11 Advantages of Wearing a face Mask With Fan


There are a lot of reasons why you should wear a face mask with a fan instead of your regular one – it’s just a lot more comfortable, easy to breathe in, and relieves you of a lot of hassles that wearing other face masks can normally give a person.

With the pandemic still holding strong in many places in the world, wearing face masks is still very much either enforced or strongly encouraged – but the problem is that face masks aren’t that nice to wear after a while. There’s a lot of discomfort and hassles that come with wearing normal masks, which is why I recommend that you try out using a face mask with a fan.

The main advantage of these face masks with fans is their comfort and breathability – something that you won’t get with other face masks. With that said, there are at least 11 specific advantages you can have when you wear face masks with a built-in fan. Here are some examples of how you can benefit from wearing one for yourself:


1. In The Classroom, While Studying

There are some states and universities that are considering re-opening their doors for face-to-face schooling this year. If you’re the type of person to suffer from isolated learning and you feel like you learn best with other people, then this is good news for you. However, it’s not completely good news since wearing masks, especially with a face shield and glasses is just very bothersome. It would be hard to study when you can’t breathe – actually, it has been proven that getting a continuous, healthy dose of oxygen is not only necessary but highly effective in promoting positive cognitive functions, such as something important as remembering things you had memorized.
That’s why a lot of nutritionists recommend antioxidants to help the body have a stable supply of blood in the oxygen  – besides that, another simple tip is to breathe – and you can’t simply do that if you’re wearing your typical face mask. Meanwhile, if you will use a face mask with a built-in fan, you will be able to breathe easily, study intently and retain information more effectively.


2. In a Dust-filled Workplace

If you work in an area where there is a lot of dust present in the air, such as the construction industry, then you need a good face mask that will protect you from particulates in the air and at the same time won’t compromise your breathing. A lot of people rely on you – the reputation of your team and your company rests upon your reliability and to be reliable, you need to be in good shape and so you need to be able to breathe properly. With dust-proof face masks with built-in fans like our very own, Spectral Body’s training mask, you can guarantee to have an easy time breathing in clean cool air even in dust-filled environments since it filters out particles that are smaller than PM 2.5 – which includes most harmful bacteria, viruses and of course, dust.


exercise face mask with fan


3. Running On a Treadmill or Doing Any Other Exercise

As I said earlier, if you want to continue being in your best shape but at the same time be safe from the virus – a normal facemask won’t cut it, you need a face mask that will allow you to breathe properly while doing your exercise for better gains. Wearing normal face masks does not actually reduce the intake of oxygen – but it does decrease the airflow significantly, this can lead to people feeling like they can’t breathe – which is just as bothering as being truly unable to breathe.  It can make your brain think that it’s already tired and exhausted which might make you not able to do your usual sets. On that note, please remember to always wear a mask – especially indoors where virus particulates will stay alive in the air for a long time, sometimes even for hours. All this makes it a lot more important for you to get face masks with a built-in fan.

people with glasses face mask with fan

4. For People Who Wear Glasses

It’s not uncommon that people experience problems with face masks and for people who have to wear glasses, wearing masks would mean having to sacrifice most of their vision. If you wear face shields – you will also encounter the same problem of fogging. However, with face masks with a fan – you won’t have to deal with any of that anymore since all the air will be kept inside the mask to be filtered and circulated without escaping its confines.


public transit face mask with fan


5. Wearing On The Bus or Public Transit In Your Daily Commute

It depends on each one’s situation – but some people do not have a choice but to rely on public transport regardless of how risky it is now due to the pandemic. Some people have to commute for hours to their work and back and that the more you spend wearing masks, the more uncomfortable it becomes. However, it’s not acceptable to take off your mask despite all discomfort you feel since it exposes you to a lot of danger. That’s why it is all the better to get a face mask with a fan that’s built for your protection and your comfort. Safety from the virus doesn’t have to come at the cost of comfort – you can have it all with these new-generation face masks.


wild fire areas face mask with fan


6. Using It In Smoky Wildfire Areas

If your residential area has to frequently deal with wildfire smoke, then it’s best to wear face masks with a built-in fan. Using ordinary face masks is acceptable – but not ideal. For you to be able to breathe properly at home or at work where smoke from wildfire is a common occurrence, you must wear special masks for your own health and peace of mind. There’s a lot of health issues that can arise from being exposed to smoke – and not all face masks are capable of filtering out smoke if any and they definitely are not capable of being breathable in extreme conditions such as that.

7. While Sitting Next To Smokers

Speaking of smoke, another advantage that faces masks with fans have to those that don’t is that they can sit beside smokers with no problems at all. You can try to avoid smokers and smoking areas, but you won’t always be able to and that’s where face masks with fans come in. You can be anywhere you want – even in smoking areas or places with a lot of smoke, like barbeques without the hassle of breathing in smoke and the risk of damage to your lungs because of second-hand smoking. The protection from smoke adds another layer of safety in wearing these advanced face masks – all the more reason to get one for yourself.


8. Viable For Wearing In The Workplace

Wearing masks is required in most workplaces – but it can be harder to do your work with common face masks that have a limited air intake. This is especially true for jobs that require decision-making, calculations, or logical thinking – as I said earlier; there is a direct connection between oxygen intake and the brain’s capability to do cognitive processes. For jobs that require physical labor, it is also necessary that you are able to take a deep breath without any problems for you to be more effective in whatever activity is required of you to do. If you’re an employer or a team leader, it’s best to consider buying face masks with a fan for your employees or team members to improve their efficiency and to guarantee their health and safety in the workplace.


9. Quiet Fan Will Not Disturb Anyone

Most face masks with fans – especially Spectral Body’s – are designed to be used without being distracting to the wearer or those around them. This makes it very viable for use in quiet places such as libraries or classrooms. You don’t have to worry or be conscious about other people – the makers of these masks have already taken this factor into consideration and designed the mask in a way where it can work without much noise while still being able to clean the air for the wearer to breathe.


changeable filters face mask with fan


10. Changeable Filters For Complete Protection And Maximum Hygiene

I can’t speak for other face masks with fans – but the one from Spectral Body was made to be useable with filters that are capable of blocking out and locking up all kinds of harmful particulates that can be smaller than 2.5 microns. Meaning, this face mask does not only deliver cool air to be breathed in by the user, but it also cleans and this air meticulously to protect the wearer from all kinds of harmful particles that are so small that they’re invisible to the eyes. You won’t be choking on dust nor viruses with these face masks on.


Face mask with built in fan


11. Viable For All-day Use

Spectral Body’s training mask is designed to provide comfort to the user. It has a comfortable silicone mouthpiece that will make you want to wear this all day. It also has an adjustable head strap for you to find the perfect, personalized fit. You will find it much more comfortable to wear these for the whole day than typical masks. They also come with a battery that’s capable of staying functional for the usual work hours – which is 8 hours and if you need to use it longer than that, you can simply plug it in your power bank and charge it on the go.

Check out Spectral Body’s Training Mask with a built-in fan – see the reviews of satisfied customers who purchased this product. Seems that none of them want to go back to using plain old masks – this is the protection and comfort that you deserve, try it out now and see for yourself just how good it is!


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