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Required Knowledge on How To Use Alkaline Water To Clean Fruits and Vegetables

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  When buying fruits or vegetables its common practice and recommended to always wash before consuming. I found out that Alkaline water works better than tap water when rinsing your vegetables because it obliterates acidic pesticides and herbicides while absorbing into the food which makes it taste fresher. Regular tap water is neutral and sometimes acidic so it does not neutralize the pesticides that well. Alkaline water has a higher pH so it has a reaction with acid so it strips away toxic residues left behind on your vegetables like pesticides and herbicides.     How Hazardous is it To Consume Pesticides, Can Alkaline Water Be The Best Treatment? Eating fruits and vegetables straight from the produce aisle without sanitizing them could be bad for your digestive health. When buying organic they claim foods are pesticide-free and you definitely pay the price but sometimes organic can be way more toxic than regular produce. Many of our fruits and veggies have been exposed to Glyphosate which is one of the most-used herbicides in the US. Farmers must use appropriate safety gear when handling it because it has been known to cause them headaches, lung problems and sometimes death from the vapors. Rotenone is another pesticide used in organic farming which can be 50 times even more toxic. It has been known to cause deaths and has led to Parkinson's disease in farmers. Even though these chemicals do not directly come into contact with the edible parts of our food but it is still alarming that our fruits come into contact with these harmful pesticides. Not all produce is sourced from the United States, In other countries agricultural standards are different and the product can be very toxic for us over time even in trace amounts.     Some Of The Most Harmful Pesticides Are:   Pentachlorophenol Pentachlorophenol was once one of the most widely used biocides in the United States, but it is now a restricted use pesticide and is no longer available to the general public. Other countries still use this pesticide. 2. Lindane This pesticide/insecticide was banned in the United States as of 2006 it is a highly toxic pesticide that's been around since the 1950s. After a lengthy review by the Environmental Protection Agency, they discovered that Lindane causes damages to the human nervous system, liver, and immune system. 3. Carbamate Carbamate pesticides are derived from carbamic acid and kill insects in a similar fashion as organophosphate insecticides. They are widely used in homes, gardens, and agriculture. New evidence indicates that long-term exposure to carbamate may cause neurological disorders. 4.Organophosphates Organophosphates are a group of human-made chemicals that poison insects and mammals. Organophosphates are the most widely used insecticides today. They are used in agriculture, the home, gardens, and veterinary practice. Organophosphate insecticides (such as diazinon) are one type of pesticide that works by damaging an enzyme in the body called acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme is critical for controlling nerve signals in the body. The damage to this enzyme kills pests and may cause unwanted

The Alkaline Water Armageddon

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The Coronavirus has created a public health crisis and a bottled water buying frenzy. In times of national emergencies drinking water is one of the biggest concerns. Shopping carts are filled to the top with bulky and expensive water, With a heightened sense of panic and fear, many believe that we could run out of water or if they succumb to the illness they have to self-quarantine and not have access to clean water. Using Bottled Water To Grow Seeds Of Doubt and Fear There have been viral images and videos of stores across the nation completely sold out, empty shelves, long line ups, and customers ready to devour each other alive over a case of water. In times of desperation, it can really bring out the ugly in people. Hoarding water has now become the norm, it is expected that price gouging for bottled water was sure to happen. Earlier today I saw a local seller on offer up (mobile marketplace) asking for $150 for a case of Aquafina. While in some states price gouging is illegal it will not stop people from trying. Bottled Water Price Gouging Numerous reports of price gouging are taking place during this crises particularly in parts of California. A state of emergency was declared in California on March 4, making it illegal to raise the price of necessary goods and services by more than 10%. Violators could face one year in prison or jail and a fine up to $10,000. “This is not a time to profit from challenging times,” said Fresno City Councilmember Luis Chavez. “Unscrupulous vendors will be fined and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for price gouging. Seniors and vulnerable populations need to have access to hygienic and disinfectant supplies. Everyone’s health depends on it. The more precautions we take now, the faster we can overcome this situation.” Why Not Just Drink Tap Water   It is said that water facilities can deliver up 900,000 gallons of water each day, in the likelihood of a national shutdown we will have enough tap water to go around. Tap water also is treated with a combo of ozonation, filtration, and chlorination. When we breakdown the process of Chlorination it is particularly good at destroying things like viruses and disinfecting the whole system. Access to running water for hand-washing to impede the spread of the coronavirus is critical, but in Washington, some utilities serving this high-risk area of the pandemic have decided to halt water shut-offs for customers with unpaid bills. Other communities have only committed to being more flexible with customers who are delinquent on payments. There are more than 151,000 community drinking water systems across the United States. They are run by municipalities, collectives and private companies. All these companies are mandated to state and local laws. And as the country struggles to hinder the widespread of the coronavirus, local governments, and utility

