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This is not as uncommon of a scenario as you think – lots of people have had this happen to them, whether in the toilet or the sink. Some are able to still save their devices from further damage, and you can salvage your AirPods too with these simple cleaning methods. The best way to completely sanitize your AirPods is with an AirPod Cleaning Kit.



How The AirPod Cleaning Kit Works


So You Accidently Dropped Your AirPods Into The Toilet

What a horrible feeling it is to see your precious AirPods fall down the toilet or sink in the drain – of course, it’s not too disgusting for you to reach in and pick it up, after all, it costs about $150 dollars. Now you got a wet and stinky pair of AirPods on your hand, what can you do? There’s no need to panic, we got some tips for what you can do if your AirPods fell in the toilet.

Sanitize Your AirPods With a Flick Of a Brush

The procedure will be slightly different depending on the situation of the toilet in which you accidentally dropped it. If the toilet you dropped the AirPods into is relatively clean – you shouldn’t have too much problem. You can start getting the water from inside the speakers removed immediately. However, if they fell in dirty waters – you may need to get down and dirty, your priority will be in cleaning your AirPods to disinfect them…


spectral body airpod cleaning kit clean airpods


Using Spectral body’s AirPod Cleaning Kit to Clean Your AirPods

It would be a sin to not mention using an AirPod Cleaning Kit to clean your dirty AirPods – it’s simply the best way to go about it. There’s no way to beat a tool in doing a job that it was made for – an old toothbrush wouldn’t be enough compared to the soft-tipped brushes – one of which also doubles as an antiseptic gel applicator. You don’t even have to juggle a disinfectant liquid solution and a brush, this AirPod Cleaning Kit has it both in one.

You can focus on wiping off the liquid first with a cloth and then brush it with the antiseptic applicator brush – then you can use the adhesive putty to clean off any remaining dirt.

For the purposes of the instructions below – I’ll be showing how you can use the AirPod Cleaning Kit on cleaning your dirty Airpods. But don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, I’ll mention which substitutes might work for each tool.


How To Clean Your Airpods If They Dropped On A Dirty Toilet

Let’s say it’s a nightmare scenario and the toilet wasn’t yet flushed when it dropped them inside – you’re going to have to prioritize disinfecting your AirPods.


how to clean your airpods on dirty toilet step 1


STEP 1 –  To Clean Toilet Damaged AirPods

Get a few paper towels and stack them on one another and put underneath the AirPods – this is going to be your mini operating table.

GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING –  A Chocolate Protein Bar was used for dramatization –  No AirPods were damaged.


how to clean your airpods on dirty toilet step 2



Use the antiseptic gel applicator brush to dissolve any debris and apply the antiseptic gel to all surfaces of the AirPods – be careful not to let the gel seep into the speaker’s holes. You can also use a cotton swab or toothbrush as a substitute for the brush


how to clean your airpods on dirty toilet step 3


Step 3 –  Final Step To Cleaning Your AirPods

Once you’ve applied the antiseptic gel or disinfectant, you can proceed now to wipe it again with the antimicrobial coating wiper. Make sure that the sponge itself has been disinfected and run under warm water before applying. It will help remove any final debris Then, you can coat the AirPods afterward with the liquid it expels and this will protect the surface of the AirPods from microbes and bacteria in the future, it works as an invisible force field against germs.   Many of the hospitals and big companies have been sanitizing surfaces using this antimicrobial coating.



If The Toilet Your AirPods Fell Into Was Not Extremely Dirty, Then You’re In Luck

Of course, even if the toilet was flushed before anything dropped on it, it’s still not safe to assume that it’s clean – so you still have to disinfect it, however – disinfecting it won’t be that urgent of a step since it won’t be brutally laden with dirty substances. So go and eject the water first using the shortcuts gallery app – you can find out how to do so by going to that section in this guide, right there below.

After the water has been completely ejected, you can then proceed to disinfecting and cleaning your device.

