can fake airpods connect to macbooks

Fake AirPods prove to be compatible when connected to Macbooks. As time progresses, technology such as wireless earbuds continues to improve both inconveniences and in price. A lot of people realize this advancement therefore, most of them resort to purchasing the much cheaper fake AirPods.


It may be noticed that there is a huge supply of knock-off AirPods in the market. They’re almost the same as the original, impressively replicating the features such as the soft white-charging case and the appearance of the earbuds.


With price as a huge driving factor to the public, several individuals even some of the Apple users did not seem to be convinced paying more than a hundred bucks for the original product when there are duplicates being sold at a less expensive cost.


why can fake airpods connect to macbooks

Why Can Fake Airpods Connect To Macbooks?

Fake AirPods are imitations mass-produced that are enticing to the public due to their capability to offer almost all of the features an original AirPod has at the lowest price point. Perhaps not everybody finds Apple’s wireless earbuds’ price to be reasonable and decided to venture if the knock-offs could connect to their Apple devices especially MacBooks, and provide a satisfactory performance and they weren’t wrong about it.

MacBooks have a Bluetooth system that acts as a short-range wireless communications technology allowing a person to have access to audio stored from a MacBook without cables to connect electronic devices such as the AirPods. Since it is the only feature needed to connect a device, that would make any fake AirPods connect to an Apple gadget.

However, the process of connecting a fake one compared to the original AirPod is different in most cases depending on the brand.

AirPods became a viral sensation and the success of this innovation attracted new manufacturers to produce the same kind. It is incredible how they were able to get the idea and the systems though not all especially on the W1 and H1 chips which are responsible for seamlessly connecting the AirPods to MacBooks.

Nevertheless, the main features and build of the original AirPod has been copied that it can trick an Apple device into thinking that it is connecting to a real one. This is the reason how fake AirPods can connect to MacBooks is that they have the same build and were crafted to be just like the authentic product.


the reason behind the production of fake airpods

What Is The Reason Behind The Production Of Fake Airpods?


Copying ideas is the quickest way to the top. It is important to know that every product that is sold in the market is the result of thorough research which costs time, money, and effort. Sometimes, research would even undergo several trials and errors before arriving at the most desired outcome. 


Copying a product means skipping all the process as it would mainly just focus on studying the original AirPods and determine what the materials, features, and systems are.


Apple continues to be a popular choice of the brand, especially among teenagers. Anything it sells and whatever their latest product is is seen to be a must-grab for most of them. The AirPods 1st Generation alone is believed to have brought $6 billion to the company and new manufacturers have seen this as a way to generate money out of copying the popular earbuds.


It has been shown that people like to purchase fake goods and this plays a big part in the motivation to copy the original AirPods. Not only do they sell for cheap, but people who cannot afford the real ones can also follow the latest trends.


New manufacturers that copy branded products are also aware that they can get revenue from those who are less worried brands and trends and just want a deal. The usual reasoning of these people goes like this, “Why pay $159 for wireless earbuds when I can get the same wireless device for only $30?” 


Some other ones simply just didn’t know that what they purchased were counterfeit goods. 

For all these reasons, manufacturing companies that copy AirPods continue to produce fake ones. After all, these fake AirPods can still successfully pair with your MacBook.


difference between real vs fake airpods

The Difference Between Real VS Fake Airpods and How Only Some Can Be Connected To Your Macbook.


At the first look, it is hard to identify which between the two is authentic or not. Everything looks similar to the packaging to the little details until you take a closer look and put both items to the test. Both of their performances when connected to a MacBook will vary due to each of their quality.


Part of the excellence of Apple AirPods is that they are seamless with the MacBook and other Apple gadgets. They connect with your device at an estimated time of ten seconds. The case does not apply with the fake ones as they have to be manually paired with each other. After pairing, a MacBook recognizes the knock-offs to be legitimate Apple AirPods, however, some of the features cannot be accessed.


Below is a table that shows more differences between Apple AirPods and the knock-offs:

Audio Quality The AirPods’ audio coordinates well between each other and it has high-quality sound. Meanwhile, fake AirPods are generally muddy and unclear.
Comfort The original one fits better than the fake AirPods. Some of the knock-offs are built to be bigger and they easily fall off. Since some of the features aren’t available, commands have to be manual instead of just tapping the earbud.
Durability Fake AirPods just like any other knock-off earphones or wireless earbuds is manufactured with defects that will become evident after a period. Since the build of the fake ones is not as long-lasting as the real ones, you’ll end up buying another counterfeit product which will cost you more money.
Battery Life The real ones last longer. The quick charge feature allows it to have around 60-70% of the battery life in only just 15 minutes of charging. However, for the fake ones, they generally don’t last long and some users even experience having charging issues.


are fake airpods harmful

Are Fake AirPods Harmful To Your Macbook Or To Your Overall Health?


A lot may have had this question in mind several times- are fake AirPods damaging to your health? Most knock-offs have been manufactured with poor quality and a very low cost. What people tend to ignore are the potentially harmful effects these may cause.

Fake AirPods operate via Bluetooth and people based an idea on it that the electromagnetic radiation in the ear. The research on this subject is insufficient and this general concern motivated a branch of WHO to conduct more researches to determine if the level of radiation emitted is strong enough to cause health damage.

To ensure the safety of the consumers, WHO along with the United Nations pressed strict measures for this health matter.

It was found out later on that the Bluetooth technology emits less radiation than phones and MacBooks. However, this does not eliminate the possibility of damaging the brain when wireless earbuds are used for a long period due to their proximity to the brain.

Warnings have been made by scientists about the potential health risks this may cause. It may include the following:

  • Neurological Disorders
  • Genetic Analysis
  • Memory And Learning Deficits
  • Cancer
  • Reproductive Issues

Considering that counterfeits rarely meet security standards, fake AirPods can mostly damage the ears of the user because their maximum volume is 10 decibels higher than the standard which may shock the eardrums and cause hearing loss.

Since legitimate companies such as Apple recognize the strict implementation of the safety measures for electromagnetic radiation, AirPods appear to be more desirable than the knock-offs produced. There is a common adage that says, “You will get what you pay for.”


is fake airpods worth it

Is Fake AirPods Worth It?

If purchasing fake AirPods is your last resort due to factors such as preference or cost, then perhaps the fake ones will do alright. Some individuals may admit to purchasing inauthentic ones because it is a modern fashion accessory popular worldwide. The pressure to have the latest is strong, especially among the youth.

There may be countless reasons out there as to why people choose fakes over the real AirPods. In some cases, some knock-offs do just as good as the original product even if some features may not be available. Even if it manually connects to your MacBook and performs nicely, it is wiser not to compromise your wallet and your health.

As mentioned earlier, the research about electromagnetic radiation emitted via Bluetooth technology is still inadequate and scientists have still laid out the possible health risks when there is long-term exposure. With those facts alone, it is much better to be cognizant and particular on what wireless earbuds to buy.

Some manufacturers that copy a product don’t consider potential health risks, but the choice is still yours if ever you still prefer to purchase fake AirPods over the real ones.