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Pneumatic Leg Compression devices are found to be effective in speeding up the recovery of leg swelling caused by intense exercise in athletes. There have been several experiments done to see if it really is effective and the results confirm that there is a significant increase in recovery.

These Leg Compression Devices were made to deal with swelling that many types of diseases can cause. People that suffer from diabetes, obesity, blood clots in the leg veins may sometimes experience a swelling in the legs that causes discomfort and makes it difficult to move around. This causes a sort of downward spiral in those that are affected: swelling causes limited movement and limited movement causes more swelling. Therefore, some medical practitioners recommend using pneumatic leg compression for leg swelling for anyone suffering from those diseases mentioned earlier. Recent studies have concluded that using a leg compression device works also for leg swelling in Athletes. In fact, these studies even openly recommend that athletes use it because of the great benefit that they can get if they do!


How Will Pneumatic Leg Compression Devices Help You?

It is a pretty known fact that in any intensive training regimen, there must always be ample enough time given for the body to recover to ensure efficiency in training and quality of gains. Training without proper recovery will negatively affect the results and may even injure the body – in some cases, permanently. However, not everyone has the patience to sit and wait for their body to repair itself. Not everyone has the time to keep massaging their legs throughout the day. That was why Pneumatic Leg Compression Devices were invented, to speed up the recovery of the athletes’ body so that they can get back to the fight immediately! With the incorporation of recovery time for the body, many serious athletes had been able to see better results and suffer no drawbacks – using a Pneumatic Leg Compression Device will no doubt increase training efficiency even more!

When your blood is not flowing right in your leg’s blood vessels, it can cause moderate to severe swelling. This can often cause an uncomfortable sensation and can also cause pain when the leg is used for movement. These Pneumatic Leg Compression devices help by assisting your body in getting your blood flowing right to where it should be, therefore reducing the swelling until the leg is completely recovered. This is an essential tool for anyone who wants to take their training seriously.


benefits of using a pneumatic leg compression device

Here are some benefits of using a Pneumatic Leg Compression Device for athletes:

  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Better Overall Circulation
  • Soothes muscle soreness
  • Decreases the chance for blood clots to form
  • Pain Relief

If you are a career athlete or someone who’s very competitive – chances are, your opposition or team-mates are using this device already. If you’re someone who really cares about their health and you want to optimize your training’s effectiveness and efficiency, then you must get a Pneumatic Leg Compression Device for yourself!


How Do Pneumatic Leg Compression Devices work?

When worn, these devices exert pressure in parts of your legs resulting in a smoother blood flow. The device is designed to imitate the body’s own natural system of pumping blood through the veins. In other words, it simulates a function of your body that it’s supposed to do anyway – so there aren’t any drawbacks since this process is supposed to happen naturally. The body normally does the work of pumping blood alone, but intensive exercises and some diseases can cause the blood flow to become trapped in the veins. The Pneumatic Leg Compression Device pushes the blood flow back to its optimal state by applying the appropriate amount of air pressure in many areas throughout the legs. It’s important to seek your doctor’s advice if your leg’s swelling is a symptom caused by a pre-existing condition since there are specific values of pressure needed for the specific disease the person is suffering from. A specific amount of pressure is vital to aid the body in recovering from the symptoms of leg swelling caused by their specific condition.

Besides the fact that it can help in easing or reducing the effect of certain swelling symptoms, it can also act as a preventive measure for athletes so that no permanent damage to the muscles or veins will happen the athlete. Many companies develop leg compression devices specifically for athletes or for fitness but not all are equal in quality and effectiveness. That’s why in the later sections I’m going to be recommending a product that would be perfect for anyone who wants to try out using a Pneumatic Leg Compression Device and get the best value for their money.

Even if you’re not an athlete, but you are experiencing any of the following conditions on a moderately regular basis, you should still consider getting your own Pneumatic Leg Compression Device:

  • Swollen Leg (Lymphedema)
  • Cramps
  • “Travel Soreness” – (Soreness in the legs or feet when traveling long distance)
  • Pain in the knees, feet, or legs
  • Varicose Veins

how do pneumatic leg compression devices work


Leg Compression Therapy was made to treat and manage or prevent these conditions. Some of these conditions and symptoms don’t only happen to people with a specific type of disease or athletes who do intensive training, it can also happen to people who are for one reason or another, not able to walk much or are forced to sit for long periods of time. People who travel long distances regularly will become acquainted with the pain and discomfort that long times sitting on a train or a plane would bring. Pneumatic Leg Compression Therapy is for all types of people and can be potentially useful to anyone, sooner or later if not currently. With old age come restricted movement and other types of symptoms, it’s best to think about buying your own Leg Compression Device as an investment to help yourself treat and manage pain and discomfort that you will feel in the future if you’re not yet feeling it today.