Use one of the soft-tipped brushes to pre-wipe your AirPods then use the antiseptic gel applicator to apply the antiseptic gel on the whole surface of the AirPods. Make sure to get every spot and every corner – don’t poke the speaker holes with the brush as that might push liquids down the speaker holes, undoing all the work you did when you ejected the water out of the speakers with the shortcut gallery app.

After wiping every spot with the brushes – you can now proceed to dry it with the microfiber cloth. You can eject the water again just for good measure, to make sure no liquid went into the speaker holes while you were cleaning. Wipe it with the microfiber cloth after Ejecting the water.


How To Eject Water Inside The Speakers Using Shortcuts Gallery App

If I told you that there’s an app for the iPhone that you can use to eject water out of your AirPods – would you believe me? Well, it doesn’t matter either way, because it actually does exist. Shortcuts Gallery is an app for the iPhone that has a lot of many different features for users to choose from, but its best feature – is the one that will come in handy for a lot of people when cleaning their AirPods.

Now, you can download the Shortcuts Gallery app on your device either from the AppStore or by going to their official website. You can follow this link to get straight to the homepage:

  1. Download the app on your iPhone called Shortcuts Gallery.
  2. Make sure your AirPods are paired with your iPhone.
  3. Look for the button that says “Water Eject” and press it.
  4. The water should start to drip out and when it does, pat it dry with a towel, preferably a microfiber cloth.
  5. Repeat as many times as necessary!


eject water inside the speakers using shortcuts


And that’s pretty much it, your AirPods should now be good as new! This is not a bogus app, it actually did work for a lot of people – but perhaps the timing is key for a higher probability of success. You have to use the app immediately if you want to have a better chance of saving your AirPods.


Tips On How You Can Avoid Having Your AirPod Fall In The Toilet

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who had their AirPods fall in the toilet! There are so many people who had dropped their AirPods at least once in wet places like the toilet. Here’s the thing – it’s not actually your fault that they fall a lot. Some would say that if you don’t want them to fall into the toilet, then you shouldn’t wear them when going into the bathroom but AirPods are actually not supposed to fall in the first place. It’s a flaw in their design.

AirPods right now have a one-size-fits-all approach to their Earbud size, and so for a lot of people, these AirPods falling is just a regular occurrence. But that doesn’t have to be for you! If you’re one of the people whose ears are not compatible with the AirPods, then I’ve got some tips for you on how you can make them stick.


Tip #1: Use Anti-Slip AirPod Accessories

It sucks that you have to spend more money to get a feature that should’ve been in the first place but that’s the world we live in. There are a lot of AirPods accessories out there that provide a solution to the problem of the AirPods falling off.

anti-slip airpod accessories

These anti-slip covers are pretty cheap, some of them are sold for as low as $5 on Amazon. However, there are a lot of reviews that say these are only effective only at the start but start to get slippery as time goes. So for a more fail-proof product, I suggest AirPod Grips, as shown below:


never let your airpods fall out again


Tip #2: Never Let Your AirPods Fall Out Again

Apparently, you can add waterproof tape to your AirPods Basically, what you’ll need for this trick are just some waterproof tape and a hole punch. You could also use scissors. Basically, you just cut out small circles as indicated in this article and tape it on each AirPod.


airpod upside down


Tip #3: Wear Them Upside Down

Here’s a tip to prevent your AirPods from taking a plunge in the toilet. If you’ve ever run with your earphones on, then you would probably wear them upside down with the wire resting on top of your ears so that they won’t slip. You can also try doing this with your AirPods minus the wire. Wear them upside down and see if it works for you, it apparently works for some people.


Final Thoughts On Accidently Dropping Your AirPods In The Toilet


AirPod_cleaning kit kills 99.99% of germs

Anyway, I’m sure no one would ever dream to drop their AirPods in the toilet but there is a solution and preventative measures that you can always take. The harrowing experience serves as a valuable lesson, and I hope that this unusual article will help.  If you have just fished your AirPods of the toilet my advice is don’t delay order the AirPod Cleaning kit today and keep it handy whenever a similar accident may occur.


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