Copper Fabric Activewear


Many people believe that copper-infused clothing can heal arthritis and relieve pain. Copper-infused clothing and braces are sold and touted by arthritis relief experts, The price of these clothing articles and the overall fit is not meant for your average person so there is an understandable amount of doubt about whether buying such a product would be worth it. Spectral Body has made the first real improvement to copper clothing in the last 20 years and you will be surprised to see some of the newer styles and how you can take advantage of the benefits of copper infused fabric.


The Origin Of Copper Infused Fabrics.

There are numerous types of copper-infused gloves and copper infused masks that are there in the marketplace and are they all the same? What exactly are copper-infused gloves and what makes them so effective at healing arthritis? Is it a modern-day miracle cure or just a rip-off?

The first pair of copper-infused gloves were originally invented by Jim Bragg in 1985. These were made from copper-infused spandex and sold under the brand name Copper Gloves USA. Other versions of the copper-infused gloves were made by a company called Flexible Materials Ltd and were designed to be worn during sports activity, not as a medical aid for arthritis or any other medical condition.

Since the first popular pair of copper-infused gloves were invented in 1985, many different types of gloves have been produced which contain a variety of different materials, sizes, and styles.

Spectral Body pioneered the first pair of full-fingered copper gloves to protect hands for weight lifters at the gym during the start of the COVID19 pandemic in March 2020. Using the same concept Spectral Body immediately began producing antiviral face masks made from copper fabric.

A copper-infused glove is a glove that has copper inserts sewn inside it. It is reported that the copper in the gloves contained up to 100% pure copper. You can view the copper content on the lab reports that Spectral Body shares with their customer base.

Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves


Why The World Is Moving In The Direction Of Copper Activewear

Copper also has anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties unlike common cotton fibers. Therefore if you have any joint pain, then it is worth considering whether a copper-infused glove could help you. However, this is not a new product and there are already many other products that contain copper in order to relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation. How effective they are at doing this is another question and a matter of debate. There simply is not enough evidence to support the claim that copper-infused gloves can cure arthritis and relieve pain but many of our customers swear by them and we see many repeat buyers.

A team of designers at Spectral Body has been developing and improving the copper-infused fabric so it can be used in activewear. The scientific evidence that supports the antibacterial effectiveness is groundbreaking when using it to avoid germs at the gym.

Spectral Body the leading authority on copper-infused gloves is now making strides in the direction of activewear. If you are not yet convinced about the effectiveness of copper-infused gloves we do recommend you try a pair on for yourself and imagine your body being wrapped in the same extremely soft and sheer fabric.


copper infused gloves



Copper Infused Masks To Copper Infused Clothing.

Many companies started replacing the cloth mask to copper infused face masks because of the overwhelming antimicrobial properties. The copper fiber used in these masks was way more effective in the majority of face coverings. The antimicrobial properties in copper-infused face masks limited the chance of infections making them the go-to reusable masks by many people. Fabric masks would be used quite often and after long periods of time without proper cleaning they would be a host for microorganism growth and microbe growth. The copper mask was a perfect example of how copper technology can be used to prevent infections and spreading germs.

The vast majority of copper face mask owners are pleased with wearing the soft copper fabric because it’s extremely soothing to the face and skin because most cotton face coverings would cause skin irritation and “Maskne“. Wearing surgical masks for long periods of time also caused headaches for many too the copper fiber used in the copper mask is definitely a lot friendlier for the skin.

Compression Garments With Copper Infused Material. Do They Really Work?

Compression clothing is a type of apparel that can be used to help improve circulation and muscle performance. There are many different types of compression clothing for various purposes, but this article is specifically about compression garments with copper infused material. Many people have been asking how effective compression garments with copper-infused fabric are, so we decided to investigate! What we found was that there really isn’t much evidence supporting the effectiveness of these garments in promoting healing or improving blood flow.

Copper knee braces

made from copper infused material can help by facilitating synovial fluid and by suppressing joint swelling. It’s important to discuss the benefits and risks of wearing braces when it comes to this type of construction, as some people have experienced toxic side effects from using them

Copper arm braces

made from copper infused fabric can help with accelerated bone healing and increased range of motion after surgery. Compression garments with copper infused material are a popular choice for athletes who want to reduce muscle and joint pain, as well as swelling, there is some evidence that these garments can help assist the body in healing injuries more quickly by reducing swelling.

