can fake airpods cause health problems

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, fake Airpods are flooding the marketplace, with hundreds and thousands of devices being launched with great speed. While some of these devices offer tremendous benefits and luxury to our daily lives, a good number of them come with harsh adverse effects on the environment and human health.

Airpods are among the smartest wireless devices available and are built with durable and flexible mini chips. They really enhance the relay of sound from your listening device to your ears. The Airpods are portable and highly compatible with sound sources, and they regulate calls, messages, and other relevant notifications. With noise pollution becoming a pressing issue, it is beyond words to describe the benefits of using Airpods.

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However, while AirPods are generally known to coordinate sound energy from the source to the receiver with speed, it could also present a lot of health challenges. With the number of fake Airpods products increasing daily, the health of users are at risk, and it is of extreme importance that users begin to realize these challenges and take action.  Many off these knock off Airpods are coming in the exact packaging as the actual Apple Airpods you would find at your local Apple Store.

fake airpod sound panel foil

Fake products are usually carefully carved imitations of real the real products. Often times, they look so real that unless you look carefully, and know what you are looking for, you could easily mistake them for the real deal. Authentic and trustworthy Airpods are designed by Apple. However, the fake Airpods are designed and assembled on the black market or come from another source.

Though this claim lacks any concrete evidence, all Airpods have been rumored to have a negative effect on our health as a result of the electromagnetic and radio waves they emit. Scientists have reported that these electromagnetic and radio waves can cause serious damage to the ear tissues and could cause cancer in the long run.

But with Tech companies becoming conscious of this fact, many measures are being taken to address these issues and companies even participate in medical research. This, in turn, makes room for their products to be upgraded with respect to health and environmental safety.

However, the manufacturers of Fake Airpods are not conscious of health and environmental safety and are instead focused on copying and stealing Apple’s technology. Therefore, their brands are more likely to pose health and environmental risks.

While it is not always easy to differentiate the original Airpods from the fake Airpods, some particular features can normally be ascribed to the fake Airpods.

Below are some common features of the fake Airpods.

Poor Sound Panel Foil

fake airpod sound quality

Authentic Airpods have a durable and robust metal foil, decked with polished luster. Fake Airpods often have a different composition, and the sound panel is usually rickety, fragile, and uncoated, resulting in poor transmission of the electromagnetic and radio waves when switched on. Therefore, it produces poor quality sound.

Poor Casing

While authentic Airpods are usually enclosed in a well-designed casing and branded with unique serial numbers, markings, and logos like Apple Inc., Samsung, T-Mobile. On the contrary, fake Airpods are usually assembled and packaged with a fragile casing. Its components are usually assembled, and sometimes rolled and sold, with aluminum foil. While some fake Airpods lack serial numbers and company logos, some, forge the logos and serial numbers in order to look real when compared to the original.

Fluctuating Connectivity

One of the easiest ways of identifying fake Airpods is its Bluetooth connectivity. Unlike the original Airpods, the fake Airpods often do not have a high-grade micro mini chip that processes the Bluetooth’s connectivity and the sound energy. Because of the inability of the microchip to coordinate the electromagnetic waves, the Bluetooth begins to trip on and off. This could last for minutes and is usually very frustrating.

Fake Airpods Can Be Fragile

The fragility of the product is a great way to identify fake Airpods because the knock-offs often break and crack easily, the panels and casing are often fragile, when ruffled they often release an unusual sound, and they often crack when thrown on the ground or accidentally hit. On the other hand, authentic Airpods are different and are usually rigid and solid.

Incoherent Sound Beat

The sound system of fake Airpods is usually of poor quality, incoherent, and flimsy, especially when compared to authentic products, which produce a much more coordinated and graded sound beat. Additionally, the irregular sound beats caused by counterfeit Airpods can cause the tissues and muscles in the ear to begin to wax and wane. Which, in the long run, can have a hazardous effect on your health.

Fake AirPods and the Health Implications


Hearing Loss

One of the major threats to your health related to the use of Airpods is hearing loss. According to a release made by the American Medical Association, the constant usage of earphones and Airpods increases the prevalence of hearing loss in children and adolescents.

When the ear is clipped with Airpods, the sound waves move directly towards the eardrums, the eardrums then process these waves and vibrations and send them to a fluid-filled chamber called the cochlea. With fake Airpods of course, the vibrations are usually loose and uncoordinated and, in turn, begin to weaken the cells and tissues in the cochlea. With vibrations of about 100 decibels (dB), the cochlea, which is responsible for the maintenance of equilibrium, begins to lose balance and, in turn, causes hearing loss.

