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There are a lot of ways to perform a heated massage, but the easiest way to do one is to use percussion massagers with a designated heating mat that are designed for this user such as Spectral Body’s Percussion Massager Heating Mat.

There are a lot of reasons why you should go for a heated massage than a conventional one and we’ll go over the best benefits for your body in a bit. Getting a heated massage can benefit anyone but some of these benefits are especially good for athletes or just people who work out regularly. Heated massages are usually done with hot stones or shells in a massage therapy place but you can take heated massages with you along with its many benefits anywhere with the invention of percussion massagers. These devices can be easily operated on your own and be taken with you for a portable massage therapy session at your own time.

Adding heat into massage therapy gives a lot more benefits for your muscles than just normal, non-heated massage. The difference adding heat makes! You won’t only feel more relaxed and soothed; your body will also be restored in many ways. Heated massages are proven to relieve much more muscle tension and heal more muscle swelling.

Here are some of the benefits of applying heat before getting a massage:


percussion massager relieves pain and soreness


    1. Relieves pain and soreness. This is the reason why most people choose to get heated massages, the pain relief it offers is simply so much worth booking for a session in your massage therapy place. But it’s all the better since it’s much more accessible now thanks to percussion massagers. Take a percussion massager along with a heating mat with you to the gym or wherever you do your exercises for a quick massage after working out to relieve the pain. Heated massage is not only for athletes, it will also benefit anyone with diseases that cause chronic body pain like arthritis and fibromyalgia for example. It’s been proven in several studies that hot stone massages promote the minimizing of pain for the two mentioned diseases while also improving the person’s capability for complex movements.
      Besides that, applying a heated massage on an area of your body will improve its circulation blood flow to that part while also reducing muscle tension and spasms.Percussion massager flexibility
  1. Increases flexibility. Heated massage, if applied on tense muscle areas, are able to improve one’s flexibility. The heat, along with the pressure from the massage is able to ease up muscles and can make it easier for you to move your joints around – giving you fuller freedom of movement.
  2. Relaxes the muscles. This is somewhat connected to the first benefit, but I would just like to note that one of the ways in which a heated massage can relieve you from pain is by healing the muscles soreness, swelling, and tension by causing affected parts to relax.
  3. Relieves stress. Here’s a benefit that anyone would want to have. It has been proven in a lot of studies how heated massages can relieve feelings of stress and tiredness. A quick massage during a break in your workday can relieve your stress and get you ready to jump back into the action right after, feeling renewed and stronger. The stress-relieving capability of heated massages has been proven comprehensively a couple of times in a lot of studies. Besides that, you can confirm this fact by experiencing it for yourself even if you try a non-heated massage – you will be able to note how good you’ll feel. It’s not just a feeling though, heated massages improve and reset your body with the added effect of making you feel good afterward.percussion massager improves quality of sleep
  4. Improves quality of sleep. If you suffer from any sleep disorder that may be causing you to be a light sleeper or any other disturbance in your sleep, then consider trying heated massage therapy before trying on sleeping meds. Although it is not an absolute guarantee, it does help some people and there are some studies that show that it is effective in increasing sleep quality. One of those studies is done on infants who find it hard to sleep – the results show that giving a 15-minute massage helped them to sleep faster and wake up more energized and positive. Even though we don’t know yet how massage can do this, there is a sufficient amount of anecdotal and experiential evidence pointing to the fact that heated massage does improve one’s sleep quality.

All these benefits are why most people prefer heated massage to a non-heated one. It’s simply a lot more effective and more beneficial. However, in massage therapy places, looking for a heated massage can be more costly than a regular one. This could turn a lot of people away from it. Although, I propose that getting a heated massage is quite more worth it, even at a higher price – getting them from a massage therapy place is not the only way to get a heated massage. There is a more budget-friendly, convenient, and accessible way to do so. Instead of booking little less than a hundred dollars per hour on massage therapy places, why not invest a little of the same amount on the handheld percussion massage and percussion heating mat combo of Spectral Body?

You can now take the heated massage experience and benefit from it wherever you go with percussion massage guns and a heating mat, for a more affordable price than if you would regularly book heated massages. Percussion massagers are a one-time investment but give life-time benefits – plus they’re so easy to use that you can do it all on your own.