Copper socks

are effective because they help to stimulate the blood flow to the feet, which in turn, aid in the healing of certain joints and ligaments.

Copper bracelets

can be worn if you have a copper deficiency, Copper is an essential nutrient, and it is the second most abundant mineral in the human body. Most of the copper in your body is found in your bones and muscles, and your liver helps to process copper into a form that can be used by your muscles.

It’s believed that copper infused material can solve copper deficiency by wearing copper during training and exercise it may help with pain relief, swelling, and muscle spasms due to their abilities to help reduce swelling and improve blood flow after a workout or injury. Copper infused fabrics are really the best antiviral & pain relief textile of tomorrow!

Putting Copper Compression Garments To The Test

One study used 15 healthy volunteers and required them to wear compression garments such as copper socks during 2 weeks of general fitness training and physiotherapy. The copper-infused clothing helped the subjects experience less pain, improved their range of motion after exercise, and had improved joint function after 6 months.

The same group exercised wearing organic cotton and. The non-copper-cotton garments did not have the same effect after 6 months of continuous use.


Effectiveness Of The Copper Clothing, Does It Have To Be Fitted So Tight To Work?

How effective are copper-infused gloves at reducing your chances of catching viruses and skin infections at the gym?  The answer to this question depends on how many layers of activewear you plan on wearing,  Spectral Body is not planning to make the collection of copper-infused activewear too constricting but to emulate the hottest fitness garments in the industry today. With a flair for fashion and fitness, Spectral Body’s first drop should not disappoint.

tight copper clothing

Currently, Copper Clothing Is Only Tailored For Compression Fit

For this reason, we decided to spend some time researching the effectiveness of copper-infused garments and if more breathable fitting Copper activewear was just as effective in reducing discomfort and inflammation in joints.

This is where the main question arises:  How effective are copper-infused gloves at reducing inflammation?

It came to the realization that copper clothing does not have to fit tight to be effective.

Us creating this new collection has been the first real improvement to copper clothing in the past 20 years.   We launched a copper clothing line that has grabbed the attention of some of the biggest purveyors of athleisure and stylish activewear.  The new-look in copper-infused clothing has all the same benefits you would expect from copper compression fit clothing but with a fashion flair.



copper infused shirt mens activewear

A Bold New Look In Copper Activewear

Spectral Body has rewritten the rules on how copper compression garments should look and fit.  This outfit above is completely hand sewn out of copper threading and fibers, it goes with anything and is well-tailored to fit everyone comfortably.  You can say goodbye to skin-tight form-fitting activewear and put on something you will be comfortable wearing out all-day while at the gym or running errands around the city.


Copper Infused Tank Top Mens


The material is sensational it blocks sweat and odors using the copper-infused technology.  Sometimes you do not have time during your day to run home and change clothes after a sweat-filled workout but Spectral Body’s Copper Ion clothes fight to kill 99.99% of germs and mildew caused by perspiration on the first contact.   In comparison to traditional fabrics like cotton and polyester which most workout clothes are made from you will experience after a few months of workouts and washes your clothes may begin to smell and you have to retire them or throw them away for new articles of workout gear.   The copper nylon fabric we use is a gamechanger!  your workout clothes will last longer and never smell as bad as the rest of your gym clothes.



The Benefits Of Copper Activewear

The Benefits Of Wearing Copper Activewear


Avoiding Infectious Area’s In The Gym

Currently, there are no other gym clothes in the world that are impervious to germs and bacteria found in gyms today.  The copper-infused activewear acts as a shield when coming into contact with exercise equipment, stretching mats, and another high traffic area in the gym.   The Copper Ion Fabric destroys germs so you can mitigate your risk of getting illnesses and skin infections caused by using dirty gym equipment.     Have you ever stopped to think that if the person before you does not wipe their sweat off the equipment after you use it your clothing will be absorbing the worst of their workout session?  That’s pretty gross right?   You can rest assured that wearing copper-infused garments that it can act as a set of loose-fitting armor to shield you from other people’s sweat and germs they leave behind on the equipment.


