Fake Airpods Charging

There are some disadvantages with buying fake AirPods – and one of them is that they can’t charge with authentic AirPod chargers. Fake AirPods will not charge correctly in an authentic AirPod Charging Case.

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The Risk Of Charging Fake AirPods on a Real Case and Vice Versa

Fake Airpods Charging

There’s been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of buying fake AirPods and if you’re one of those who’ve decided that getting one is worth the risk and the disadvantages, then you’re probably curious if you can charge one with a genuine AirPods charger and the simple answer is that – number one, in most cases, you can’t; and number two, you probably shouldn’t, especially with wireless chargers.

This is because fake AirPods are not made to work with genuine AirPods Chargers – there would be a disparity in the voltage required and voltage given.  This is because the inner resistance value and maximum output power of fake AirPods are lower than that of real ones. Therefore, it might be dangerous to connect both of those with each other.

Fake AirPods don’t charge in an authentic AirPods case because the fake device is simply a regular charging set. The real genius of Apple lies in the fact that they created small embedded chips inside the AirPods’ battery, and through software, they can tailor the charging process to match perfectly with your iPhone (or any other Apple device).

This means that if you put an actual AirPods charging case next to the fake one, you will see that the fake one has no charge indicator on its screen. That’s because it has no such technology inside.

Additionally, you should never charge authentic Apple AirPods using chargers that are not Apple-made. It might cause some damage to your AirPods, which would be a very big bummer, given just how expensive genuine Apple AirPods are. The thing is that, if you bought authentic Apple AirPods, they will always come with a charger. If you didn’t buy it from an official store or a certified seller, you’re going to have a bad time since untrustworthy sellers will definitely not have any replacement for it or repair it if you ever break your AirPods charger.

Is Your Charger or Device Authentic Or Not? Here’s How You Can Know

If you didn’t buy from an Official Apple Store, the chances that your charger or AirPods is a fake rise by a lot. It’s important that when you want to buy a genuine product, you must always buy from trustworthy sources. eBay and Amazon are one of the least trustworthy of those sites, and any other site or online market where sellers don’t have to have that much accountability to the buyers. If you are not sure whether your Apple product is fake or not, then it probably is – and if you’re so sure, you might want to think again. Many of these fake stores are very clever about their marketing. Here are some signs that your charger or AirPods are not authentic:

  1. The price is too good to be true
  2. The packaging is shoddy and the cable/charger might appear to be a knock-off of a legit product
  3. You are not 100% sure of the vendor you are buying from Amazon or eBay, especially if it’s an unregistered seller which means you’ll have no way to get in touch with them should an item not arrive or appear to be broken/defective/fake etc.
  4. If either your charger, cable, or device heat up – probably one of those three is fake and is dangerous to use.
  5. Always ask for certification when it comes to Apple Product sellers – there are a lot of fake ones out there.



The worst-case scenario is that you bought something from someone on eBay, and now their account is gone and untraceable, or that you bought something from Amazon and you have no way to refund or return the product because the seller you brought it from is suspiciously and suddenly just gone from the site. Well, you’re pretty screwed now – but there are lessons in life that we can learn best when it hurts and it’s going to hurt to feel fooled. But you’ll be better off in life learning to be careful with your purchases.

What To Do If Your AirPods Charger is Broken

Fake Airpods Broken Charger

If you accidentally broke your AirPods charger, you should get a replacement from Apple if it’s still within the time boundary – but if getting a replacement or free repair is impossible, you’re going to have to dish out a lot of money to buy a replacement charger. That’s one of the biggest advantages of using secondary AirPods – it doesn’t take a lot of money to replace them, and the good ones can last just as long as the real AirPods.

It would be especially dangerous with charging them on wireless chargers – since wireless chargers try to transfer energy through proximity and so it could cause some heating problems leading to danger for your device and those around it. It might even cause a fire in severe cases. So definitely, don’t try to charge secondary AirPods on an authentic charger and vice versa. Actually, it really would be best to charge fake AirPods on the charging case that it comes with – and if it doesn’t come with any, you must buy from the same place where you bought the AirPods for a more guaranteed safety.

Here are some things you need to watch out for when charging fake Apple earbuds:

  • Don’t use your authentic AirPods charger on any fake earbuds you have and vice versa.
  • If you bought the charger and the AirPods from different stores – make sure that the voltage given is just right.
  • Try not to use any wireless charging for charging the case.

The official stance of Apple of course is that they don’t recommend using any charger that is not made by Apple. However, no matter how much we warn you and tell you how you shouldn’t charge your fake AirPods on a real Apple case, it might actually work as long as you take into consideration a few things.



If you have a charger that you know is fake and you want to use it on a real AirPods – then make sure that the charger generates the same voltage as is required by the Apple AirPods and that it even is compatible. It usually isn’t. Now if you want to charge fake AirPods on a real charger – if it can plug and if it has the same voltage receiver, then it might work. But you should know that trying to charge a secondary AirPods with a real charger or vice versa might destroy either device and when we say destroy, we mean it might heat up internally and melt. It could even break the authentic device.

You should only try charging these if you have no other choice at the moment – if you need your AirPods and it just couldn’t wait. But if there is another way, if you can wait – then definitely, you should hold off from using an incompatible charger and device with each other.

Anyway, If you decide to purchase a cheap charger for your fake AirPods and they are not working, then it’s probably best to return them if you can and stop using them since they might endanger your device.