Buying Fake Airpods

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Buying Fake Airpods? Are you considering getting yourself a pair of fake Airpods? In this article I will compare and contrast the new Apple Airpods Pro and the HD Airpods 3.0. In your lifetime you have probably seen one or many of Apple’s commercials featuring Airpods and wondered whether they were worth the hype. Walking into any gym in the country you will see more than half of the crowd wearing these small white earpieces. The worst experience you can have during the week is showing up to the gym and noticing your forgot to bring your headphones or noticing your wireless in ear headphones are completely dead. You are victim to listening to top 40 pop music personally curated by the gyms staff or hearing the person beside you on a work call. Lets not forget the most annoying a jack-ass grunting excessively on every set. Noise drowning headphones have become a staple for many gym-goers and are considered mandatory for every workout without them you cant help to feel unmotivated. So buying a quality pair of in ear headphones is a necessity. Do you really want to spend over 249.99 for the new Airpods Pro only to have a new design come out the following year. If you can sacrifice authenticity the Spectral Body HD Airpods might be the way to go! How Good Are The Fakes? One of the reasons consumers love Airpods comes down to their simplicity. With a flip of a case and putting the Airpods in your ears they instantly pair. One of the functions most important to me is the automatic pause, for example when someone approaches you in the gym and asks if your using weight or something you usually have to interrupt your favorite song to politely answer the person. With Airpods you can just remove one of the earbuds and your song will pause, when you place the earbud back into you ear the song conveniently resumes. This is the most useful function that is absent from most of the copy cat Airpods and since I only wear my Airpods in the gym this small missing feature leads me to contemplate if paying 249.99 for the new Airpods Pro version is steep vs paying 19.99 for HD Airpods that are nearly identical and get the job done. The Sound Factor The most common question people ask me after selling headphones for over 2 years is "how is the sound"? Sound is a very important factor to many who want to listen to their favorite jams in the best sound quality. For 19.99 HD Airpods you are not really going to get the same exact sound as real deal Apple Airpods that use the H1 chipset. Most of the copycat brands in the fake Airpod market use inferior chipsets. From experience its really hard to describe what something exactly sounds like, you need to try a pair for yourself to experience them. From trying