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The warranty of AirPods covers only manufacturing defects, anything caused by the users either accidentally or deliberately will not be covered by the warranty. That’s why you need to know the proper technique of cleaning your AirPods and which tools you should use.

There are a lot of reasons why you should be cleaning your AirPods and it’s important to know the correct way of cleaning them, because as it turns out – your device is at risk. However, you shouldn’t be too scared, all you really need is the appropriate cleaning kit and technique for your AirPods and that’s why we recommend Spectral Body’s AirPods Cleaning Kit since it was specifically made for it.


Apple’s Warranty on AirPods


apple's warranty on airpods


Based on Apple’s Warranty Conditions, anything that is caused by a factory defect is subject to the warranty, but anything beyond that is not covered by the warranty.

The Warranty does not apply: (a) to damage caused by use with non-Apple products; (b) to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake, or other external causes; (c) to damage caused by operating the Product outside the permitted or intended uses described by Apple in the Documentation; or (d) to damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (“AASP”).

So you have to be careful when cleaning your AirPod since if you accidentally break it, it won’t be covered by the warranty.

Using the wrong tools and cleaning your AirPod the wrong way has the risk of causing some damage to your device. Take note that the AirPods are very delicate and can be broken easily so use a proper kit, take note of what the kit is made of, and read through its instructions carefully before using it.


Apple’s Suggested Way of Cleaning Your AirPod


apple's suggested cleaning airpods


The way Apple Support suggests that you clean your AirPods is by practicing utmost care so that you won’t break their device. They made sure that if you follow their guidelines, your AirPods won’t be broken. However, the thing about this is that Apple’s supposed technique may end up lacking effectiveness in cleaning since they want you to be very careful about your product – or rather, they don’t want to get in trouble for suggesting something that may break the AirPod.

So here are some things to note before cleaning your AirPods based on Apple Support’s Guide:

  • Apple Support suggests that you use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the AirPods of any debris that sticks on them. It’s also suggested that you use “only water, vinegar, or alcohol” to clean your device. The reason why they say alcohol is because alcoholic products can help remove residue and wax from your AirPod, while the rest of the liquids are just used for basic cleaning.
  • You should avoid using any other liquid since they claim that this will cause damage to your device and will void the warranty since Apple Support suggests not using anything but water.
  • Make sure not to let any water into your device as this may cause liquid damage and can possibly short circuit it and permanently damage the AirPod. Mixing water with electronics is never a good idea. The moisture from water can get stuck inside different components and cause damages to your device. Moisture also attracts dirt which will also cause damages to the internal components of your device.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to clean your AirPods based on the official Apple guide:

  1. Make sure to turn off your AirPod first before doing any cleaning due to safety purposes, as per Apple Support.
  2. You should then wipe down the AirPod with the cloth using a cleaning solution, preferably isopropyl alcohol, then pat dry it with a smooth, lint-free cloth.
  3. Dampen a cotton swab with your cleaning solution and clean the speaker mesh with it.
  4. Leave it out to completely dry before using or putting back into the charging case.


Why should you clean your AirPod?


why should you clean your airpods


When you have AirPod in your ears, you’re constantly producing earwax and other oils that settle on the surface of the AirPods. These oils can stick to the rubber or silicone parts of your AirPods or AirPods Pro and impair their performance over time.

  • Earwax will block sound from coming out, which means it’s going to be harder to hear the music, podcast, or AudioBook you’re listening to with your AirPod. Dirt may also build upon the microphone holes and prevent you from being heard when in a call with someone.
  • Over time, earwax will also build up and cause your AirPods to gradually lose their grip on the edges of your ears. This means a decrease in comfort that could lead to an increase in the number of hours you spend re-adjusting them while using them.
  • Sweat and oils can damage the delicate internal components in your AirPod, reducing their lifespan and performance. Moisture can also produce corrosion on the internal parts of your AirPods Pro and cause permanent damage.

If not for these reasons, then you should also consider how unhygienic it is to keep using AirPods that are unclean. Besides that, they also pose some health risks to you, the user – prolonged use of AirPods without regular cleaning may lead to ear infection and other issues.


Why Should You Use Spectral Body’s AirPod Cleaning Kit


use spectral_body's airpods cleaning kit


Made from high-quality materials with specially engineered features, this kit will help you maintain your earbuds by getting rid of any build-up so they last longer. It also comes with two sets of tips – soft and firm – so that no matter what kind of dirt or debris you find inside your headset, it’ll get cleaned away quickly and easily. With many other cleaning kits on the market, what really sets this one apart from the others is that it comes with an antiseptic gel applicator brush – it can apply a cleaning solution instantly as you wipe the AirPods with the brush. The material is naturally soft but is surprisingly very effective in cleaning tough stains and stubborn dirt.

You’ll never have to worry about accidentally breaking your device with these tools – since they were specifically made for the AirPods

Spectral Body’s AirPod cleaning kit includes:

  1. Two Soft-Tipped Cleaning Brushes, one of which is also an antiseptic gel applicator, making it hassle-free to clean your AirPods.
  2. A Microfiber Cloth that is smooth and lint-free, but is also effective in wiping off dirt, stains, and in helping your AirPods dry faster.

If you get yourself your own AirPods cleaning kit today, think of it as saving yourself money from accidentally breaking your device due to improper tools. Get one for yourself today, and experience the full quality of your AirPods’ sound without worry!


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