Percussion Massagers – The Secret Weapon Against Cellulite

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Discover a new proven massage method to get rid of cellulite that is sending shockwaves through the industry and putting massage and med spas out of business. The Quantum percussion massager is the easiest to use and cost-effective way to shrink cellulite away for good. Cellulite is more common than we think, with a study conducted in the united states it reveals that 98% of women have shown interest in cellulite removal. What is Cellulite Cellulite is a harmless skin condition that causes unsmooth, dimpled skin on the hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.  Cellulite is more common in women than men Its caused when after puberty estrogen starts to decrease in your body and you begin to lose receptors in blood vessels.  This causes a lack of circulation, oxygen, and nutrition in these problematic areas of your body and a decrease in collagen production. Fat cells also become larger which causes them to protrude through the collagen and becomes cellulite. This being said it has nothing to do with your body fat percentage. Cellulite is not a sign of obesity.  One of the myths dispelled is that cellulite only appears in overweight or in people that are not healthy but that is far from the truth. Cellulite can spring up on people that are thin and normal-weight too meaning that it has no relation to body fat %. Genetics are to blame with the probability of developing cellulite. If your Mother and Grandmother had cellulite conditions then you are prone to the same conditions also. Getting Rid Of Cellulite in 2020 Lots of new-age methods to treat cellulite have been surfacing over the years.  Everything from Vaccum like devices, cool sculpting - freezing methods and expensive high powered laser-based treatments that require anesthesia so self-improvement may come with a cost with these methods. Some High End Cellulite Treatments Are: Cellfina, a cellulite treatment from privately held Merz Pharmaceuticals, costs $4,000-$6,000 and provides durable results. But it comes with pain, bruising and very specific recovery instructions. Cellulaze is an evasive type of therapy that uses laser energy to liquefy and remove the pockets of unwanted fat.  It can cost $4500 for the first area and $2000 each additional area. Patients can have bruising from 4-6 weeks following Cellulaze treatment. generally, patients are instructed to wear compression garments for 2 weeks day and night then the following 2 weeks at nighttime only. It takes generally 3 months to see results from Cellulaze Coolsculpting is a nonevasive FDA approved way to freeze away certain areas of fat away from the body but NYC based dermatologist  Douglas Steinbrech, MD says “CoolSculpting isn't for cellulite—it's meant to reduce a firm bulge of fat beneath the skin, not the skin itself," Self-improvement may come with some pain risks and hefty costs with these methods so most people are looking for a holistic solution to cure cellulite. Topical Cellulite Treatments That Work. Many types of research have found that

4 Incredible Ways To Make Alkaline Water

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Is Alkaline Water Good For You? Water is really good for you, no one is arguing that. But which waters are better for you than others? You could ask several people and get back several different answers it comes down too who you ask. While the average person is satisfied drinking tap water, there’s a large community of consumers who swear by alkaline water. Is it affordable? Is it convenient? Do you really taste the difference? , common water with added special ingredients (like antioxidants, vitamins and newly infused CBD water products) claim to deliver massive health benefits. Alkaline Water Affordability Looking at alkaline water from a corporate standpoint the publicly traded “Alkaline Water Company” inc WTER (NASDAQ) is valued at $46 million dollars and is up 21% with year over year growth. It is no surprise that the rise in alkaline water awareness has grown exponentially over time and companies are yielding large profits. The average bottle of alkaline water can cost you $2-$3 dollars at your local grocery store or gas station. Realistically the average person would not find it financially sustainable to drink alkaline water bottles constantly. Most in-home water alkaline water dispensers and filtration systems are dramatically overpriced. A simple Google search for alkaline water machines will range from $1500 low end to $4500 high-end pricing, this typically does not reflect installation prices and the cost of extended warranties. Convenience With Alkaline Water It should always be a priority to always have access to clean water. Since the beginning of time, the way people have acquired drinking water has evolved from walking miles to the village well to mobile apps that orchestrate water deliveries straight to your front door. We live in an age of automation and convenience. Most busy people today struggle just to remember to drink enough water on a day to day basis. Is it really practical to make trips to the grocery store refilling massive water containers? Or the physical demand to be carrying 36 packs of bottled water up the stairway or loading them into an elevator with the rest of your groceries. Fetching water to some is a common cause of minor injury and fatigue. Let’s face it loading fresh bottled water into your home is not a pleasant chore. Maybe based on a recent national poll by waterpolls.org they indicate that 1 out of every 3 Americans chooses to drink straight tap water. What Does Alkaline Water Taste Like? A recent study revealed that water tastes like water. As crazy as this sounds a sensory experiment was conducted with 389 subjects in France being blindfolded and taking a taste test with a popular brand of alkaline water and municipal tap water. Out of all the participants, only 36% were able to distinguish the alkaline water from the sub-par tap water. Most commented on the bitterness of tap water, the neutral taste (associated with coolness) of the alkaline water and the subtle saltiness