Training in high elevation is one of the best ways to strengthen your respiratory system, enhance your body’s ability to use oxygen, and increase red blood cell production in your bloodstream.

Prolonged exposure to high altitudes increases your body’s VO2 maximum levels (known simply as VO2 max), which optimizes the body’s ability to use oxygen. It also has the dual effect of increasing EPO levels, which are a type of hormone that encourages red blood cell production.

FDBRO Elevation Mask for sport

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of all, as red blood cells carry oxygen to muscles and greatly enhance endurance.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of EPO levels in athletes.

EPO injections are the reason why Lance Armstrong got banned from his sport for life, as it undoubtedly greatly improved his performance and endurance, which resulted in multiple wins at the Tour De France and in other competitions.

Thankfully, there is a totally legal way to increase EPO production by training in high elevations.

However, not all of us live on Mount Everest. What is the next best solution?

The best investment right now for those who want to enhance their physical endurance is an FDBRO Elevation Mask.

Currently, investing in a FDBRO Elevation Mask has the additional benefit of helping to protect against COVID-19 infections, and as we all know, many stores now require them to be worn prior to entry.

Fdbro mask covid19

Right now is the ideal time to purchase and start using an elevation mask, mainly because of one commonly misunderstood aspect of elevation masks: in order to truly maximize the benefits of an elevation mask, it is recommended that they be worn as much as possible rather than just during workouts.

Many who use elevation masks wear these while training but neglect to wear them when it is most beneficial and easy to do so, like when you are at your home watching television or doing errands.

Training Mask Covid 19

With COVID-19 forcing many to wear masks on a consistent basis, the time has never been better to incorporate this into your health and fitness routine.

FDBRO Elevation Mask

What Is The Science Behind Elevation Masks?

FDBRO Elevation Mask is your best choice of mask, whether you are looking to enhance your peak performance or looking to buy a mask to protect against the spread of novel coronavirus.

They FDBRO Elevation Mask has been scientifically proven to enhance your ventilatory threshold (VT) by strengthening pulmonary muscles. It also improves the respiratory compensation threshold (RVT, or VT2), which refers to the point at which lactic acid begins to build up in the body, and is an indicator of strong exercise performance.

“The ventilatory threshold is the primary limiting factor of endurance capacity,” says Dr. John Porcari from the University of Wisconsin, who leads research teams in Exercise Science. “Making improvements there is potentially very exciting.”

One reason that elevation masks enhance breathing capabilities is by increasing the amount of CO2 in the air you breathe, slowly acclimating your body to function with lower levels of oxygen.

An elevation mask causes your lung muscles to work harder for oxygen via inspiratory muscle training, which will help strengthen your thoracic diaphragm (i.e., one of your core muscles).

There are also some psychological effects to elevation masks as well. Limiting your supply of oxygen can cause physical and emotional stress to your body. This mimics the excitement and anticipation an athlete feels when he is in front of an audience competing in a high-stakes competition. Getting accustomed to this stress, and performing well while limiting distracting thought processes, is another benefit of the elevation mask.

Of course, looking like a supervillian from a Batman movie may also have negative psychological effects on your opponents – but there have been no studies on that, as of yet.

FDBRO Elevation Mask

Altitude training mask covid 19

The FDBRO Elevation Mask is your ideal choice for elevation masks for several reasons.

The mask comes in several colors, and comes apart for easy washing.

Elevation Mask for Covid19

There is a dial at the bottom of the mask that enables you to adjust for up to six elevation levels, or oxygen resistance levels.

The straps are stretchy and comfortable but also are made of a material that is resistant to slipping or becoming loose due to sweat.

The Perfect Mask For Both Strength and Protection

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The mask is also ideal for those looking to protect themselves from airborne viruses or who are required to wear masks in order to gain entry into certain establishments.

The mask becomes a symbol of strength rather than fear when you know that you are also training your respiratory muscles to be stronger while wearing it, even when not exercising.

As we have seen, having a strong respiratory system is vital to fighting off respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19. Healthy individuals and those without pre-existing respiratory conditions have a much higher chance of quickly recovering if infected with a respiratory illness, and wearing an elevation mask is a great way of strengthening your lung muscles.

The mask is easy to take apart and wash, which makes it much less likely to be a biohazard, like disposable masks. Cotton masks are convenient but pose a real public health hazard after being disposed of, especially if your method of disposal is the garbage can in your house where it will potentially sit for days.

The mask also helps protect lungs against irritants from pollutants, which is a common problem for those who live in the city. It has the added benefit for those who wear glasses, the mask will not fog them as you breathe, which is the case with many other disposable masks.

According to Dr. Timothy Craig, founder of the Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Training Program at Penn State, the mask also may help those who have asthma. The mask does this not only by protecting from viruses and environmental pollutants, but by increasing the warmth and humidity of the air being received into the lungs. Asthmatics should start at lower levels and consult their doctor prior to use in order to enhance potential benefits.

Why You Should Invest In An Elevation Mask NOW

FDBRO Training Mask Virus Proof

It has been scientifically proven that training at high elevations can enhance athletic performance. Although most of us don’t have the luxury of living on top of a mountain, we can all invest in the FDBRO Elevation Mask.

It is one of the easiest ways to train your respiratory muscles and enhance your endurance while working out, and the time has never been better with many states making masks mandatory in certain situations.

The timing is even better now when you consider that wearing elevation masks during everyday activities can provide the most benefits, rather than just wearing them when working out.

Four months ago, you would have gotten a mix of perplexed and frightened stares if you walked around the grocery store with a mask on. Now, of course, such practices are not only common, but are often legally mandated.

Even when the coronavirus public health scare is over, you will still be able to benefit from the use of an elevation mask, which will enhance your athletic capacity.

Don’t just protect yourself, perfect yourself. Invest in an elevation mask that will protect you from viruses as well as strengthen your respiratory system and core muscles, enabling you to reach fitness levels you never have before.

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