cost to drink alkaline water

Despite what most people assume, alkaline water is not a luxury consumed only by the wealthy and the middle to upper class. I spent a month studying how much it would cost the average consumer to drink alkaline water for an entire year. In this detailed article, I will reveal the results.

Evidence shows that Americans are ditching soda and drinking 38% more water compared to 2008.  

Updated dietary guidelines for fluid intake recommend that women should drink 2.7 liters a day and that men should drink 3.7 liters a day. Converted into 16.9 fl oz bottles, that equals:

  • Men: 7.3 bottles (16.9 fl oz water bottle)
  • Women: 5.3 bottles (16.9 fl oz water bottle)

The study’s recommendations are based upon total fluid intake, but if you’re looking to lose weight a huge change you can make to your diet is removing all other liquids, Juices, Soda, Milk, and alcohol from your diet. This would be an extremely hard task for some, so I would like to base my pricing model on half the recommended daily amount so that it will still make a meaningful impact in your life and allow you to drink more water. 

 Realistic water intake:

  • Men 3 bottles (16.9 fl oz per bottle)
  • Women 2 bottles (16.9 fl oz per bottle)

Think of how this would decrease your grocery bills each month. Although you would still be left with the cost of buying alkaline water, alkaline water is amazing for weight loss and jam-packed with health benefits.

The current median cost of a bottle of alkaline water is approximately 1 dollar (based on 10 of the nation’s most popular alkaline water brands).

The Annual Cost Of Drinking Bottled Alkaline Water:

man and woman drinking bottled water

Male = $1095

Female = $730

Average = $912

This model is an approximation, there are many other factors such as body mass, age, activity level, and climate conditions. Let these numbers sink in for a moment, the bottled water industry is projected to be valued at $334 billion by 2023.

Top Methods of Sourcing Alkaline Water

Don’t be taken in by the idea that you only have to buy your alkaline water in bottle form. There are multiple ways to obtain this invigorating water, such as in-home alkaline water systems, local water dispensers (where you can refill your 5-gallon containers) and even going as far as creating your alkaline water from scratch.  

The general public purchases water in a variety of ways. Some prefer the convenience and are content with buying an overpriced bottle of Fiji water after they finish pumping gas or when out for lunch. Some thrifty consumers that buy their bottled alkaline water from Costco by the caseload.  

I think that you’ll all agree that we all want to pay as little as possible for this alkaline enriched commodity.

Bottled Alkaline Water Brands

Here are the top 10 Alkaline water brands of 2020 and an unofficial rating scale. Bottled alkaline water is a fast-growing segment in the beverage industry and most people lose perspective of how much they are spending each year on these brands.

Based on eBay pricing and over 2000 reviews:

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Environmental Impact of Discarded Alkaline Water Bottles

alkaline water bottles landfill

Drinking bottled water will cost you more than just money, the generations after us will pay the price. According to information from Harvard Health, more than 17 million barrels of oil are needed each year to create enough plastic water bottles to satisfy America’s demand. Sadly, 86% of water bottles never find their way into the recycling bin, they instead make their way to our many landfills.  

Every second of the day, over 1000 people drink a bottle of water in this country alone. As a nation, people throw away more than 60 million plastic water bottles, the vast majority of which end up in landfills. The consumption rate of water has been increasing by 10% each year, and the demand and waste of water bottles have skyrocketed to unprecedented rates.

So what’s the big issue with a few million bottles ending up a landfill? The problem is it takes approximately 1000 years for a single water bottle to decompose. It is estimated that there are nearly 2 million tons of empty bottles rotting in our landfills as we speak. These cause an array of health issues relating to cancer as well as health complications for the public.

Convinced? We should be raising awareness and informing our family and friends instead of lining the pockets of big corporations like Dasani (owned by Coca-Cola) and Fiji Water (The Wonderful Company ltd.). You can do your part by drinking from reusable water bottles while also saving money at the same time.

Can Drinking From Plastic Bottles Harm You?

