how to clean the airpods’ case charging port


The best way for you to clean the Charging Port of your AirPods Case is by using the Adhesive Cleaning Putty from Spectral Body’s AirPod Cleaning Kit. It’s a tool that is built especially for that type of job and is the most effective at it.

Cleaning your AirPods is a must if you want to be able to enjoy your AirPods for a long time. You can get into a lot of trouble if you don’t regularly clean your AirPods. Having dirty AirPods or a dirty AirPods Charging Case can be dangerous to your device and even – to your health and well-being. Here are some steps and tips that can help you to clean your AirPods case.

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What Can Happen if You Don’t Clean The AirPods’ Case’s Charging Port

Even if you don’t mean to, your AirPods charging case will be filling up with dirt and debris constantly as time goes by and it will keep building up and adding up until they break if you don’t clean them.

These dust particles are harmless at first, but they can cause your AirPods charger to have a slower charging time or not work at all, as well as damaging the hardware.

If you have a charging case that is defective, Apple may replace it – but in some cases, especially in cases of water damage, they might not and you’d have to get yourself a new one.


dirty airpods’ case's charging port


The charging port for the AirPods is inside the charging case in which your AirPods have to be placed every time you charge them. And, when debris such as dirt and dust accumulates in this area, that is where bacteria can start to grow. When you charge your AirPods with dirty charging ports, it can cause a lot of problems for your device that many people are unaware of until things start to go wrong. These issues can often only be resolved by cleaning the area of the charging port that is closest to the AirPods.

If you clean your AirPods regularly, but neglect cleaning your case – there won’t be any improvements. That’s why you have to clean both of them for your device’s good and yours too. However, there is a risk that you could break your device if you use the wrong tools or the wrong technique.

The AirPods charging case was not designed to be water-proof and so you really have to do your best to avoid getting liquid inside the charging case. Your charging case’s port may eventually get clogged with debris and at that point, you need a cleaner that can reach inside and pull it out effectively (more on that later).


Things You Should Never Do When Cleaning Your AirPods’ Case’s Charging Port


things should never do when cleaning airpods’ case’s charging port


There are so many ways you can break your case’s charging port – and most of it involves bad handling and the wrong tools. Before we get to how you can clean your AirPods – check out what you shouldn’t do when you’re cleaning your case’s charging port:

  1. Don’t use a wet cotton swab (or a wet anything) to clean the charging port. Don’t do this since you might cause the charger to short out, leading to a lower charging power or in the worst-case scenario – outright break your charger, causing it to never work again.
  2. Don’t wash it with water – try not to let any water get in as that will mess with the electronics of the charger.
  3. Don’t let any alcohol or other strong liquid solutions get in the port. That has the chance of corroding the insides of your case, which will lead to it not being able to work anymore.
  4. Don’t poke it too harshly with hard and sharp objects – like a bent paper clip for example, or a metal wire.

Now that you know what not to do – let’s talk about what you should do when cleaning your AirPods’ charging port.


Why Should You Use an AirPod Cleaning Kit’s Adhesive Putty to Clean the Charging Port

There is something to be said about using the right tool for the job being the best solution to solve a problem. That is the case for cleaning our AirPods charging port too – the best way is to use the Adhesive Cleaning Putty from Spectral Body’s AirPod Cleaning Kit that is specifically designed for that job.

The tools from the AirPod cleaning kit are designed with materials that are capable of removing dirt and debris from the charging port inside your case and can clear out all the dust and gunk in there. It’s also very easy to use – once you try it, you won’t be able to imagine a better way of cleaning your case’s charging port.

The reason why the cleaning kit from Spectral Body was created specifically for cleaning the charging ports of the AirPods Charging Case is that Apple did not make it very easy to clean and therefore, there is a lot of possibilities for you to commit some error that could end up breaking your charger. The charging ports are very tiny, you really need something that can fit inside of it and clean it without causing any damage.


Substitutes For The Cleaning Kit’s Tools

If you don’t have your own cleaning kit yet, then let me give you some substitutes you can use so that you can start cleaning your AirPod’s Case’s Charging Port right away. It’s really important that you start cleaning them immediately so that you can avoid any future problems. You can use these simple tools as a substitute:

  1. Toothbrush. You’re going to be using these a lot since the AirPods case has a lot of hollow parts that you need a toothbrush to clean. The docks of the AirPods are the ones that need cleaning and disinfecting the most since that part is in direct contact with your AirPods. You’ll also be using this on the cover since a lot of dirt can build up there and sprinkle on your AirPods, contaminating them.
  2. Eyewear Lens Wiping Cloth. You can use these ones as well – the cloth that comes with the glasses which you can use to clean your lenses. This awesome smooth cloth can also be used for cleaning your phone screen – and in this case, will also work with the AirPods case.
  3. Cotton Swab. This tool is used mainly for cleaning the speaker parts – since they have a thin mesh that may need a gentle touch. This is actually recommended by Apple, that you should only use this for cleaning the speaker parts of your AirPods, however, you can use sharp objects too for a more effective cleanse. But of course, always be cautious when using sharp objects to clean your electronic devices, whether they be your AirPods or AirPods case.
  4. Toothpick. You can also use a straightened-out paper clip or anything similar that you can use to pick out the dirt that may have built upon the corners of the AirPods case’s lid.
  5. Some type of putty adhesive, like blue tack. This is very effective in removing any remaining dirt and grime if the above tools weren’t able to do the job perfectly. Use this as the last tool for cleaning your AirPods. Lightly touch the speaker mesh with the tack and pull off any dirt and grime that remains to ensure that you’re getting a perfectly clean AirPods case.


best way to clean airpod case's charging port


The Best Way To Clean Your AirPods’ Case’s Charging Port

Using the Spectral Body’s AirPod Cleaning Kit, this is how you can safely and effectively give your whole AirPods and AirPods case a deep clean. The AirPod Cleaning Kit has all the tools that you need to effectively and easily clean your AirPods – it includes these:

  • Two Soft-Tipped Brushes – One of the brushes is also an antiseptic gel applicator, you don’t even have to switch tools to apply the cleaning agent, the brush itself can apply it as you wipe.
  • Microfiber Cloth – a smooth, lint-free cloth that can wipe your AirPods and case effectively whether wet or dry. It’s very similar to eyeglass wiping cloth in that they’re friendly to sensitive surfaces but also effective in cleaning.
  • Adhesive Cleaning Putty – A shapeable and adhesive substance that can be inserted into your case’s charging port and remove dirt and debris from it. It can also be used on your sticker mesh to pull out any stubborn dust and remove ear wax.

spectral body airpod cleaning kit

With all those tools combined, you can clean your AirPods yourself like a professional and restore them to their original pristine condition. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you should clean your AirPods:

  1. First of all, remove your AirPods from their charging case. When cleaning the charging case, make sure that it is not plugged in.
  2. Once your AirPods are removed from the case, start by cleaning each AirPod individually to avoid any cross-contamination of the case’s port and your earbuds.

Wipe down each individual AirPod using the two soft-tipped brushes to get rid of any dirt and debris on them before starting the main cleanse process on your charging case itself. Clean the speaker holes methodically and carefully – making sure to not get any of


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