Ear Pain 

Devoid of the appropriate mechanical composites, fake Airpods automatically cause ear pains. Although the continual use of earphones and Airpods cause ear discomfort, this discomfort is greatly reduced with the rightly designed Airpods, but with the rise in numbers of fake Airpods, which are poorly designed, the discomfort among users increases.

According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the greater the usage of the devices, the more exposed our ears are to discomfort. And many of the consequences and pains begin to emerge as we age.

Mental Stress

Have you ever observed that people using on-ear devices often shout or speak at a much higher volume than normally? When talking to someone on earphones, the response is often louder than normal. This is a sign of mental misbalance, and this ailment is even worse with a set of fake Airpods, because of their poorly developed sound network.

The poorly distributed sound network of fake Airpods shrinks the cochlea, which is connected to the brain tissues. As this trend continues, the brain tissues begin to weaken, further causing mental stress and anxiety.



According to the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices are a high probability carcinogenic, although there is no solid proof to back this statement.

Airpods are wireless devices, which operate using electromagnetic radiation. The components of fake Airpods are substandard, and the electromagnetic radiation channeled by these inferior products are not properly relayed. Therefore, this radiation can come in contact with the body cells, and with continuous use, the cells and tissues begin to dry up and die.

More and more studies reveal the dangers of electromagnetic waves. Therefore, it is consequently hazardous to use fake Airpods as they expose our body to electromagnetic waves, which are highly cancerous.

Headache and Migraines

Due to the poor sound panel of fake Airpods, and the incoherency of sound beats this causes, It is not surprising that two of the most common health challenges that comes from the usage of counterfeit Airpods are headaches and migraines.

Unlike real Airpods, fake Airpods are unable to coordinate the sound of a specific frequency, which in turn disrupts the cochlea connected to the brain. With the continuous use of this device, there is more cochlea disruption, resulting in acute migraines, especially during old age.

The Problem and the Way Forward

It is obvious that the health of music listeners is at risk with the continuous use of ear devices such as earphones, earbuds, Airpods, etc. Manufacturers such as Apple Inc., Samsung, and Technology are becoming aware of the risks that these devices pose, and they are striving daily to come up with innovations that would be of better safety for our overall health.

With the market, a free place for buyers and sellers of different backgrounds and purposes, the health and safety of consumers may not be the priority, as many poor quality devices are thrown into the market.

While there remains a lot of good quality Airpods and similar devices with low or reduced health implications, there are still many fake Airpods out there in the market. It is, therefore, essential that the public becomes increasingly aware of the possible implications that Bluetooth earbuds can cause to your health.

When Shopping For Pairs Of Fake Airpods

poor casing fake airpods

Most of the clones that you find in the market are going to be of poor quality.  You should never spend over $20 for a pair of imitation AirPods because all the replicas are pretty much the same, with the exception of the ones that steal the intellectual property of Apple.  You can pay up to $100 for a completely fake pair that may last you a few months before they break down, so maybe just treat yourself to an aftermarket set of pink airpods or something cool that will not hurt your pocketbook.   Airpod users should also be aware of the health concerns covered in the article and should avoid using them constantly throughout the day.

The Biggest Concern: Bacteria Growing and Accumulating On Airpods.


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If you ever owned a pair of fake AirPods or even authentic AirPods you will notice that they get dirty extremely fast over time.    We place our AirPods on surfaces like tabletops,  yoga mats, and without even realizing that they could be coming in contact with germs and bacteria.   One new fact of life is that many are being extra cautious with sharing personal items such as in-ear headphones with others during the pandemic.  Imagine you lent your AirPods to a friend or family member and they came back full of ear gunk and visible dirt.   How do you clean them without damaging them to the point of no return.


The solution is simple!  Order your very own airport cleaning kit it will prevent the spread of germs and bacteria your earbuds will accumulate over time.  The kit comes with a special anti-magnetic brush that has bristles tiny enough to clean out any unwanted debris around the speaker area and also the case that builds up with dirt also.   One of the unique and most effective ways to clean AirPods is by using the special putty that comes with the kit.   The non-static putty will bond to all the hard to clean crevices of the AirPods and remove dirt without damaging or leaving a sticky residue behind like most types of putty or even chewing gum — which some people have tried.


If youre going to invest in an expensive set of earphones or just want to keep your AirPods in their best condition at all times $12.99 is a small price to pay to keep them dirt-free and being mindful of hygiene.