Local Alkaline Water Dispensers

woman carrying 5 gallon water

Getting your alkaline water locally is another option. You can refill your empty 5-gallon water jugs with alkaline water. Typically, an empty 5-gallon jug goes for $10, but a tendency for these small size businesses is to up-charge the containers. When all is said and done, you are spending a total of 30 dollars for a full jug of alkaline water. Depending on the store, the price of alkaline water is typically around $1.99 per gallon.  It is said that the average American consumes 58 gallons per year, which means you will be making a single visit every month to your local alkaline water store.

Even though this is a cheaper method of enjoying alkaline water, it is just not convenient for some. Carrying 5-gallon bottles is very strenuous. In fact, lately, I have been lifting them in my at-home fitness workouts. My neighbor even saw me squatting with one as a makeshift weight. She asked me,

“How much does a 5-gallon bottle of water weigh”?

The answer is 41.7 lbs., not including the weight of the plastic bottle.

With this being said, you need a vehicle to transport the water to your home, which can be a problem for some. Additionally, weaker and elderly individuals can have issues lifting and moving these containers.

You Will Need A Water Cooler

One more factor is that you will probably prefer a water dispenser so that you can easily access a cup of water whenever you feel like it. Trying to pour water straight from the 5-gallon jug into a small cup can be a pain. Trust me, I have been there! Common water dispensers will cost around $100 on average, but, unfortunately, it’s usually inconvenient to find a location to put one if you’re living in a smaller apartment and/or have limited kitchen space.

So, to summarize, you’re looking at:

Total Estimated Costs = $100 water cooler + $20 initial 5-gallon bottle + 57 Gallons of Alkaline Water (around $1.99 + tax per gallon) = ~$240

In-Home Alkaline Water Filtration Systems


The second most expensive way to have access to alkaline water is the in-home water filtration systems that are outrageously overpriced. The entire industry has suffered a black eye because of Kangen multi-level marketing (MLM) tactics. Desperate salespeople and associates are thirsty (no pun intended) for commissions to distribute amongst their pyramid of participants. It’s mind-blowing that not only can a Kangen in-home system cost you nearly $4900 to get set up, the filters are supposed to be replaced every 6 months at an additional cost of $99 per kit.

From combing through all the information on the web about in-home water systems, the majority of companies are all stepping on each other’s toes trying to establish market dominance, but the truth is that they are just all overpriced and impractical for the average American family to invest in.

Total Estimated Cost = $4900 in-home water system + $200 filter replacements = $5100

Alkaline Blue Personal Water Filtration

alkaline water filter pitcher

Consider buying the Rolls Royce of alkaline water bottles, the Alkaline Blue. With the Alkaline Blue, you can transform your tap water to 9.2 pH in 3 minutes with a simple press of a button. Since this bottle is priced at just $99, you should ask yourself if you can afford not to buy one today, especially if you’re sincere about pursuing an alkaline diet.  

Alkaline Blue, unlike other Alkaline water bottles, does not require changing filters, which is an inconvenience with other primitive bottles sold today. This bottle comes with a built-in water ionizer in the base and puts the water through an ionization process while its bactericidal UV light kills viruses and pathogens that could be found in your tap or bottled water.

By opting for a reusable borosilicate glass bottle (high-quality glass) you can do your part to help the environment and prevent many plastic bottles from ending up in our countries’ landfills. 

Forget what you may have heard about alkaline water being too expensive, you can make this smart investment for your health for just a fraction of the cost compared to all of the alkaline water alternatives.

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Final Thoughts 

I hope this article has been eye-opening to many people who were wondering how much they are spending on bottled alkaline water and the negative impact that it is having on our planet. No other alkaline water system offers you the quality, affordability, and overall COOL factor provided by Alkaline Blue. Try Alkaline Blue risk-free for a month and see how it makes your life easier and drinking water more enjoyable. You would have to pay a princely sum for an Alkaline water system, and, with us, no pushy MLM salespeople will call you. Alkaline Blue pays for itself many times over.