A Mini Percussion Massager That’s Always In Reach

deep tissue mini percussion massager



The Thermo Percussion massager is the world’s first compact size heated / cooling medical grade percussion massage gun. It is an easy to use and portable percussion massage tool that can be used at home, in the office and wherever you might need it.

The Thermo Percussion Massager is easy to use with a deep penetration piston head for a “deep tissue” massage. This massager has 3 power settings, 6 heat/cold settings and it all fits into the palm of your hand.

This massage tool is designed specifically for deep tissue massage. It can be used to not only stimulate the skin, but also to increase circulation to the entire body, release tight and hidden soft tissues, accelerate recovery from exercise related pains, enhance the sensation of topical gels and creams, and help release active ingredients. The Compact Size Massager has an easy-to-grip ergonomic handle with a quiet glide technology that makes it perfect for use in any setting. The gun comes with 3 adjustable speeds, 3 heat settings (95°F, 104°F, 113°F) and 3 cold settings (68°F, 59°F, 50°F). With one of the most powerful motors on the market.

For example, if you have a strained elbow and need some relief from pain or are simply looking for a good massage then the Thermo Percussion Massager is your answer. With the help of the Cryo head, you will be able to get a little bit of both hot and cold. It’s the perfect travel companion if you are a mobile massage therapist or athlete on a road trip. It comes with a single USB cord that can fit into any adapter and you can avoid the hassle of carrying around a huge clunky adapter.

If you’re looking for the Ferrari of percussion massagers this is your best option. It’s well worth every dollar with all the variations of deep tissue massage you can perform.


How to use Percussion Massagers with a Heated Mat

This is the easiest way to perform a heated massage. No need for reservations at your massage therapy place nor do you need other people to help. You can simply whip out your percussion massager gun and don a heating mat, it’s that easy! This guide would be useful for knowing the uses and applications for specific attachments used with the percussion massagers.

Percussion massagers are generally safe to use, but it’s still important for you to know some guidelines and precautions you can do in order to make sure you’ll be receiving effective and soothing massage while still remaining safe and unharmed. Here are some tips and guidelines you must remember before using a percussion massager:

  1. Avoid using it on areas on your body where it could cause harm. Basically, don’t use it on your head – especially on your face. Since those muscles and tissues are best suited for light pressure massages using fingers. Using a machine-operated massaging device on these areas might prove harmful, especially if you’re not familiar with the strength of the percussion the machine can provide.
    Besides those areas, you should also avoid using it on the front of your neck – that could cause some serious damage; it could cause a stroke and suffocation.
  2. Do not use it if you have conditions like blood clotting or any other that might raise some concerns – best to go to your doctor first and ask if percussion massagers will be safe to use for you. I give the same advice for any elderly, children, or people with medical implements such as a mechanical heart and such – best to ask for your doctor’s advice just to make sure that you’re not at risk in using percussion massagers. Even if the doctor gives you the green light on percussion massagers, you should still avoid those affected areas or medical implements.
  3. Best to use it on your own self. The easy self-application of the device is not only one of its greatest benefits – it’s actually how it’s recommended to be used. It’s better to use it on yourself because it gives you instant feedback on the applied area. Whereas others using it on you – or you using it on others, there might be a delay in communicating which parts become painful or numb when massaged. Even worse if the person is sleeping, you wouldn’t know if you’re hitting it right. So it’s best to use it on yourself for you to get instant feedback and be able to immediately adjust accordingly.

After checking with all those precautions, using percussion massagers is just a matter of knowing which goes where. First, lay the heating mat flat on your back, then use the percussion massager on the areas that you need it to be.  Percussion massagers often come with different attachments that are for specific uses, these are:

  1. Ball Attachment. This is the best one if you’re just starting out. It’s pretty direct to the point kind of massage attachment. You can basically use it anywhere on your body, but it’s best for the back.
  2. Flat Head Attachment. The flat head is best for athletes or anyone suffering from muscle pain due to intensive working out. Use this to break apart dense muscle tissues in your main muscles.
  3. Fork Attachment. This is the best for the upper neck area and along aching shoulders. It can also be used on the heel, calf, ankles, or even the flat surface of your feet.
  4. Bullethead. Last but not the least, the bullet head attachment is for removing muscle knots

A whole world of benefits and advantages await you once you buy the heated massage mat and percussion massager combo from Spectral Body – save your time, save your money and save your body from pain and damage. Get your own portable massage from Spectral Body today!