, and he is deep into it. He needs to get better in order to help his school get to the top – or stay on top – of the sport. Typically, he is doing it not for some livelihood, but he does exert a lot of energy when on the track.

This person is different from, say, a mechanic. The mechanic deals with objects that are in the range of light to very heavy. He also needs to be stable enough and have the stamina to perform some incidental tasks. But the truth is, most mechanics don’t do what they do for fun. There are more fun things to do. It’s for the money.

The point of the analogy is to show the different activities different people indulge in. However, one thing is certain. Regardless of the kind of activity, whether it be for fun or livelihood, energy is required. Without energy, everyone would be unable to do most of what they do. In biological terms, this is associated with metabolism.

Metabolism, amongst a host of other things, has to do with the conversion of food to energy for the body. This energy is then used to perform necessary activities that one may prefer. Whether it be running on the tracks or lifting heavy car engines, metabolism is required. It is already general knowledge that energy is mostly obtained from food. Therefore, to have a good supply of energy, it is required that good food is eaten.

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But the thing is that there are foods that are higher in energy than some others. Also, some foods are easier for the body to convert into energy. In the same vein, some foods are typically low in energy, and some foods take the body a while to breakdown and convert. Hence, whilst we search for energy through food, there could be some wrong choices.

Energy Conversion

This not being a biology class, it will be kept simple and straightforward. Some foods have low energy. Some have a slow energy conversion rate. It then goes without saying that if one is in search of immediate energy, not all food is consumable. Regarding foods that have a low energy conversion rate, these are mostly foods that are high in water and fiber. These kinds of food do not have much energy to offer. They are also known as food with low energy density. Although they play other key and vital roles in the body, energy is not their forte.

So, backtracking to our high school athlete. He has training in a few hours – an upcoming intensive training. He decides to consume some stew or vegetables, or drink only water. This is not ideal. Intensive training is definitely energy demanding. As the body is discharging energy, it is immediately converting more for usage. However, it will need something to work with. Without finding any, the body cannot sustain the runner’s intensive training.

Undoubtedly, the high school runner will immediately experience tiredness and fatigue. In some cases, this can be accompanied by dizziness. Depending on how intensive the drill is, the body can temporarily shut down and this can result in stiff muscles for a while. In the worst-case scenario, it can result in fainting. This is one of the reasons why glucose is usually present at sporting events.

The body might be using more energy than it is producing. Even worse, the body might not be able to produce more energy. In such an instance, the body will be needing energy directly – because even the process of producing energy can require some energy. Glucose is direct energy. But in any case, depending on the activity indulged in, high energy food is important.

Then there are foods with slow energy conversion rate. Now, foods under this category do have energy – and they might even have a lot of it. Even better, when the energy is released, they are more sustained. However, the problem regarding these kinds of food is the conversion time. They are slow. They are known as foods with slow-release energy. Foods in this category involve those high in fat. Now, they contain energy and are a good source of energy, but they do not release energy in time. Sometimes, time is of the essence.

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So, picture again our high school runner. Still, his intensive training is in a few hours, or maybe just a day ahead. He consumes food high in fat. There is a high chance that he uses far more energy than he can produce. Typically, fatty acids are known to provide up to three times more energy when compared to sugar. However, sugar releases that energy faster. So, since the high school runner is using more energy than he is producing, the body runs low on energy.

The same effect that is associated with the absence of energy altogether is likely to occur. This includes fatigue. In some cases as well, it can result in dizziness. However, if the training is in a few days, the high school runner can very well consume food with high fat. Although it is still advised that he eats food with good sugar content. Alternatively, he will be provided with glucose.

This is a rough sketch of things to elucidate on how the body tries to obtain energy for different activities. While some activities might not be energy-demanding, some are. And when trying to indulge in those high energy-demanding activities, it is important to ensure that there is enough gas in the tank. It is important to ensure that there is enough energy for the body to take from.

For better advice on the relationship between energy and food, you can visit a nutritionist. This is just a rough sketch that does not take into account some nuances. You can read through it for basic knowledge, but it is in no way in-depth. The underlying message is that understanding the intensity of any activity can help plan out things regarding energy. This way, you know the basics about how to best get energy for your activity.

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For example, while a person going to the gym might require slow sustainable energy production, a person involved in cycling will require quick energy production.

However, while people might not be involved in activities that require quick energy production, it is ideal that energy productions do not lag. Even though there are foods with slow-release energy, it is not necessary to wait for the energy release. What if you were told that you can speed up your energy production? What if you were told that you can assist your body in creating energy? This is not some refined glucose that gives direct energy.

Rather, this is a product that helps your body in breaking down food quickly and producing energy faster. Even foods that are referred to as slow in releasing energy are assisted in order to aid energy production. It is possible. And it is possible with the Carnicuts Liquid L-Carnitine.

Carnicuts Liquid L-Carnitine




This product contains L-Carnitine in liquid form. L-Carnitine, amongst other things, is a derivative of amino acid which helps with the processing of fatty acids. The processing of fatty acids aids the body so that energy can be produced. It is one of the best fat mobilizing product and it is stimulant-free.

Not only does this help with the overall production of energy, but it also helps with the quicker processing of foods that are naturally slow to process. L-Carnitine makes it quicker to process the high energy in foods for body use, and it has been made into a liquid for quicker and better consumption!

Since this product helps with the effective usage of fat, it thus gives the body increased energy. Now, individuals can consume food without the issue of slow energy production. It can be sped up for increased energy.

With this product helping the body attain new energy levels, it also helps with the reduction of fatigue. Accordingly, it helps with an increase in blood flow, oxygen supply, and nitric oxide production. All of this helps in keeping the body in good working condition and staying healthy overall. Also, with increased oxygen supply and blood flow, the brain is well serviced and better equipped to function properly.

This translates into good cognitive performance and good focus. Fatigue and low energy affect brain function negatively, therefore substantially eliminating these things helps the brain function better.

The Carnicuts Liquid L-Carnitine is a tested and trusted product and is aimed at improving overall health and wellbeing. When your health is not good enough, you have low energy. This product is designed to help you stay active and energetic. It is made from naturally derived ingredients and is a potent, fat-burning supplement.

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