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You can compare the male hormones to a see-saw.  Finding the right equilibrium and having your hormone levels balanced correctly is crucial to being strong and healthy.  As men, we strive to keep our natural testosterone levels as normal as humanly possible. Why should we settle for mediocre workouts and low energy when we can have the testosterone of a crazed bulldog?!

Estrogen plays an important role in a man’s body, but if it is not balanced correctly, it can create a whole laundry list of personal and health issues.

Please let me apologize in advance because some of the issues I’m about to discuss can be sensitive to some.

What Happens When I Have High Estrogen Levels?

  • Infertility. Believe it or not but estrogen is a hormone that regulates your sperm count it can create problems creating new sperm and possibly a newfound career in the adult film industry.
  • Gynecomastia. It is a nasty side effect caused by an increased high estrogen level it can cause an abnormal amount of breast tissue to develop than what is normal in the male anatomy. This irregular condition is called gynecomastia. The amount of tissue that develops in your chest can be excessive and result in gynecomastia, a slang term for this condition is called “bitch tits” which comes from improper steroid use with gym-goers and bodybuilders.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED). Raised estrogen levels can also hurt you in the bedroom, high amounts of estrogen in the body can disrupt the balance of hormones that help you sustain an erection and stay erect. This also can happen if you suffer from low testosterone levels too.
  • Slowed growth. High estrogen can also affect adolescents and teens; it can stunt your growth and muscle development during the puberty stage.
  • Reduced sex drive is another symptom that can occur.
  • Increased Estrogen can always make you feel exhausted,  your energy plummets and you lose motivation to do everyday activities and live a happy life.
  • When your testosterone levels drop and your estrogen goes up you will notice a dramatic loss in muscle mass.
  • Instant feelings that you’re hot (hot flashes)
  • Loss of focus can be attributed to high estrogen which can cause problems in school or your career.

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What Causes Abnormal Estrogen Levels In Men?

To dive into the cause and how estrogen levels spike in males is due to weight gain. Our fat cells contain aromatase, these cells store large quantities of estrogen.

The higher the body fat percentage you store, the more estrogen you can accumulate.  To counter this you must be mindful of your diet, take supplements and exercise regularly. As you make these changes to your lifestyle you will start to lower stored body fat and your estrogen levels will start to fade.

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The Cold Hard Facts on Estrogen Rebounding

Let me address this elephant in the room, STEROIDS.  They can act as a form of mood elevators which can be similar to anti-depressants in contrast.   Once someone finishes a steroid cycle it causes “estrogen rebound.”

Most steroids give you an invincible aggressive feeling like you can put your face through a wall.  The highs of steroids can be short-lived and your body while on these highs will automatically produce estrogen to match your testosterone levels as a natural reaction.

When you stop using the testosterone amplifying drugs your estrogen level can continue to rise and rapidly giving you side effects and feelings of depression.  The bigger and longer the cycle you do can determine the severity of these side effects.

I’m, not one to judge, promote or advise people on the choices they make but from what I’ve seen is that using an estrogen blocker is imperative when experimenting with any sort of testosterone replacement therapy.

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What Kind Of Diet Can I Eat To Control Estrogen Levels?

You should reflect on your diet and monitor the foods you eat if you think your estrogen levels are too high.

Some foods you should try and avoid that cause high estrogen are:

Milk & Dairy

Lots of farms in the country give female cows, high amounts of estrogen to ramp up the output of milk they produce. Drinking milk can possibly spike your estrogen levels.


Getting drunk every day is not only unhealthy for you you but there has been a connection found that alcohol can raise the level of estrogen in your blood.  It also may elevate some of the effects of low testosterone and cause weight gain.

Cereal and Grains

When analyzing grains they contain fungi named Zearalenone that has been known to cause the production of estrogen in the body.  European experts found that 32% of the favorite cereals today contain Zearalenone which is not disclosed on the packaging.

Some Foods That Can Help You Lower Estrogen Are:

One Of The Best Foods To Block Estrogen Production

super mario eating mushroom


Remember playing Super Mario Bros on Nintendo?  You would eat a mushroom in the game and grow 3 times bigger. Well, there’s some truth and science behind the video game. Certain varieties of mushrooms, including white button and portobello, can raise your testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels while at the same time acting as a great source of potassium. This makes the white button mushroom one of the best natural estrogen blockers.

Are Estrogen Blockers For Men Safe?

There is limited data on the natural remedies above, so it’s hard to claim there is a guaranteed method to solve high estrogen complications overnight.  My rule of thumb is to always read the labels on supplements and if there are way too many ingredients within the product I skip it automatically.

Most supplement companies source their goods from less desirable sources and the truth is that next to none are regulated by the FDA. You should always look for reputable supplement brands that are based in Canada or the USA with GMP certification.  It’s truly hard to determine what you’re really getting inside the bottle.

Estro One by Nutraone,  The Best Estrogen Blocker Available

If you’re looking for a reputable company that is homegrown and GMP certified Nutra One is your best pick among estrogen blockers.

Estro One is one of the best quality estrogen blockers that you will probably find.  You can try Estro One at our risk. It’s one of our stores most popular selling supplements amongst males dealing with estrogen rebound.

The 30-pill supply, which you take daily (morning + evening), contains only 4 key natural ingredients, so in my books it’s a YES!

Estro One Quadruples As The Ultimate Estrogen Regulator

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1.White Button Mushroom Extract 10:1

White button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporous) are a potential breast cancer chemopreventive agent, as they suppress aromatase activity and estrogen biosynthesis.

2.Acacetin 4′-methoxy-5 7-dihydroxyflavone

Acacetin has anti-aromatase properties. Aromatase is the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen, so by regulating the aromatase enzyme you can help balance healthy testosterone and estrogen levels.


This is produced by the breakdown of the glucosinolate glucobrassicin, which can be found at relatively high levels in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, collard greens, and kale.


This ingredient derived from cruciferous veggies after consumption was detectable in thyroid tissues, serum, and urine of subjects after 14 days of supplementation. Urine tests showed that DIM balanced estrogen metabolism in subjects.

Final thoughts on Estrogen Blockers

healthy estrogen levels

Think of what you have to look forward too with the perfect balance of testosterone and estrogen in your body.  Maintaining healthy estrogen levels is important because failure to do so can turn into a bigger problem down the road. I am not a medical expert nor can I offer medical advice, so always consult with a doctor or physician if you feel you are experiencing extreme hardships balancing your estrogen.  In the end, all that matters is that you can live a healthy and happy life.

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