Copper infused fabric leggings are the kind of leggings you’ve only dreamed about. Imagine a fabric that heals, kills viruses and repels sweat all at the same time. Spectral Body’s Copper Infused Fabric Leggings outpace many activewear bottoms in the market today with superior looks and protection.

Copper Fabric Technology Leggings

What Is Copper Infused Fabric.

Spectral body’s copper infused fabric leggings are simply high-performance active wear for women that want to actively block the harsh effects of sweating.

The fabric is made entirely from 100% pure copper impregnated material. What you get when you put copper elements into fabric is remarkable with many properties such as healing, antimicrobial protection and comoft. There are two words that first come to mind when describing this fabric; soft and strong.

Soft – The material is soft to the touch. It is also supercomfortable and some even wear it as nightwear.

Strong – This material is strong and durable. It’s like a motorcycle suit that protects you from the road while still giving you that feeling of being enveloped by a warm hug. These copper infused fabric leggings have been tested after literally dozens of washes and still remain intact.

This strong and soft fabric is lightweight and non-toxic. It’s easy to clean and very comfortable to wear. The fabric does not retain odors which is why athletes do not need to change their activewear daily. The copper in the material reacts with your sweat, kills bacteria, protects you from the effects of sweating.

When it comes time to wash the copper infused fabric leggings they are simple to clean with little to no maintanence. You will not need to dry clean them like other types of high quality fabrics and designer leggings you simply can just wash them and leave them to air dry. What makes the copper infused fabric special is that when left to air dry the moisture evaporates faster than fabric you have ever seen.

One time I was in a rush and wanted to wear the copper infused fabric leggings and they were still partially damp. I thought I would feel uncomfortable but to my surprise they dried up in a very short time.

Copper Infused Leggings That Are Not See Through

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The main complaint with copper infused fabric leggings is that the copper infused fabric is too thin and flimsy. We perfected the construction of our copper infused fabric and made it twice as thick without compromising protection or comfort. Theres nothing that customers hated more than their product getting ripped or damaged after buying a pair of leggings that they had cherished.

When you are at the gym or yoga studio the last thing you want is a pair of leggings that are see through while your bending and twisting. Spectral Body’s Copper Infused Fabric leggings are perfectly proportioned and are form adjusted to your body. The size chart was created with pin point accuracy so theres not much guess work when finding a pair that will fit you well.

Cotton Fabric Vs Copper Infused Fabric

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Most leggings sold today are ordinairly made from cotton. Cotton is a fabric that absorbs moisture like a sponge. When you sweat cotton fabric does not let the moisture evaporate very quickly.

Copper infused fabric leggings are made from copper impregnated material that wicks away moisture. Copper infused fabric leggings also have a unique protective layer that keeps your skin dry, soft, and healthy by shielding you from the harmful effects of sweating.

There is nothing like Spectral Body’s 100% copper infused fabric leggings that you have ever worn. They really measure up to all the hype they have been given. Copper infused fabric leggings are a one of a kind product that will exceed your expectations and expectations of other copper clothing thats in the marketplace.

Cotton also is not as durable as copper infused fabric, which is clearly understandable. It’s not very comfortable to wear while active, and it gets very hot. When you switch to copper fabric leggings your problems are solved the material is so cool that light weight they feel like a second skin.

The First Pair Of Antiviral Leggings

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Everyone can agree that gyms can have some of the diritiest surfaces, filthy equipment, cardio machines, spin bikes are literally covered in microbes that can cause skin irritations and viral infections if not avoided. The thing that makes copper infused fabric leggings special is that they can kill 99.99% of all types of germs on first contact.

It has been proven that copper ions kill the Coronavirus. Even though it may seem unlikely if someone is sick and comes into contact with a piece of equipment you are about to use, you can be assured that viruses and pathogens will be destroyed when you may come into contact with a contaminated surface.

Copper infused fabric leggings can protect you from common colds, influenza, and other types of viral infections. If you are concerned about catching germs from others at the gym or yoga studio like I was, then these spectra body copper infused fabric leggings are a must have.

In addition to the antiviral properties that copper infused fabric leggings have they will also help to prevent of bacterial infections. It is commonly said that a persons body is covered in bacteria. This applies to also the person wearing the leggings, its not uncommon to develop acne and rashes from your workout clothing. Copper helps keep your skin clear so that when you are prone to getting acne in the lower region of your body wearing these leggings can dramatically help.

Copper Infused Leggings Can Help With Swelling.

copper infused fabric leggings help swelling

Have your legs ever became so overworked during exercise they swell up? Copper can help, this essential element has been used since the ancient Egyption era to heal wounds and inflammation. Coppers ability to reduce inflammation that causes swelling in the legs is its amazing ability to eliminate microbes.

Copper infused fabric leggings are not your average pair of leggings, they will help you to recover quickly after long workouts and can reduce pain in areas like the glutes, thighs and calfs. In recent years the health benefits of copper have been proven to be very beneficial not only for the average person but also for those who participate in a sport that takes a great deal of physical activity. Athletes need trace amounts of copper during training and this used to be accomplished through supplementation and wearing copper braces and jewelery. You can absorb the same trace amounts of copper by wearing fabric which is alot more practical and stylish.

Copper Clothing Can Diminish Cellulite

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Most are unaware that copper can also help with get rid of cellulite because it helps with blood circulation and it gets rid of toxins that cause this problem. The intercellular space that exists between the skin cells and its connective tissue allow toxins to build up. Copper will help to clean those toxins out and make way for clear skin.  You can skip the expensive massages and laser cellulite laser treatments and try wearing a pair,  notice after a few months if the elasticity and condition of your skin improves.

Try On a Paid Of Copper Infused Fabric Leggings

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You will have to try on a pair of these leggings and experience them for yourself. Copper infused fabric leggings can help with even more than just their amazing health benefits, they are also a fashion statement in themselves. They will help you to stand out from others at the gym or yoga studio because these leggings have a unique look that no one else has.