Apple Watch Water Eject


You may be experiencing water damage to your Apple watch if you don’t take the necessary precautions. No longer do you have to spend your money on expensive repairs. Here are the best ways to get water out of an Apple Watch in a snap!


When Your Apple Watch Has Taken In More Water Than a Sinking Ship.


Apple Watch Water Damaged


Most people know how to use their Apple watch but there may come a time when you discover that it is damaged by water. To protect this valuable device, here are some steps that may seem like common sense but could save your watch in case something goes wrong.

The first thing you can do is to turn your Apple Watch off as soon as possible. Most people think that the device is waterproof and that you don’t have to worry about water or other liquids. This is not true at all! To be sure, this isn’t a watch you would want to wear while taking a shower or going for a swim.

Even with these precautions, however, things sometimes happen and your watch could be damaged by liquid. To give yourself the best chance of saving it, take off the band and place it in rice or silica gel. The rice or gel will absorb any moisture before it can do any harm to your watch.

You’re not out of the woods yet! Now, you should still think about taking it to a repair service that can clean and disinfect your device. Besides cleaning your watch, the professionals will also replace any necessary parts. The process isn’t too costly either, which is another added benefit of bringing your device in for repairs.

Some people choose to do this themselves but if you aren’t too tech savvy or don’t have the time, consider bringing it to an Apple store or other reputable electronics repair service instead.


How The Water Lock Function Works On Your Apple Watch

Apple has long shipped its new Timepiece with a water-resistant casing. But what you may not know is that the Apple Watch carries a water lock function that stops it from getting any other liquid on it. This prevents physical damage should water accidentally get into your smartwatch or spill during normal usage.

You may be wondering why this feature was included in the first place since it seems like you wouldn’t want to take advantage of this feature during leisurely activities such as swimming or taking a shower. The truth is, this is actually something you should use at all times to make sure your watch stays safe and functioning properly.


How To Enable and Disable Water Lock


Apple Watch Water Lock Function


Water lock is on by default, meaning that your Apple Watch will not allow you to take it into the shower or submerge it underwater. All you need to do is access the system settings on your Apple Watch and then scroll down until you see ‘Protection’. Tap on this option and turn off the button before starting any of these watersports.

Getting your entire body submerged in water every day is something out of the ordinary, but if you do, here are some ways you can make sure your Apple Watch stays safe. You can also use some stickers to cover the buttons if you think this will help you in the long run.


Arming The Water Eject Feature In Apple Watch Series 3 & 4

Apple Watch Series 5 & 6 have a built in feature to enable the water lock. To find it you would need to go to Settings > General > Emergency SOS, from there you can turn on the Water Lock feature and customize an SOS message that will automatically send if your device detects water. This way you won’t have to worry about accidentally getting your device wet and ruining it.


Turning The Crown On Your Water Lock Will Eject Water From Your Watch


Apple Watch Turn Digital Crown


When water lock mode is engaged you can start ejecting water by turning the crown away from you . You can do this by holding the crown down for about 15 seconds.

When the Apple Watch detects the crown is turned on it will stop the water from entering. If you haven’t taken off your watch yet, it will also let you know by displaying an alert on your screen.

If you want to disable water lock before taking off your device, press and hold the crown until you see ‘water’ next to Water Lock mode on the screen. This is similar to turning off Airplane Mode on your phone if this feature has been activated automatically due to an upcoming flight.

While wearing any timepiece, turn away from water areas before taking off or putting the watch back on wrist you may experience a small amount of moisture leaving the watch out of the speaker holes.


What Apple Watch Models Are Water-Resistant


Water Resistance Apple Watch


Apple states that Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 6 have a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. You should also avoid water sports like scuba diving and water skiing that involve fast speeds.


How The Eject Water Feature Works

The Eject water feature for Apple Watches is very sophisticated and works by using an ultra-low 165Hz frequency sound wave that propels water out of the device coupled with the force of turning the crown of the watch. This applies a mechanical force that helps push water out of the speaker hole thus pushing it out of course through the mic hole which is one way sound that exits the watch.

However, if you are working with water make sure there is not a lot of splashing. Too much movement could result in waste damage to your device if something happens to move water around inside. Once you have successfully emptied your device by turning the crown away from you your Apple Watch will automatically still on its own after 5 minutes or whenever it runs out of battery power.

If you do not wish to download the app you can run this YouTube uploaded sound to help drain the water from your speaker cavity.


My Experience Using The Water Eject Function On My Apple Watch

My opinion is that it is a good way of draining water from the watch through the speaker holes, however, it does take a lot of time for the crown to drain slowly. In fact, after it has been turned off for about 3 minutes then I have to turn it back on again.

But that being said I would feel much more confident wearing my Apple Watch if the water lock was always on. It doesn’t seem right to buy a waterproof watch and not be able to take it swimming with you within reason or swim in a pool or go for a swim.


Advantages Of Having A Water-Resistant Apple Watch In Bad Weather Conditions

There are many benefits of having a waterproof smartwatch including its ability to improve safety as well as improving your overall fitness levels. For example, you can monitor your heart rate when swimming without leaving your phone behind. You can quickly measure your swimming distances, or create water-based activity challenges for yourself with friends and family.

We have also seen the benefits of waterproof smartwatches in the 2021 hurricane and flood season. We have seen many people use their Apple Watch to help keep in contact with their loved ones when they can obtain cell signals during the natural disasters in parts of New Orleans in the aftermath of the hurricane IDA.

Not only is it a great fitness tracker, but having a waterproof device also makes it easier to track our health and safety during dangerous weather conditions like hurricanes or flooding by using features like the SOS emergency contacts function on the Apple Watch.