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Apple Support recommends using either isopropyl alcohol or a disinfecting wipe to clean your AirPods with – but you can actually use a hand sanitizer. Besides being effective, it’s also able to remove a lot of bacteria from your AirPods.


Why Should You Use Hand Sanitizer to Clean Your AirPods?

You see, hand sanitizer is thicker and more effective against germs than alcohol. This makes it a great tool for removing dirt and bacteria from your AirPods. Because the liquid is thick, you can simply dampen a smooth cloth and wipe your AirPods into it. The hand sanitizer liquid will immediately dissolve all of the bacteria in whatever surface you wipe it with – which is good news for your AirPods. Once you’re done cleaning them, all you need to do is allow them to air dry.


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Besides being very effective in cleaning dirt and killing hostile microorganisms that can harm your ears, hand sanitizers are also very much accessible especially these days. You can pretty much find a hand sanitizer anywhere you are in public, and chances are, you already have one in your bag or in your car and if you don’t, we suggest that you start bringing hand sanitizers, not only for your AirPod but for you to always disinfect your hands whenever you touch stuff in public.

The Hand Sanitizer liquid cleaning solution is a budget-friendly temporary alternative to using the most effective cleaning product for AirPods – which is Spectral Body’s AirPod Cleaning Kit. It should be good enough to clean most bacteria and dirt from your AirPod before you get your own AirPod Cleaning Kit, more on that below.


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How to Use A Hand Sanitizer to Clean Your AirPods

If you have a hand sanitizer ready and some AirPod you want to clean, you can go and try it out right now using these simple steps. Remember, though, that you should be careful when wiping over the mesh of the speaker – avoid letting in any liquid into the speaker holes as this could permanently damage your device. Also, don’t use it immediately after cleaning, and don’t put it in the charging case until you’re sure that it’s completely dry.

 here’s how you can clean your AirPods with a hand sanitizer:

Step 1 – Put Some Hand Sanitizer Into a Cup or Container.

Take the hand sanitizer of your choice and pour some into a cup or other container. Simply use your index finger or a small brush to apply some of it onto your AirPod. If you’ve already opened the container when you first bought it, you can pour some of it on a paper towel and use that to clean your earphones.

Step 2 – Apply It to Your AirPods.

Use a damp cloth to wipe your AirPod into the hand sanitizer liquid. Be sure to get every section of your AirPods and case – including underneath the earpiece and under the lid of the charging case. In some cases, you won’t want to use your fingers for this, but rather a cloth or brush used for cleaning hairbrushes. You’ll want something that is smooth enough not to damage your AirPod, but also rough enough to remove any grime on them. If you don’t have anything else around, use your index finger to apply the liquid onto your AirPod. You might want to avoid getting too much on the mesh as this could potentially damage your AirPod if they get wet before they dry up again.

Step 3 – Use a Damp Cloth to Dry Them.

When you’re done wiping the hand sanitizer onto your AirPods, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe them off and dry them out. Once they are dry, simply put them into their charging case or back into your ears.

Step 4 – Stick it Out for a Little While and Let It Dry

In some cases, you might need to leave your AirPods out so that all of the moisture can evaporate naturally. This is especially true if you have spilled some of the liquid on their mesh as they could take a little more time to completely dry up again before going back into action.

And that’s pretty much all there is. Your AirPods now should be just as good as new, if not better than new! Feel the comfort and the unobstructed sound of the speaker. Clean it regularly and your ears will thank you. Just remember to wipe them dry with a clean cloth once they’re done so that all of the moisture from hand sanitizer can be removed.


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What Can You Avoid By Cleaning Your AirPods with a Hand Sanitizer?

Germs and bacteria that may exist in your AirPods and charging case: The main reason why you should be cleaning your AirPods, is because you use them to listen to music or taking calls. While you may not be aware of it, but while using your AirPods, some of the bacteria that can get to your AirPods can be transferred to your ears.

This could prove to be unhealthy since you put the AirPods pretty deeply within your ears it could potentially damage the outer skin or cause various types of ear infections. Of course, you don’t want to be playing around when your health is at stake – which is why we recommend that you regularly clean your AirPods, no matter which tool you use.



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You should know that getting an ear infection could be very dangerous. It can lead to permanent damage or hearing loss in severe cases. If you don’t regularly clean your AirPods and you suspect that you already have an ear infection, then you must go for a consultation with a specialist. Meanwhile, you should check yourself if you have these symptoms:

  1. Itching in the ear canal is usually the first sign of an ear infection since it’s one of the common symptoms.
  2. People with an ear infection may get a slight fever.
  3. Dizziness, Nausea, or Vomiting can also happen. Since your ears are responsible for your sense of balance, getting an ear infection might mean you have to suffer nausea and dizziness.
  4. Redness in the ears or any type of pain, whether numb pain or stinging pain. An ear infection may also cause swelling in the ears or a tender texture and feel.
  5. If those don’t scare you yet, then it should definitely scare you if there is any fluid discharge from your ears.

All this can be avoided with proper care of both your ears and of course, proper cleaning and disinfecting of your AirPod and AirPod charging case.


What is the Best Way For You To Clean Your AirPod?

To have the best results and have a hassle-free experience of cleaning your AirPods, you should use our very own, Spectral Body’s AirPod Cleaning Kit. While hand sanitizers are pretty effective at cleaning and disinfecting your AirPods – using an AirPods Cleaning Kit is still the best way to clean it.

Everything in the kit was made for the AirPods, and so it is a guarantee that you will definitely not be able to find a better way to clean your AirPods than this. The best way for you to clean your AirPods is still with an AirPods cleaning Kit.

Spectral Body’s AirPods Cleaning Kit is a small but powerful kit that will let you clean your AirPods effectively and safely. It comes with two brushes – both soft-tipped and one of them doubles as an antiseptic dispenser, a cleaning putty, and of course, the perfect microfiber cloth to wipe your AirPods and AirPods Charging Case into complete clean.


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