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Copper ion training masks utilize the natural healing properties of copper, aside from being 99.99%  antimicrobial they provide a hundred times more protection that your standard cloth mask which can get easily contaminated by leaving it in your pockets or placing it on surfaces that have come into exposure with viruses and germs.

Here’s What First Led Me To The Copper Ion Training Mask.

What’s the best way to take matters into your own hands to protect yourself from COVID-19?

Social distancing, we know, significantly helps in minimizing our chances of contracting the virus.

Which is great! But what if we’d like to go out?

Well then, we wear masks. We sanitize and clean often. We maintain social distance, even with masks on, or even with recently having sanitized our hands. That way, we’re even less likely to catch or spread the virus.

At least one could hope.

Personally, I’ve experienced several moments of deep anxiety after acquiring a “sick taste”  in my mouth or getting a stuffy nose, following questionable usage of my mask or safety etiquette.

Say, to elaborate, I take a bite of my food without sanitizing my hands because I forgot, or I really wanted that french fry. Most likely acquiring this confidence from having not gotten sick the last time I really wanted a french fry and “forgot.”

Say again, I accidentally touch my face after touching a store door, or god forbid a gas pump.

The, “Oh no’s,” and “I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me,” would start popping up like fireworks.

Have you ever walked into a crowded area, perhaps the outside seating section of a restaurant, or maybe a drug store, and forgot your mask? If someone near you didn’t request it, did you immediately go to retrieve your mask?

Now although that would be wise, that would mean your mask is located on a surface somewhere. A surface, that unless it is undoubtedly safe, also increases the risk of you contracting the virus. Simply from putting your mask on. Have you considered this?

some of us don’t take heavy precautions

Some of Us Don’t Take Heavy Precautions

It’s hard to always be on your P’s and Q’s in this pandemic.

We’re not all wiping down every door handle we come across like we were 7 months ago.

And, as time passes, and more of us don’t catch the virus, the mindset of disrespecting the seriousness of the virus will inevitably grow.

Unless I’m the only one who’s hit these different preference levels of how they personally protect themself. But I doubt it.

Regardless, I am aware that there are a number of factors that go into play in how one chooses to live their life in the midst of this global epidemic. There’s a multitude of factors, also, outside of our control, contributing to the likelihood of us catching the virus.

If I’m not staying home all the time, if I wish to return to “normal life,” there’s an insurmountable number of circumstances that at the very least, increase my likelihood of catching COVID, right?

Namely, people who have the virus and whether they have been, or are currently at, where I’m at.

Whether they wore a mask, thus decreasing the likelihood of them contaminating me, any other people, or surfaces around them.

My own, personal usage masks and other items, of course, and how I conduct myself with these things.

And several other contributing elements.

In these past 7 months, I’ve experienced a number of situations that have left me with an unstable sense of security, in terms of both my methods to stay safe and the areas I presume to be the most dangerous.

According to Healthline, some of the top places to catch COVID-19 are: bars, hair and nail salons, public pools and beaches, churches and concert halls, dining areas, and workplaces.

Truthfully, since quarantine originally began in March, I’ve been to most of these places. I wore a mask, of course, in most instances, especially if around a large group of people, regardless if I were outdoors.

However, as I’ve yet to experience any symptoms of the virus, nor have I heard of any reports of those who’ve I interacted with, whilst wearing or not wearing a mask, of them experiencing any symptoms ᠆ aside from the “sick taste” and stuffy nose I experienced, which lasted for a day  ᠆ then I have reasonably come to the conclusion that my precautions thus far have been adequate.

Adequate enough, that is.

Because there’s always that little bit of doubt. That,  “What if this is the accidental face touch that gets me?” “What if this is the time I catch COVID because I put my mask in my pocket?” The pocket where I put my phone, and keys, and hands. The phone, keys, and hands that touch all different sorts of handles, and tables, and silverware, and other people’s hands. With inconsistent hand sanitation in between these touches and the touching of my face, even.

There’s a lot of touching going on here.

Anyway, the point is that I don’t always know if I’m being as safe as possible. And while it’s my personal responsibility to manage what I touch, who I associate with, and where I go, there will certainly be times when I’m out, and items I have with me, like my mask or keys, for example, that may come into contact with surfaces that I have the slightest clue as to whether they are safe or not.

And this uncertainty, on top of the uncertainty, already present with simply the times we’re living in, is stressful to deal with. That, I can say firmly.

Fortunately, there is a way to ease some of these safety doubts, and add an extra layer of security to my personal protection plan. My PPP, if you will.


Given the Circumstances, What’s the Best Solution?

Spectral Body, a fitness attire company, has pioneered the Copper Ion Training Mask designed for gym users, which can also be worn for everyday uses.

copper training mask

It features:

  • Adjustable straps
  • 100% Copper Infusion
  • 100% Machine Washable
  • Antimicrobial inside and out
  • An Extra Protective Layer Suitable for Exercise
  • Adjustable to Any Size (Good for the kids)

& it’s

  • Odorless.

If you’re unfamiliar, copper kills bacteria and germs on contact due to its antimicrobial properties. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, antimicrobial substances refer to agents naturally created or synthetically designed, with the purpose of inhibiting the development of microorganisms. Kinda like hand soap, which is antibacterial.

Antibacterial, however, is not as efficient, in terms of protection from microorganisms. The reason being, while the products infused with antibacterial properties will minimize the number of bacteria present on that product ᠆ like how soap kills germs ᠆  antimicrobial infused products also inhibit the spread of nasty microorganisms like fungi, algae, and dust mites, on top of the suppression of bacteria.

Meaning, Spectral Body’s Copper Ion Training Mask, with its 100% copper infusion, promises to protect me to the maximum. The fact that it’s antimicrobial both inside and out with its special antimicrobial copper woven fabric that would provide me the convenience of placing my mask down, without the accompanying thought of, “What if Rona gets me this time?”

This type of protection would be especially useful in places where multiple people touch the same surface over and over, like gyms. Dumbbells, keypads, basketballs. All receive a lot of hand touches throughout the day from a number of different people.

wokout without mask

And though many gyms are taking necessary precautions to limit the spread of the virus, there may still be a chance that the virus could reside on the different surfaces in the facility. Especially with some gyms allowing members to remove their facemask while working out.

Sure, they could store their mask in their pocket to avoid leaving it on the floor or on the equipment even. However, and in reiteration, our pockets come into contact with a plethora of different objects. Many of which have already come into contact with a number of other items and surfaces. Thus, increasing the likelihood, yet again, of one of these straws being the one that broke the camel’s back.

A straw, that with the right care, we can hopefully avoid pulling.

It’s the extra reassurance I think a lot of us need. Research has indicated that if more people wore masks that were designed to not only protect the user with being a defensive shield from bacteria but also had the ability to kill microorganisms on contact, we’d most likely see a significant decrease in the spread of coronavirus.

Copper-infused masks do just this.

copper face mask

Overall, Why You Should Really Consider Wearing A Copper Ion Training Mask Vs. Cloth Mask

We’ve been in this pandemic since March. It’s been 7 months going on 8, and people, as I’m sure you’ve seen, still want to go out.

Although we can’t stop people from living their lives, we can at least protect ourselves in the best way possible, both physically and mentally. Physically, by wearing masks and adhering to proper safety regulations. Mentally, by doing this with the best-suited equipment for the job.

If you’d like to order one of their Copper Ion Training Masks, click here.

They guarantee satisfaction, offer easy returns, and can ship the mask to you within a matter of 3 days.

In order to protect yourself, I implore you to take action using the best tools possible.

I wish you good health and happy living.

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