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Most Apple products come with some kind of liquid damage indicator but apparently, the AirPods don’t seem to have one. However, there are some instances where Apple Technicians were able to tell that there was water damage.

The AirPods are one of the most expensive earbuds available in the market and so they are quite precious. That’s why we can’t afford to have them breaking down on us. Often the wrist case scenario involves water damage as the AirPod is not waterproof. But if the worst-case scenario does happen, we need to know how to handle it.

The newest way to clean your Airpods

Let’s say you left your AirPod in the pockets of your clothes which you threw into a washing machine. If you had accidentally left your AirPod in your clothes ‘ pockets and sent them spinning in your washing machine, then you might think that you’re absolutely screwed. Whatever the case may be, you should stay calm and think through it first.


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What should you do if your AirPods get wet? Some do’s and don’ts

The first step you have to take is to assess the damage, you have to check if the AirPod is still working – because, although the AirPods are not waterproof, there are some cases where people’s AirPod did survive going through the washing machine.

Here’s what to do if your AirPods accidentally got wet:


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  • First try drying it off with a smooth, lint-free cloth. Preferably a microfiber cloth – one that is included in Spectral Body’s very own AirPods cleaning kit. Wipe every wet part of the AirPod – you can use a cotton swab to dry out the speaker holes and mesh.
  • Leave them out to dry for a couple of hours – warning: do NOT charge your AirPod or AirPod case before leaving them to dry for a few hours. Make sure the place where you leave them in a dry and not humid place, not a cold place too so that you can avoid any condensation.

What not to do if your AirPods accidentally get wet:


airpod accidentally got wet dont's


  • Don’t use a hairdryer or blower to dry up your AirPod since this would be too much heat and can cause further damage to the delicate earbuds.
  • Don’t put it in a rice bag as this could actually lead to more problems – with the rice grains getting into it and all.
  • Again, never charge the AirPod without allowing them to dry for at least 2 hours.
  • Don’t use your AirPod when they just got wet. Don’t turn them on until they are completely dried.

Once your AirPod is completely dried up, you can now test them again. Put the earbuds in your ears and try them out to make sure that it is working properly. If they’re still not working, then you can send them in for repair.


Should you lie about your AirPods getting water damage?


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When you send them for repair they might ask if the AirPod were damaged by water or any liquid – lying about it might make the company never trust you again in the future if ever you go back in for repairs as they might think you’ve already damaged one of their products and were willing to lie about it. It is best to tell them the truth to avoid any embarrassment or complications. What do you know, they might even get it repaired and even recommend you some ways to prevent your AirPod from getting wet in the future – just in case.

The is a case where a person sent his AirPod in for repair and the technician was able to tell that there was water damage.

The technician told the person that there were signs of water damage, the way he was able to tell it seems it’s by looking in the AirPod’s bottom mesh. They were some blue stuff in there and the technician didn’t accept the AirPod. However, the twist here is that it’s actually a false positive. What caused the water damage indicator to set off is a leak from the faulty battery of the AirPod, which means, it’s a factory defect and is eligible for a replacement!

Despite this story, the general consensus with the people whether there is a water damage indicator is still that there isn’t one. However, because of this story, we encourage you to tell the truth if you’re sending them in for repair or replacement. Apple is planning to build lie detectors with the next IOS update,  Just kidding!  It’s just always better in the long run if you are truthful many of the wonderful employees are laid back and can relate to your water damage issues.


So how can you prevent your AirPod from getting water damage?

To not have to get into all sorts of trouble in the first place, you need to take better care of your AirPods. They say that prevention is better than cure and that saying is true for the case for AirPods water damage as well. So here are some tips on how you can avoid water damage on your AirPods.

  • First of all, don’t leave your AirPod out in places where random splashes could happen. Don’t wear them when you go swimming or while taking a shower. Or better yet, put them in a secure place.
  • Don’t clean your AirPods using the washing machine and don’t let any water in when you’re cleaning them.
  • You could also buy a case for your AirPods to keep it safe and sound from any dirt or accidental liquid damages. There AirPod cases out there that are able to make the AirPod and case waterproof.
  • If you use your AirPods at the gym, you can’t really afford not to get it wet with sweat, but it’s actually fine as a lot of people use AirPods while working out and it doesn’t seem to negatively affect the device.
  • Always keep your AirPod in their case when not using it – this way, you can avoid any unfortunate mishaps and accidents while on the move.

The ultimate full we can give you is to use the AirPod cleaning kit we have available in our store to keep your Airpods spic and span without any hassle nor risks to your AirPods. The cleaning kit has a microfiber cloth included that’s perfect for wiping your AirPod dry whenever accidents do occur.


How do you clean your AirPod without damaging them?


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One of the most common ways people accidentally damage their AirPods is when they use improper cleaning techniques and tools. There are a lot of ways to go wrong in doing something right such as cleaning your AirPods and even if you have good intentions you may still end up having your device. broken.

The best way to clean your AirPods is to use a kit designed specifically for cleaning AirPods. A must-have for every AirPods owner, the Spectral Body AirPods Cleaning Kit will quickly help rid your AirPods of any build-up, even some excess water, in a few simple steps.


Here how you can clean your AirPod with the Spectral Body’s AirPods Cleaning Kit:

  1. Use the brushes on the outside of both AirPods to remove any build-up and the speaker mesh. The wipe can also be used to clean your charging case.
  2. Use the cleaning putty on the outside and inside of both of your AirPods or inside your lightning cable power inlet. The putty is great for removing any dirt or grime that might be stuck inside of your earbuds or charging case.
  3. You can then use the Microfiber Cloth to wipe your AirPods dry. This Microfiber Cloth is great for shining up your AirPods and cleaning out its speaker mesh. Make sure there is no excess water or Moshe left on the AirPods before charging them.

Using these tips and these tools will for sure help you be able to maintain the quality of your Airpods and improve is life down with you. If you regularly clean them, you’ll be able to always keep them in mind, therefore helping you to never put your AirPods in harm’s way. Plus, it will even get rid of potentially harmful microorganisms that live in your AirPods. Lastly, you’ll be sure that your AirPods remain in tip-top shape as it is maintained. Get your own Spectral Body’s AirPods Cleaning Kit today.


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