Men’s joggers can be worn interchangeably between the office, gym, and everyday streetwear.  Some work environments can have strict rules on attire but the chances are that no one at the office will notice if you wear a pair of copper fabric joggers because the material looks sheer like a pair of well-tailored dress pants.

Wearing Joggers to office

Business casual is defined as being more laid back than a formal office. In this case, joggers are an ideal option because of their relaxed style.  It’s safe to assume that as long as your pants do not embellish a large “Athletic” logo you can fly under the radar and your superiors won’t notice.  Just remember to always wear a neatly ironed dress shirt to complete the look.

office attire copper joggers

Most office jobs don’t require people to wear formal business attire. You are more than likely allowed to choose any kind of outfit for work provided that it is clean and wrinkle-free. The fact is that some outfits can be dirtier than others at times too. Sweat, mud, and grease stains can land on your clothing if you have a job that requires you to do certain things outdoors on a regular basis.   It’s not common to be covered in mud before work starts but a problem that many men deal with is rushing to work right after the gym.   If youre like many you come to grips with trying to get into a habit of getting a workout session in before its time to head to the office.  Time can be limited and you may decide to keep on the same pair of joggers and dive straight into work.  

copper infused shirt mens activewear


Spectral Body’s copper fabric joggers are perfect for this because the copper material is resistant to sweat and does not wrinkle easily like most fabrics.  It also has the right look the fabric is sheer and luxurious as if you were wearing a pair of athletic dress pants.   This look may not suit the hardcore workout addict that prefers a pair of cotton sweat pants and a Golds gym muscle tee but if you need to be at your desk after your workout it’s a smart look and a great compromise.   


It’s Black Copper Fabric Joggers Or Nothing.

copper fabric jogger technology

I think you can only get away with wearing a very neutral color like black to the office.   If you wore a pair of bright white or red joggers to the office it definitely would bring attention to your employer.  You may try this color with black pants but a basic black t-shirt,  most of the day you will be sitting down so many won’t even notice.   I once knew a CEO who would sit at his desk in his boxer shorts for the entire day and clients would never know mainly because he was on ZOOM calls.   Coming to work half-dressed may be a brazen move but if you could get away with wearing a pair of athletic pants a few days a week you can definitely get away with it.    


The 4 most common neutral colorways are Beige, black, silver and blue.   Blash is the least flashy color – perfect if you want to blend in.    Blue is a little bolder than black and tends to draw more attention.  The brightness of the color clothing you wear definitely can expose wearing your gym outfit in the office. 


Does Copper Fabric Wrinkle

Copper Infused Joggers

If you’re planning to be stealthy and hide the fact that you are wearing gym clothes to the office the biggest thing you should look out for wrinkles. Pants are going to get pretty wrinkled if you are on the road running errands all day and then head straight home and take them off and put them on again before you go to bed.   They are going to wrinkle up even worse when your workouts start to get heated.  The copper fabric has an uncanny ability to reduce the number of wrinkles because the fabric is woven in a way that allows for great ventilation. This ventilation also contributes to the copper fabric’s ability to resist sweat and odor, which makes it possible to wear them more than once without having to wash them. 


You can expect a bit of a hassle with pants in general unless it’s the kind of pants you can throw into your gym bag or pair of canvas sneakers. The material is designed to run extremely smooth so beware of wrinkles simply because they will be harder to iron out than other fabrics that gentle.


With copper fabric, you do not need to iron it as much as other fabrics because it does not wrinkle up as easily.  If you decide to wash it after a long day of work and gym sessions, the copper fabric can go right into the washing machine.


Don’t worry about keeping your pants in top condition with copper fabric because they are designed for one hundred washes or more before they need to be replaced. All you need to do is clean them regularly and avoid putting them in the dryer for too long.


How Do Copper Joggers Look?

Black Copper Fabric

The copper fabric looks sheer and elegant like a pair of dress pants so why wouldn’t you be able to wear it in the office. Joggers typically have an athletic fit that can be very slim compared to your average pair of dress pants. Most joggers typically are tapered around the ankle area to create a more athletic-like look than a pair of flat-front dress pants.   This is the tell you can see by wearing joggers instead of a pair of dress pants. Their fit is suited for everyday wear and copper fabric makes it possible to wear them in the office because they are extremely flexible and breathable.  Try sitting in an office chair for 8 plus hours you will notice that comfort level is immeasurable compared to wearing any other sort of pants.

Copper Infused Joggers Healing and Recovery Benefits

Copper Fabric Joggers

Most people don’t know that wearing copper impregnated fabrics can provide active healing to sore muscles. More importantly, wearing copper-infused fabrics can give you better cardiovascular health, which is critical to recovery after working out. Copper-infused fabrics also help your skin absorb more minerals and nutrients that reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and even aging of the skin. Plus copper has been proven to help decrease body odor by up to 80%. Copper is also credited for having anti-microbial properties that prevent infections.  One of the greatest benefits of copper-infused fabrics is the ability to help reduce muscle soreness and strain after strenuous workouts. With a firm belief in time-honored remedies, copper has been used in clothing since the early 1900s.  The origin of copper-infused fabrics is attributed to some studies that claimed that wearing copper threads could improve athletic performance.  


Copper Infused Joggers Block Bad Odors

copper infused fabric blocks bad odors

The last thing you want is to be having lunch in the breakroom and smelling like you just completed a 5k marathon.   Some struggle with body odor during and after workouts and the last place you want it to show up is at the office.   Copper fabric is special because it repels odors and bacteria and prevents body odor.  This makes it possible for you to wear the same pants every day if you really wanted to,  I do strongly recommend not doing that but you really won’t have to worry about your workout pants smelling awful


There’s really no other type of clothing with this feature copper activewear is something fresh and new that solves one of life’s annoying problems, “Bad smelling clothes after the gym”.  When one of my best friends first saw these pants, He was skeptical about how would they work. but after a few vigorous workouts without any washes, he gave them the “smell test” and was pleasantly surprised at how practical these joggers are. 


Joggers are designed for active people who are always on the move and want to look stylish at work or while out running errands with their friends after work.  It’s key to shop for a pair of joggers that can be versatile enough to get you through a workout session and a long day at the office.  Slide on a pair of our copper-infused joggers today,  They will not disappoint.