The Process On How Copper Activewear Kill Germs

how copper ions kill germs

  1.  Once a virus makes the first contact with the copper ions infused into the fabric they attack the bacteria.
  2. The absorbed copper ions penetrate into the bacteria’s cell destroying it.
  3. The infectious bacteria cell is now fragmented and seeps away from the clothing within moments.


Is Copper Clothing Effective Against The Coronavirus?

Copper activewear at gym
You may be surprised to find out the answer is yes! It’s not just for cooking pots anymore it can be infused into activewear too. Copper has been seen to be effective against the coronavirus, This is not only because of its antibacterial properties – copper also has an innate ability to kill viruses. And more than that, it can help disinfect surfaces as well as clothing with its oxidizing effect on fungicides and mildew removers.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announced that certain copper alloys provide long-term effectiveness against viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. This is a great development in copper-infused clothing because it means that copper will be an anti-viral material used to help protect the wearer against a variety of diseases.

Your gym can be polluted with many germs and viruses. One way to combat this is to wear copper activewear while you exercise.

The top layer of copper has a powerful oxidizing effect on any possible microorganisms that may land on it. This fantastic property is not only an antibacterial mechanism but also has antifungal properties as well.

Copper oxide is a powerful disinfectant and fungicide, which helps protect the wearer from bacteria and fungus for long periods of time. Many studies reveal that copper clothing exhibits powerful disinfecting and fungicidal properties.


Zero Sweat Stains When You Wear Copper Infused Clothing.

copper infused high waisted biker shorts

Physiologists say during exercise in temperate conditions, the average person will lose about 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid through sweat.

The last thing you want is that sweat leaving watermarks bigger than the Pacific Ocean on your shirt or workout pants.   With our copper activewear, this is not a problem the fabric is one of the most repellant and quick-drying fabrics ever made.  We put this to the test and completely soaked 2 shirts side by side.


Afterward, our subjects kicked off a wet t-shirt contest, and the shirt engineered with our copper nylon fabric dried 15 times faster than the cotton t-shirt


So if you’re like most people and get embarrassed by large sweat marks switching to copper activewear may be the best solution don’t let sweat stains get the last word!

Get Rid Of Body Acne By Wearing Copper Activewear During Your Workouts

back acne copper clothing
What most people don’t know is that copper activewear will help you stay safe in the gym as well as improve your overall skin condition. The copper will save your skin from bacteria and fungus, giving you a clean, healthy environment for all to enjoy. So why keep wearing that year-old cotton gym shirt that is most likely causing harm to your skin you when there’s such a great alternative available? Shopping with Copper Activewear is like shopping with safety at the forefront of your mind combined with skin health.

It has been discovered that tight-fitting clothing can cause acne, especially for people who sweat regularly. This is because tight clothing traps heat and sweat, which are both needed to keep the skin’s pores open in order to breathe and regulate the body temperature. Bacteria that causes acne thrives in warm environments, making tight clothing and sweat a perfect breeding ground for causing spots on the skin.

For this reason, Copper Activewear is designed to eliminate the problem of body and back acne. Another benefit that it does not scratch or rip easily so you can keep enjoying copper gym clothes year over year. It has a soft copper lining, which is a material that can absorb moisture. This ensures that the fabric does not become uncomfortable when it becomes wet because of sweat. The copper lining also absorbs body odor from the person who wears the outfit.


Copper Nylon Fabric


Copper Activewear offers an outstanding level of comfort. It’s made with a special material called copper nylon. Nylon is a high-end material used to make clothing, along with many other products because it’s strong, tough, and flexible.

Active Healing and Reducing Inflammation

Our trendsetting copper-infused garments can be an effective treatment for reducing pain caused by inflammation and can speed recovery. Copper is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, which in the case of arthritis that results in joint inflammation, means it will help reduce stiffness and soreness. Plus, unlike many other treatments for arthritis, copper compression garments can cover large portions of the body when worn whether it’s a pair of women’s leggings or men’s joggers they can provide active healing to the ligaments and joints that are stressed during workouts.

They say everybody requires trace amounts of copper to function. Yet, as you get older, your body tends to lose some of the copper found in the bloodstream.  By simply wearing our various types of street smart activewear you can biologically reverse this symptom and avoid the risk of developing conditions like arthritis.  Make your statement in the gym or on the playing field and speed up your recovery time by wearing copper activewear.


spectral body copper activewear