Planning a weekend getaway or a short vacation? Good for you! Taking time to pause and enjoy life is absolutely essential for your mental health. There are numerous, scientifically proven benefits to taking time off. Workers that vacation have lower stress, are at a lower risk of heart disease, and have a better outlook on life. In fact, studies show that allowing workers to take time off makes them even more motivated to work harder when they are back in the office. And we all know that the quality of our work is a lot more important than the quantity of it. Now, before you pack your bag, we listed a few tips and tricks to master packing the perfect weekend bag.

Weekend Bag

Unsurprisingly, Americans have been shown to be one of the hardest-working countries in the world. Americans are much more likely to work longer hours and much less likely to take time off than their global counterparts. It’s for that reason that some Americans don’t know how to plan a short vacation or even know what to pack.

It can sometimes be a little overwhelming to plan a short vacation or weekend trip. Traveling means that you will occasionally be outside of your comfort zone, in an unfamiliar area as a tourist. Many short vacations have been ruined by travelers forgetting to pack an essential item, or overpacking to the point that their luggage ties them down.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of choosing the right luggage for your short trip, and the essential items travelers forget to pack on their short stays.

Size Matters: Sometimes Smaller is Better

Tip number one: don’t pack more than you need!

Packing more than is necessary is a common occurrence. Lots of travelers think it’s safer to pack more versus less so they don’t have to worry about not having everything available to them when they are away. This is a big mistake.

When you pack more than you need, you will waste time in your hotel or Airbnb unpacking and then packing your suitcase again. You’ll spend a long time analyzing your wardrobe for what to wear. Instead, you could be quickly putting on a pre-planned outfit and heading outside to explore. More items rolling around in your suitcase increases the likelihood that something will get damaged or that you will forget something when you leave to go home.

Having a lot of heavy luggage is physically demanding as well. The last thing you want to do is be lugging heavy suitcases around the airport or carrying them from your car. When it comes time to check out of your hotel, you won’t have the flexibility to squeeze in one last activity before you head home. You’ll be weighed down by your own over-planning!

For short trips, we recommend limiting yourself to a duffle bag before packing. This pebbled leather duffle bag is a perfect size and weight for your short trips, and it looks good too! By limiting yourself to a duffle bag when packing for your weekend trip, you can make sure that you won’t pack too much and that your luggage won’t be too heavy to easily carry around.

Duffle bags often have a negative connotation, perhaps because there are so many cheap-looking and low-quality duffle bags for sale out there. We found the perfect solution to this problem with the pebbled leather duffle bag, which is a fashionable twist on a classic style. With this duffle bag, you will be sure to look good to all the new people you’ll be meeting on your vacation.

People are much more likely to be friendly and sociable on vacation, so be prepared to make new friends if you are taking time off to go traveling. Research shows that people, and especially women, are much more open to spending time with new people and even entering into romantic scenarios while they are on vacation. For that reason, it’s important that you make a good first impression. Consider investing in a stylish piece of luggage that isn’t cheap looking but also doesn’t make you pour sweat while dragging it through the parking lot.

This pebbled leather bag from Spectral Body looks like a similar Louis Vuitton model that retails for $3,100. Even though others might be fooled, you won’t be — this version from Spectral Body only costs $139. The duffle bag is genuine leather, which is apparent by the natural variations and creases in this high-quality merchandise. With this duffle bag, you will look like a frequent flyer instead of an overwhelmed tourist who is overpacked.

To be honest, there is nothing that screams, “I don’t travel much!” more than seeing someone struggle with a huge amount of luggage. You have to learn to pack smart, and that only comes with experience — or by reading this article.

What To Pack — And What To Leave Behind

To get it out of the way, we will mention the obvious items that you need to pack first. These are often forgotten by travelers, but they are, for the most part, pretty obvious. A new outfit for every day, undergarments, pajamas, your toothbrush and toothpaste, your phone charger, your passport or ID, prescription medicine, and your shaver are obvious things you don’t want to miss.

There are other important items, however, that travelers frequently miss.


Hairbrush and hair products

One common forgotten item is the hairbrush or comb along with hair styling products. Most men only use a comb when they wake up in the morning or after the shower, but it’s an essential tool for getting ready. You don’t want to be walking around with bedhead when you’re taking photos while on your vacation!

Traveling to a different location usually means there will be a change in climate and possible water quality as well, which are all things that can alter your hair for better or worse. Furthermore, you may frequently be swimming, which can affect your hairstyle. You want to be prepared to have your best hair while you are on your short trip.