The Pneumatic Leg Compression Device You Need

With all of this said, it is still up to you to decide whether you should get your own Pneumatic Leg Compression Device now or later. The problem with Compression Therapy devices is that most of them are sold for around $2000 or more! This is a common complaint among people everywhere. Compression Therapy just seems so hard to get into because of the large amount of money you have to invest. Some are cheaper, costing only around $500 or more but is a lot less worth buying since they typically have limited features. It’s really not worth it to buy the cheaper brands since they usually were built with only one specific usage in mind and so they may only have one setting for air pressure. This is one of the reasons why many people are hesitant to try out Compression Therapy. However, you don’t have to be one of those people. Don’t let yourself miss out on the many benefits of this wonderful product for the sake of your own health and well-being.

Of course, I do understand the feeling of being hesitant to buy something like this, especially if it costs that much to get started! Some people even recommend those who want to try it out to go to a therapy place that has one available and see if it works for them. However, with these new-normal days, going outside is pretty risky and also, a lot of hassle. This is why I picked the best product that you can get for the best value your money can buy. For only half the price of most Leg Compression Devices, Quantum Air’s Recovery Boots can give you more features, more customizability, and higher quality than most brands that are double its price and they’ll ship it right to your doorstep! Also, one of the biggest reasons you should try this instead of others of its kind is that Quantum Air’s Recover Boots offers a customer-centered, friendly and easy return policy where if for some reason, you were not satisfied with the product, you can get a 100% refund! It’s totally risk-free and I cannot recommend this product enough! You can also use this refund policy to return it if the product sent to you did not come in the right size. You can request for it to be replaced with a more suitable fit and they’ll send it right back – free of extra charges! That’s right, if you live in the United States, they’ll ship it right to your doorstep for free! There’s no reason not to try this product and there are so many reasons for you to try it today!

quantum air’s recovery boots

Quantum Air’s Recovery Boots is superior to other products not only because it is risk-free, but also because it has so many features that other recovery boots brands don’t have!

  1. 6 Massage Modes. This is 5 more massage modes than most recovery boots brands can offer. Using recovery boots should not only be beneficial but also comfortable! If you have to use this device a lot, then it might as well provide some comforting relief. If you find yourself not liking one of the modes, try out the other modes until you find one that’s best for you. With this much variety in massage mode you can make sure that no matter who you are, you’ll be able to find the right mode for you. As for other recovery boots with only one or two massage modes, you’ll be screwed if you end up not liking any of those limited choices – you’ll have to return it! Oh wait, you can’t return those because they don’t have the same luxury of risk-free purchase that Quantum Air offers you.
  2. 8 Pressure Settings. You can adjust the pressure to just the right amount that your body needs. With Quantum Air’s Recovery boots, you can choose between eight different pressure settings ranging from 30 mmHg up to 240 mmHg! You don’t have to be stuck with discomfort. When you decide that the air pressure produced by the machine is either too little or too much, you can just switch to a different air pressure setting according to what you need and what’s comfortable for you. Other recovery boots brands usually have only half the amount of pressure settings that Quantum Air offers.


complete package quantum air’s recovery boots

  1. Complete Package. Despite the name, Quantum Air Compression boots actually come with two Recovery Arm Sleeves and a Recovery Waist/Hip Garment too! It’s a complete package that offers full compression therapy for all necessary and affected areas! It also comes with a Carrying Case, which means that it’s available for easy transport. It’s perfect not only for athletes but also for people who have to go through long-distance travel! This device was made portable so that you can just get it out of its bag and put it on as you rest from your wearisome travels!
  2. Durable Nylon Structure. There are so many reasons why Nylon would be the best material for these kinds of devices. First of all, it’s very flexible, so it will definitely fit perfectly around your leg. Second, it dries quickly when washed or when it gets wet with sweat. Therefore, you can use it right after exercise and the sweat from your body will not disgustingly stagnate inside the device. Last but not the least, nylon fabric allows for your skin to breathe. It lets cool, comfortable air reach you while also letting the sweat or wetness inside to go above the surface of the nylon for it to dry up fast.
  3. Hassle-free refund/replacement. I already talked about how you can return this device anytime during the 45-day period after its purchase if for any reason or another you found that it’s not for you. Furthermore, Quantum Air Compression Therapy also offers a discounted price for any replacement if you lose it or damage some components when you’re traveling a long distance.

There will definitely be no harm done if you try. See for yourself just how useful and beneficial it would be to have your own Quantum Air Compression Therapy Set.


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