Water bottle

Frequent travelers know the feeling of being parched while waiting in an airport or on a plane, or while on long drives. Unfortunately, buying a bottle of water at the airport can be extremely expensive, and a pit stop at a gas station to grab some water can add to your travel time. Hotels know very well how many travelers forget to bring water bottles on their trips. That’s why they place bottled waters in rooms and charge as much as $10 per bottle!

By purchasing an Alkaline Blue Water Bottle, you have a lightweight bottle that you can carry with you everywhere. The bottle will easily pay for itself after using it throughout your vacation versus paying for expensive and environmentally unfriendly bottled water.

Not comfortable drinking tap water from unfamiliar sources? We aren’t either — which is why we love the Alkaline Blue Water Bottle so much. Simply click the button on the base of the water bottle, and a UV light display will eliminate bacteria from the water. The bottle also alkalizes the water, which improves taste and increases your level of hydration.

Eyecare items

Many people wear glasses, but only when reading, watching TV, or on the computer. Don’t forget to bring these on your vacation — you don’t want to be unable to relax and watch the local news in your hotel room after a long day or be unable to read a map or menu.

For those that are contact lens wearers, don’t forget your contact lens case and contact lens solution! Even if you mostly wear glasses, contact lenses are a great option to have if you want to go swimming or just want to change your look for a night out. Consider bringing a spare pair of contact lenses in case one of yours falls out during the trip. It won’t take up much space in your pebbled leather duffle bag and will save you a lot of stress if you end up losing a contact lens while jumping into the water.

Sunglasses are also an essential item to pack, and also very conducive to cool selfies. Don’t forget them!

4-6 Tylenol tablets

You don’t have to bring the whole bottle, but consider packing some acetaminophen or another over-the-counter pain medication.

You might be walking around a lot or engaging in more physical activity on your vacation. This may result in some minor muscle aches. The convenience of being able to pop a Tylenol wherever you are might be the difference between a vacation on the sidelines or playing out in the field, so to speak.

Needless to say, many vacations are often accompanied by a lot of tasty margaritas or pina coladas! It is a great feeling to be able to wake up and quickly take a Tylenol after a fun night, rather than stay in bed with a headache willing yourself to get the energy to try to find and walk to the nearest drug store.


Always bring a swimsuit. Even if you don’t plan on swimming, your hotel might have a pool available or you might even be invited to use someone else’s!

You don’t want to be that guy who can’t enjoy the hot tub with the new female friend he just met because all he has is his boxer shorts. Packing an extra pair of swimming trunks or swimsuit is a great move in case the one you already used is still wet.

Moisturizer and sunscreen

Although many of you won’t listen, we’ll say it — sun damage causes cancer and will lead to your skin looking old and wrinkled before your time. Always remember to bring and apply sunscreen, even if you are dark-skinned. No one is exempt from this important step on your vacation.

Stubborn about getting a tan and unafraid of the risks? Remember to bring moisturizer, preferably one with aloe vera. This is one of the most commonly forgotten essential items. After being in the sun for a whole day, your sun can be left dry, red, and cracked. Not sexy! Especially when you consider it can be easily fixed with some moisturizer or lotion.

Gym clothes and sneakers

Most people don’t plan on going to the gym on their vacation. The focus of a holiday is to relax and enjoy oneself, so a workout at the gym doesn’t often factor in when vacationers are packing

However, your hotel might have a state-of-the-art gym that you will be aching to try, but unable to because you didn’t pack your gym clothes and sneakers. Working out on vacation will boost your energy and mood and also increase your confidence. Your hotel’s gym is also a great place to meet fellow fit travelers like yourself.

There are also some items you shouldn’t worry about packing. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are usually provided by hotels and Airbnbs. If you prefer to bring your own, see if your favorite brand sells travel sizes or, alternatively, buy small, refillable bottles and fill them with your usual brand. Additionally, most hotels will send a toothbrush kit or shaver to your room if you ever forget to bring yours.


Pack Right, Pack Light

We hope you’ve found this article about the obvious and sometimes less obvious essential items to pack. It IS possible to pack lightly and fashionably so you can be jet-set to your short vacation without looking like a newbie weighed down by too much baggage.

Restrict yourself to a duffle bag for luggage, and make sure you invest in a high-quality, fashionable piece like our pebbled leather duffle bag. You’ll want to make good first impressions and have the flexibility to do whatever you please when you’re on your holiday. Just pack, enjoy, and go wherever your heart takes you!


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